Friday, July 31, 2009


Today was a 1st day for KLCC-PC Fair
many of my college friends also working at there
so we went to visit them
due to today my sister got class , so I follow her to college and I went to my friends house and go together ....
but today I'm so angry and lost my patient lor....
Morning only....... I jam at in the Phoenix there already
usually it jam after the tol awhile
but today was really stupid jam....
I jam at there about 40min? I think?
so my sister late liao.......

12.30pm I went to KLCC by bus lor....
in the PC Fair there have many WP students working at there
but unlucky .... we didn't meet our friends, maybe they so inside and we didn't see her/he
I didn't buy something at there , because I have ntg to buy if I really want to buy I think is printer and laptop
but printer must ask my father permission and laptop must save money 1st......

When I will have my own laptop le....
now I'm really poor....
money just out didn't in !

Canon also got go , because I beg him to go......... to fetch me back mah........[ I'm too bad]
About 5.45pm we go home lor....
Canon came by MOTO , so we sure must back by MOTO lor
this also was my 1st time sat moto for the long distance .......
quite scary and nervous .......
but I trust him !

PS: suddenly my sister told me that today afternoon that replace class got le.......
because yesterday someone told me cancel already , so I don't know and didn't prepared ! So mean I poteng !!!!!!!
haiz........ bad girl!.........
won't have next time!

PS: Today is My friend Birthday !
Happy 18 Birthday lor.......
Wan Ying

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unsatisfied Morning and A Happy Day

I already unsatisfied about my college lar.....
but I glad to meet those best friends lar

Today is the last class for tour leader and after that will be the final test! [nervous!]
But today was really noisy lar......
But I swear I'm really concentrate de lor..... haha
although our teacher teaching skill not so good......
follow the book to read out only.....
example also take inside the book......
We paying that much money not for listen your reading story.....
don't you even can give about the example about your working experience ?
that will more interesting !
or before you want to teach that you can give us some topic than we can do some research mah..

due to today really noisy , so our teacher angry!
so she run out from the classroom and she not yet finish teaching.....
still left 2 pages....
Not only teacher will angry !
All of us also angry with its........
and already 不爽 that "XXX"
so we really go home lor....

when I wonder I want to go where / want to go home, finally I decided went to Time Square Neway with my friends (March Intake Students)
I parked my car in LRT station and went to Hang Tuah by LRT....
Inside the train full of our laughing loudly! but it was fun

In Neway we like crazy took many foods but didn't finished at all........waste.......haha
But I was really enjoy with them lar.... they so funny and humor

after Neway we went to 叮叮场
about 5.++pm went home lor....

Today I really Happy&Enjoy le.......hehe
hope next time we can go out again....
and I also abit sad le.....
after the tour leader class I will seldom to meet IATA students
because I'm study a different course!
Not much chance to meet ......

PS: Thankyou to someone.....
he found me that Giodano Cheer You Up T-shirt ! (yellow)
I really like it....
This is the Movie I must watch!
Finally it release !
extremely exciting !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


休息了三天, 但是感觉好像放了个长假似的


  1. 上星期去修了我的刘海.......几伤心下的......好薄哦! 前面已经够少头发的了~~~
  2. Gee 换了个新发型, 不错看下的
  3. Kelvin 原本的“金毛” 染成黑色了, 说什么明天有SHOW 哦, 连本人都不知道是什么SHOW来得,还得明天还得染成五颜六色呢?
  4. Naruto 也是换了个新发型
  5. SAM 睡迟了, 赶不及冲凉,所以顶着一头很可爱的头来, 他的头发就好像那种手在摸有电的圆形球体,头发就会站起来(自行想象吧)
  6. WIN 换了个新发型, 但是因为今天睡迟了, 来不及整理他的头发, 所以我们看到的是扁型头, 类似早期的英国绅士头

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Land of The Lost

Today while we were studying , Ms Meiza want us go to the hall to listen that speech again , that I heard yesterday
because of today not much ppl hear , so teacher want to add on some ppl to give some FACE to the instructor!
But at the last we ran away! haha
and go to Sing K in Neway again
and I bumped up Ying with her classmates
RM5++ with full of foods

