Friday, April 13, 2012

KC Lee birthday celebration~

This was my first time to celebrate my BF birthday.....this kind of event make me quite headache~because I don't know want to gift what to candy again lar...haha

While counting down his birthday I was just so hesitate and headache.....
but lastly quite perfect~ ^^ satisfied

his birthday is on Friday but he normally off on Thursday, so we decided go out for a dinner~ and I choose Sushi Zamai - The Garden....cuz food nice and my brother work at the "Q"
We are interested in Battleship, but Mid Valley was full. And I called QIQI to help us online check the seat for Jusco Cheras was left few seat behind only, so we try Jusco Cheras Selatan, lucky still got a last couple seat~ ^^

hehe while waiting for the movie we went to Starbucks to enjoy a drink for waiting the time pass~
In the middle happened somethings~ kidding and half angry~ but Happy I punish him><(yek yek)

wow~ this movie is just awesome!!!! storyline is simple but just great!!!!

电影后我们就回家了,在车上我又头痛了,该怎样给他呢?最后想了和白痴的方法,就是叫他帮我搬重的东西上车,因为之前还在康乐做工是每个星期五都得搬东西回家的,所以我就想了这个办法叫他下车咯~tataa~~~那个重的东西就是= A Birthday cake and a Birthday Gift......
my surprises quite success~ hehe 独自高兴 ><~

the cake not 100% made by me....I'm just a assistance~ a destroyer~
cuz I ruin the cream....I don't know it have to 只打同一个方向,我还跟它上下左右转 ><

Saturday, April 7, 2012



Ops~ haha 我的祝福也太早了~

PS: 无聊没事跑来写着没有point的blog~ :目