Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something Borrowed

Finally I watched 'Something Borrowed' is a very nice love~ like it some much~ hopefully the ending is what I want! Happy~^^ nice movie is worth to keep~ and I'm thinking want to buy the book too~^^ considering~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yvonne Chan 21st Birthday~

Today is TRULY our babe YVONNE CHAN Birthday~, on 6-Sep-2011 We helped her to celebrated at Sungai Long Station One as she busy and not much time~.
But it was fun too...The most funny part was the birthday song~ bad time don't buy you any more~

That night was fun~ chit chat talk~ I'm happy~
And got a singer and who singing in Station One also very nice~ hehe....he is my type~ but....too bad that I was not brave enough to take his facebook acc to be a FB friend also better mah~....sigh~
It is call "Love in first sight"???? lease also be a chance to know more people too mah~ XP
if not my friendship circle will be so small~ :( is already small=tiny

Any way~ Happy Birthday to the birthday girl~ Love You~
And also for my mom....Happy Birthday MOM~~~ Love You forever...although is quite yam cham lar...but your always be my lovely mom...I won't forgot the word when you spoke when I was so Thanks You stand on my side and protect me....if not Today I'm still be so miserable. And I promise to myself will be-careful and won't have 2nd time again~

Friday, September 2, 2011

Merdeka & Hari Raya in Malacca~

On these 3 days public holiday I was spend with my parents, as my brother and sister have to work as usual~
I also invite my cousin to accompany me, at least got a young one~ hehe.
We reached in Malacca around 12.30pm is time for lunch~ We went to Senori Nyonya Restaurant. It have to book one day before de wo~ because so many traveler also having they lunch in this restaurant.
The food here is so nice and delicious and most important!! The price is reasonable. ^^
After that we went to Aldy Hotel for an earlier check in. This hotel is so convenient. Is inside the donwtown center, but the disadvantage is lack of parking place, luckily we got a space for our Inova~ ^^

All day long as usual~ Jonker Walk, Red House, Church and Dataran Palawan.
And one more thing is so lucky for us too.....I finally can tasted the thousand layer cake...because behind me those customer can't taste is sold out. ><
It's so delicious~ is suitable for me, but not my parents. One slide also quite expensive oh~ It cost RM9.00 hmm~~~~

First try for me and my parents for the sea land car??? the car can go through the land and sea~ and Malacca River cruise~ is windy~ OK lar~ once enought~ XP

Lastly in Malacca we went to Taman Buaya. Because my father said want to see the crocodile is increase or not or is bigger or not~ haha lame....But is quite healthy~ got many animal beside than crocodiles inside too. As birds, turtles, snakes,Kampung Chickens and etc?

Along going back to our home, we went to Seremban to buy the famous "烧饼“ 还是热辣辣的好吃~ and also tasted the "烧螃蟹” but my mom was pised off, because the crab looks like not enough 1kg ar~ already cost RM50 oh~ so expensive~, next time don't try at that restaurant again~ also not that delicious too~

Finally home sweet home with a tired and sticky body xixi~

Last day for my holiday was whole day staying at home and with my boring am I???? sign~ younger people....年轻人阿~