Full of foods

Me & Ying

Me & San

after the K time
I went to cut my front hair and back home lor
My friend invite me to a movie at Jusco
He treat me! hehe thanks le......... ( Nick Shim Yao Wah )
This also is my first time go out with him

Land of the Lost.....
is a movie a bit like Journey To The Earth! But I prefer the 1st one
this movie abit comedy lar..... quite ok lor
I like the dinosaur! like a dog
after the movie I accompany him to eat his dinner
So surprising that we still can communicate le...
actually I'm not a very talkative person

after that I went to fetch Yvonne
cuz she suddenly call me out to do our assignment together
but finally we went to Jamie house to do together
due to I'm really tired and feel sleepy
so I can't concentrate on the information that I found....
full of words!

Today I really want to said sorry to one of my friend ......
Although not I made it..... but my heart feel so sorry to him......
so hard to describe........
but anywhere I really want to say thank you lar.....
but you don't want to give up~~~ I respect you lar....
+ oil !
You can make it.......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My happy birthday celebrations

I want to Thank all my friends....
to gave me these sweet memories !
I will keep in my mind and my heart forever!
I really appreciation to all of these

Morning while waiting for the 讲座会 started
My friends gave a surprise!
When I was playing Laptop , she(Janice) brought a cake toward me
quite surprise and embarrassed! Because I haven't been into this situation before
but anyway thanks!
I really happy!

1st that cake them just gave me for fun de (鸡蛋糕)
2nd is the real cake (cheese cake)

After we ran away from the 讲座会
We I and my Friends went to Connaught that FunOk
they helped me to celebrate my Birthday and having our lunch too

my 3rd cake Chocolate cake
1st time got a friend push my face to the cake!
shock me!
although push me that was Sam
but I revenged to Kelvin.....
and the FunOk free a big drink!
because we got over 10 ppl over there!

After the FunOK
We head to Hulu Langat to play water
actually we don't know where is it!
just a friend led us to go
when we reach there the place really surprise lor
just like yesterday told me will give a surprise!
I thought he just want to give something to his parent only~~~
Did not expect is here !
thought will have a water fall

He said last time the water till our waist
but today just until our legs only........

This is the place we wanna to play water!

But finally we still got go down and play lar ( just get our legs wet only)
the water is quite clear lar..... but we stand on the sand is quite pain de

They tried to build up a wall to let the water get more high
but they just build 3/4 only

Sam moving the big stone to build the river wall.....
he looks so funny and abit stupid....
I quite like him.... as a friend
because he actions so cute lar
I really love cute things
( mean he is a thing for me)

8pm I went to Kajang to eat Sate with my dearest friends lor
actually I give up for this celebration de
Cuz I thinking until I got headache
But finally I still choose to Kajang eat Sate
because Long time didn't eat sate already....miss it
and quite special mah!
and better than mamak stall lar.... haha

that day we have 7 ppl attended
Me , Raiman & her bf , Wan Ying , Shu Xing , Jamie & Jun Hao

My Beautiful and special cake..... 4th cake
really beautiful lor
the candle design by Jun Hao designer!

Today I already ate 3 cake
walao le........
fat lor......
but I'm so happy lar.......
Thanks all u guys
also want to thank that who SMS , CALL and wish me de
thank you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the half-blood prince

Today in my Travel Agency and Tour Guide Operators class
our teacher made some group for the take home test!
I'm quite popular in my class mah.... haha [ kidding lar]
got 3 group want me to join in
3 also are my friends
quite hard to make a decision , so I randomly choose by aeiou magaili love you'
the answer was to Eric group......

After the class , I went back and prepared to Jusco watch a movie at 6.00pm
today quite special , I watched this film with my friend - Tian Jun
this was my 1st time to go out with him
cuz I called him helped me to buy the movie ticket, and he also want to watch so we watch together lor
and my sister don't want to watch it , so just me and him

My habit is like to buy the movie ticket early , I scare don't have a nice seat already

about 5.20pm he came to my house and I fetch him go lor
luckily we have some talk , cuz I'm a person quite quiet and not talkative
this movie about 2 and half hour lor
after finished the movie we back home lor
cuz he still have to go to Connaught Pasar Malam with his friends

I didn't skip one of this Harry Potter series.....
but I also not it big fans
quite lazy to catch up this
almost forgot the story line
but I still like to watch it...
aga aga know the story line lar

This film is ok lar..... got humor and a bit boring
But the sad thing for me is Professor Albus Dumbledore die !!!!!
I don't want lar..... he so kind and great!
but I can do nothing too...
wating for next harry potter lor

next week : The Land Of The Lost


Every year July I don't have a very GREAT memory for my birthday
because every July in primary school will have a exam
everyone have to do them revision , so seldom to help me make a really GREAT celebration

This time I happy that all my friends gave me this opportunity to let me think
How I want to celebrate my birthday at 22/23
When I got home I'm thinking ..... it made me headache
cuz I don't know and no idea
If I make it , I don't want that you are unwilling to come
cuz I know nowadays all of you are very busying about your college life either than I

反正还有明年嘛, 我们的友情是不会断的!
而且我也有小小的和好友庆祝了一下啊! ( 19/07/09 Sunday that day)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Having Lunch with college mates

Today my lecturer already published our assignment + presentation + report mark
This are the mark that help us to carry up to Final Exam
tell the truth I'm quite not satisfied about my mark
but what can I do?
that report already deducted 5 mark , because of I didn't join the breakfast
haiz..... actually I really want to join lar
just because of My cellphone alarm didn't ring
quite scary ! I already open it ar
but it just rang at 3pm that for me to changer my camera!
[ I just want something to blame to vent ]

My tour leader Final exam will held at 10 of Aug
quite worry about it
I don't know what type of question will come out
can I get it better abit than pass?

after the class dismissed , I have no way to go
back home also boring
so this time follow them to have out Lunch lor
in Pandan Indah
That restaurant environment quite good
food also ok!

My senior " Ah Du "
after 3 months will graduate lor...

Me & Jing Yi

after our Lunch , my senior fetched me back to New building to take my car and go back lor
Today I tried to walk 康乐 there back
actually I how know how to back de
when I want to enter the Fajah there I walk the wrong way already
cuz there road quite new for me , And I didn't see that road sign clearly !
so I went to Tmn. Len Sen already.........
I'm not scare lar......
cuz still know abit .... follow the cars lor
but still abit worry , so I called Ying to ask her how to walk
because I know Ying sometime also use this way to the University ( UCSI )
luckily I saw the Balakong road sign and Taman Tun Hussin Onn
Finally I back my sweet home and skip 1 tol.........

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today my Business Operation class change teacher already
quite uncomfortable , cuz this teacher is a new strange for me
Look like our course want to start again lor....
Not satisfied with it...... 3 months really so short!
now I'm still blur about it......

The class dismissed early , so my friends decided to sing K at Cheras Neway
last time I said I don't want to go there anymore
but I break the word.....
This time quite satisfied
because this time only RM6 + eat
so is quite ok
last time were our late , over the cheaper hour lar......

We sang until 3.++pm
after that I go back home lor

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Early Birthday Celebration Party

Today I celebrated my Birthday with my dearest friends
I have 2 plan
but I choose to Sing K , cuz everyone miss K room right?
and it is very near and the price is quite accepted
everyone is too busy already
quite hard to meet with each other
miss you guys
and thanks who came and called
Ying+Min+Yan thanks for your present .... like it!

Although I'm not sing much , cuz I abit "out" already
not very know some new Chinese songs already
but my friends happy and enjoy I also enjoy and happy

saw Jamie is ok now I also happy for her [ cheer up as my T-shirt that I wore]
and Ying +oil for you final exam lor
Min wish you lucky for your opening school!
Jun Hao gambatea !!!! for your life!

[ paiseh always referred my T-shirt]

Yesterday I already book the room after I confirm the number of people
but and because of some reason
want to say SORRY to everyone have to paid an extra " blank" money!

Enjoying K time

Ying & ME ; Jamie & ME

Already 8 year's old friend Jun Hao

Sisters group
Ying , Jamie , Me , Min

5 of us
My dearest FRIENDS

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday night free mah?
[sorry , Wednesday can't. My personal movie day] >.<
yam cha oh! ( Ibrahim / MZ )
please tell me can or not !
Thanks! I want to make a small gathering oh!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ESOL + Hulu Langat Air Terjun

Woke up very early to get ready , I though will like usual jam abit
bit Very fast lor.... about half hour I already reached my College!......
We all sat at the reception there to revision 1st lor...
quite scare de...
10.10am start my ESOL test already!
after I opened the paper....... I'm already relax myself lor
really easy lor..... no need study that 3 month English class also can take this test!
look like teachers often says how difficult it is to intimidate us only.......
but got a but difficult to me lar....
the essay ! maximum 25words only!!!!
OMG want to be extremely short lor!
[ hope I can really get a 1st class lar]
the test is until 12.10pm, but all of us about 1 hour already came out lor
I finished my lunch at 12.20pm le..... quite funny

after our lunch and get ready and waiting for other
we reached the Hulu Langat Air Terjun at 2.++pm lor
last time I went there with my friends we just hanging at there 1 hour only without climb up

this time we have to climb up there
it is very exhausted lor......abit dizzying !
after climbed up I realize there is more beautiful lor
but it was really cool and fun !

PS: play until My feet get hurt I also don't know
it's not a big deal , it's not bleeding , but when I walked quite pain

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day out to KL

after the class
I accompanied Ying went to KL by her car + LRT
Long time didn't go to Time Square and Sg.Wang felt abit tired.....
I went there just have one purpose !
Giodano limited T-shirt = Cheer You Up! Yellow
But very unlucky !!!!! Yellow out of stock already .... everywhere also same
and Male size is too big for me lar......
Female size just left Red & Orange so I abit confuse want to choose what colour
finally I picked Orange , look more light
I prefer yellow , but no stock already


and Ying's that R2o black bag also same as me ! out of stock
so she didn't buy just bought another bag for shopping
actually we want to buy some more , just no money only.......

We hanging around there untill 8.++pm ... time run so fast
than we back by LRT + her car lor

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Presentation

Today was my real presentation
I the 2nd presenter start from de last lar
I'm not that scare and nervous because many ppl same as me
1st time preform in front of all of us
But still got a bit nervous and scare until my body and my heart feel so hot

[forgot to ask my friend to help me to catch up this 难得的一刻]

Luckily my tone is quite ok....everyone can heard it
and the questions I still can answer it
just don't know my lecturer accept it or not
But 1 thing I quite regard is My package PRICE!!!!!
after I pass up my assignment I realize my price is so expensive !!!!!!
5 days 4 nights in Pulau Perhentian RM18++


so my answer is We provide a best service to my clients
each of my clients have them own personal servant !

now I'm quite relax
my Wednesday test done , presentation done
and this Saturday ESOL test not yet done, but I quite not feeling that scare
I think it might not hard than my ERICAN test gua.........
hope so!

Gonna start my another assignment lor....
asking my friend who study Business course de!
thinking his might can help me and give me some information!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bad Dream + quite happy in college

at the mid night , my bedroom's天花板 look like got a cat 吴闯进来了
it made that sound so annoying and made me felt like got a thief , quite scary
I also scare it will jump down , cuz my bathroom's天花板 got a hole...

when I felt asleep I made a horrible dream
I don't know what is the dream about
but it is horror and I can't wake up
I force myself to wake up and felt asleep again with holding my sister's hand , think it might help me to change to another dream
But same dream again....haiz
but 久了我也不懂为什么的真的睡着了
反而我妹妹还没睡着, because of the horror sound

Morning ~ wow..... fajah there damn jam de lor
made me late about 5 min.... is ok lar
today really got a test lor
but is ok too , few questions I still know how to do , but don't know the answer right or not and the lecturer accept it or not?

Today quite happy de , cuz my relationship with friends have some improve oh!
keep going on!

PS: now the weather is really bad and the air also very bad too
so please drink more water and less go out lor

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Presentation + Giodano

Today stated our presentation already
but I'm not yet! I have to wait Thursday....
cuz not enough time , and my group is 最后第二个
quite scare and worry
but 20% steady , cuz everyone also same as me !

But in our class got 1 person her English really very fluent !!!!
a very proper English pronunciation !
I envy her le.....

I want to save money to buy these T-shirt already!!!!
hope I can find it in Malaysia
Can gua?
Can de!!!!!!!!!!!
Must can!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Next time no 海棠 again
every time I eat , tomorrow I will get stomachache
It's so painful and worse !!!!
My stomach not very good de

海棠's foods are very delicious , but it will pay the price to me

Sorry for saying that......

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ah Min Birthday Party

Night is Ah Min Birthday Party
I went to Fong Ying house 1st , and go to Ah Min house together
We have 6 ppl went together
Me , Ah Min , Fong Ying , Yan Yan , Hui Yee , Kok Hua ...... after that are Jun Hao and Ah Fatt
actually we want go to 田园粥底火锅的, but 大吃的我们 change to 海棠
and I also don't wanto eat de , I want keep fit!!!!
But at last I also makan already!!! haiz.......~fat lo ~ fat lor

Happy Birthday To Ah Min!

We With cute cute Lion


Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Dearest Baby! ~ TVXQ

Recently I'm really really really busy + tired
I know everyone also same with me
I'm busy till I have no time to care about my baby~TVXQ
Them hottest News , Songs, MV and etc I have no time to check and watch
them office and fansclub website I also seldom to log in already
felt so sorry to them!
But I always love you and care about you
You always live in My heart!

  • I love you
  • I love you too
  • I love you more




Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ice Age3 + Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Today my sister - Hotel Management Student went to A'Famosa
So we didn't have class
after fetched her to gathered
I back home to continue my sweet dream
I decided went to watch Ice Age 3 at 2.20pm
but I reached there already late lor....
I hate skip the opening de
so I bought 3.20pm lor
and hang in popular about 1hour
this movie for me is quite ok only lar....
Watch and forget.... ntg special
but I quite like the dinosaur mama!
after that back home lor
Today I just spend RM7 only...... wakaka

At night watch Michael Jackson Memorial Service

This is the place where them held the "Michael Jackson Memorial Service"

Today (8th of July) 1.00am - 3.00am is LIVE
but it was too late , I can't watch it
hopefully got repeat!
at 10.15pm - 1.++am

First I watched it ..... the opening is ok lar..... got few songs so nice
but in the middle a bit boring
might not understand what their spoke
When the last part , Michael Jackson's daughter - Paris spoke
It's so touch ! My tears drop down already!

His daughter and sons so beautiful ....
This is the photo of Michael's children
Prince , Paris , Prince II

Wish Michael Jackson stay in peace!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mines + Jusco

Morning Just me got the Tour Leader class...
Actually I can drive my car , but don't know why I choose to ride bus already.....
after the class, I did't go to eat lunch with my friends
because I want to go back early, but I have to wait my friend to print out her assignment 1st
after she done her assignment, we went to LRT lor
So damn hate the transport when back home
cuz the bus so so so late
I waited about 1 hour DAMN
and the bus is sososososo hot!
I swt and can't sleep well....

I arrive home and bathed
I and my sister went to The mines and Jusco lor
In the mines we just walk around only and didn't buy any things
after that went to Jusco lor
We just can in Jusco 2 hour only
cuz I don't want to pay the parking fee
1 hour in Jusco ladies department
half hour in FOS
my sister bought a shirt in JUSCO .... look like didn't have discount , Angel told me last time got
so mean I miss it

In FOS I bought a shirt too
I like it.... it really match my skirt le......
luckily got 40% discount! and my sister bought a jacket

When we want to go home , we bought a RM1.20 ice-cream(MIX)
It really full lor..... 值回票价
and went to the Book store
I sudden saw the Passions magazine , so I helped my mother to buy it...
It is about Michael Jackson ..... Limited Edition ~ RM20 and free a poster le.....
Next time if i saw a Chinese Edition I will buy it to my mother.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Barbie's Movies

Don't know why find some movie on PPS
there have many movie , but I choose Barbie.......

Afternoon , Fong Ying and I went to The Mines
for formal cloths , and it's Mega sale!
everywhere got discount!
Went to Kitscheh bought a formal skirt ! more young one !
after that went to 老友鬼鬼 for our lunch !
quite nice! yummy!
About 4.++pm we went home lor...
and i continue my Barbie's movies......
haha...... boring till watch it...
weird le~
Went to the mines made my money ran out already!
wait for next week lor....
must control myself already!

I'm really MAD already
my printer problem!
I already bought a new Ink , black and colour
but just the black work only!
WTH! already renew , why will like that ! bullshit!
How can I fix this problem?
is the colour ink stuck?
or my printer got problem?

the printer things is the most thing I'm not familiar with!

GOD ! Help me!

Friday, July 3, 2009

恐怖+ 害怕

今天早上有课,刚好今天也是我的最后一天 for my Thailand Trip report.
昨晚才做完, 朋友都睡了, 幸好 Jamie 帮了我这个大忙 !
真是谢谢你啊, 我的大恩人!!

上完课后,打算和朋友们去唱K ~ Neway [ Leisure Mall there de ]
去之前我就跑去 Old Building 等我妹妹咯, 原本打算不要上去的,因为我不想见到/碰到某某人
真是倒霉阿, 碰巧遇上我也不想见到的人之一
手都升到你的面前了, 没有理由没有礼貌的不握的啊!
当时真得很不耐烦, 因为不懂它要说什么
怕他想什么, 所以就说我有男朋友咯, 但是他不信叻!
[ Sorry le .... Ying 帮你转性一下 ]

他还说下次找个时间一起出去了,我以为是跟我们的 group member 出去
那我就答他说我跟 group member 讨论下
后来他更正我说是私下两个人的, 我的吓到程度 rise up lor.......
我就找了一大推的理由拒绝咯, 电话没钱了,爸妈不给出

初初开始我不懂我的 group 有个黑人的,

1.++pm 忙着赶去 Neway 唱K
如果我们真的能赶在1.00pm 到就好了, 但是还是差那一点点
RM5.++ 的说 bye bye 了
不过我们是从 1pm - 5pm 但是应该也是没人吧 ~ 让我们唱到接近 7pm
才那几盘小小零食, 价钱就让人大跌眼镜了!
而且才一杯水罢了, 要是想 +水的话得另外付费了
service not so nice
songs not very complete ..... some popular hits songs can't find!
连个水瓶都不给带进去, 说什么会charge money oh!
OMG lor , 那时环保水瓶耶~怎样丢啊~根本不可能拿去丢嘛
总之我对 Neway 的影像级差!
我还是觉得很贵! 超小盘的零食+ 1 free beverage
each ppl cost RM16 le!
下次去我再也不要去 Neway le


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers and a Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

Today I had my Marketing class which is I can study with my sister
The lecturer already arrange our name into a group already!
I didn't know my group have a Nigeria students.
When he explain the text. Is quite difficult to heard.........
because his own pronunciation for us is quite unclear.....
and we also have a very funny time....
because when he explain to us .... other look like can't understand what he said......
And me just got some on his point , so I took out a piece of paper gave him to write down what he wants to talk , that make me can more easier to know what he want to explain .....
after that he keep going to grab me to listen what his says...
perhaps just me has really listen what he said lor.....
so he also find me to listen his explanation............
poor me!!!

I also felt so happy in this discussion..... because of this activities we can improve our relationship from a strangers to a classmates or a friends ........... haha

After the class......... I went home to my favorite time,,,,, Movie
Transformers: Revange of the Fallen is really popular.....
if want to watch this movie and want to get a good seats , must buy ticket early!
My seat is quite ok lar.....
but I more prefer to sit in the middle.....

This movie quite nice .....
I'm really excited about all the robot car ......
I really like them......cuz so "cool"

Have to wait for transporter 3......!!!!!!!!!!!!
I quite like Optimus Prime
he also as a leader too

I Like Bumble Bee...
he so loyal , cute and kind!