Friday, February 26, 2010

Bloody Monday

recently I finished a Korea drama and started to watch this Bloody Monday, a Japanese Drama
it very nice.....very 刺激和悬疑
I will choose to watch it also is because of the actors lar...三浦春马 Miura Haruma & 佑藤健 Sato Takeru
beside the actors...the story line is very good too.....cuz everything happen very unexpected, we don't know who is 正派和反派 and etc...

this year it came out the Bloody Monday 2 ...can't wait....haha

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sem 3

Today I 1st day went to my college....I suppose to go to college to attend my class on Monday due to I'm so lazy so..... hehe
The 2nd day I only go.....
a new course Travel Geography . This class got join some new junior and those I knew just came 3 OMG
our lecturer use her Point-Point and the Font is veru tiny boring until I fall asleep....cuz I'm really tired

In the afternoon we got a new course start at 2pm just 4 of us.....I want to go home, but if I go home just left 3 of them....seem like quite I decided to stay to accompany them
and this course is a new Lecturer who not a local people......
This lecturer is a blacky but not that black and not that smelly....
his class so......erm..... okok lar....just his pronunciation so weird....we must listen carefully and very concentrate only understand what is that mean!!!
and some vocabulary he still need us to repeat again even the vocabulary I understand what is the meaning a English class ...

This sem gonna be a boring sem without Miss Rani....The Lecturer I liked

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today is 福建人拜天公的日子
晚上10pm 我就到 QiQi 家咯, 因为他们家每年都会拜的 还蛮隆重下的啦~
而且有很多美食哦~ haha 大饱口福咯~~~ hehe
不过今天没有那么热闹了, 因为超少人来的~ 去年还比较多叻~
不知道是谁家的烟花 真的真的真的真的真的真的 很美咯!!!! 有一幕有像 Avatar 的感觉,真的是美到~~
吃饱后我们几个?6个 就在外面坐着谈谈天咯到差不多接近2点就回家了~

Friday, February 19, 2010

Work + Mid Valley + 拜年 (年初六)

Today I went to shop for helping wash the cups......but was quite busy abit lar...cuz not much restaurant open yet......
When 12pm I request to my mom to let me back early.....because today I suppose to have many plans/dates with friends.
Actually I begged my sister help to work on this day....cuz she own me......but she reject me.....I hate her!!!!!!
because last time mom forgot to tell us we not need go to help on sat & sun .....but we don't know, and I also don't know need to go or not.....but finally I choose to go.....乖女嘛~

so this time REALLY SUPPOSE is my SISTER go to work and not me.....
so that why I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><* luckily I have those friends who really understanding me and willing to wait me.....THX

so about 2pm my friends came to fetch me to Mid Valley 2 cars go one drove by Shu Xing another was Poh Ling...and we met up Yvonne in The Garden
While we eating at Zanmai something funny and weird thing happen.....haha blur blur de me.......hehe
Yvonne and Yvonne(WP) mix together jor......haha lame.......

Actually we have no plan just we knew 1 thing is that we came here is to watch a movie " Valentine's Day"
the Mid Valley cinema is selling fast so we choose to watch that movie at GSC Signature in The Garden lo....
it cost me RM17. Actually I think might be quite ok lar....cuz if watch it in Mid Valley also about RM1+ lor...
Add on abit money to sit more comfortable and no need to scare no more tickets to sold out.....
The movie start at 5pm we have about an hour , so we just hang around between Mid Valley and The Garden

After the movie we really don't know want to do what....ntg to shop plans
not hungry yet......go 拜年 time haven't reach.....
so our final decision was went to 叹茶屋 to have something to eat and drink and chit chat at there lor.....
ppl go out also just eat,,chat de lor........
we chat about past,future,study,the lifestyle that we wanted,etc
BTW 叹茶屋's stuff is JUST QUITE OK ONLY.........
We chit chat at there about an hour and half / two hours

After Fong Ying went to Ah Min's house we only rush to her house to 拜年 lor...
I'm so miss Lion cute.....hehe
after that we went to Fong Ying house to gambling......with friends and Fong Ying's sister....
hehe....I got won abit le....although not so much....but I also happy that I can won.........hehe

About The Movie : Valentine's Day
This movie is ok many celebrities act lor....many handsome and gorgeous actor and actress....
it about Valentine Day!!!!!!!
some other might think this movie will some boring lar....but for me I still ok and like it.....hehe

Thursday, February 18, 2010


就打算去Jamie's house 拜年的 ,就在我去他家前
因为我爸妈今天下午不得空啊, 去医院洗肾+检查身体了

虽然 Jamie, Shu Xing, Wan Ying and Yvonne 到的时候我爸妈都睡着了......haha 但是我们这几位也很多话题聊哦~~~
就在接近11pm 我们才去 Jamie's house 然后 Fong Ying them also came liao....
Fong Ying Them back early lor....cuz they so tired jor....
We chit-chat at there and also played with Jamie's sister .....
Poh Ling also got came by awhile......
about I aldo forgot what time....but it was late liao lar....we only back home to rest lor....
I'm tired.......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

Today watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief with family
after my parents back form the Hospital we heading to Jusco to buy tickets....
wow.....there are so many ppl "Q" at there.....
actually we planing to watch " The True Legend " but seem like all Chinese movies are full
so we decided to watch Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief at 6pm....
so weird....many movies's other timing is full why left 6pm that are not full??? haha
after bought the tickets my parents want to go home to have some nap
while I when to a magazine shop to find YG my sister bumped into her friends
after that we go back home and fetched my sister to Shu Fang house

About 5.30pm we went to Jusco to watch Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
but my sister didn't join us....
because she can't come back in time , she at Mid Vally with her friends ....
1 movie ticket was wasted .........
My mom said nvm.....let her join her friends, cuz she seldom go out with her friends

after finished the movie we went to our restaurant that mak mak stall to have our dinner
and I finally bought my YG~~~ yeah~ haha

MOVIE: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
For me is a nice movie......
I very like the storyline....
it about the Greek Mythology
I always like Greek Mythology......... Athene , Apollo (我星座之神) ,Heracles.....atc
I always wanted to learn/know/study about Greek mythology, so my favorite country is Italy and Greece~
thinking to find some those books to read~ sure in Chinese~ haha

By the was Logan Lerman>>>>>>>> COOL + quite Handsome....haha

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


早上爸爸去洗肾, 顺便载我的表妹回家咯,
我大姑妈的家就在 1 Utama 的后面的花园罢了,超近的
过后来就陆陆续续的有很多亲戚来咯~连在外国做工的堂哥也从英国回来过年了~ 还蛮想念的
我们待在哪边差不多晚上9点才回.....哈哈!!!!!因为妈妈打 rami 就已打了一个下午叻~哈哈

而且还是一整天的那种~ 前几年还不知道是要去谁的家叻~都是去我伯伯家一下

虽然今年的新年气氛不是很厚, 但是却也过得蛮不错下的~ hehe
我们真的是长大了, 以前的哥哥姐姐也都结婚生小孩了, 我的称呼也都蹦出很多来咯~ haha

晚上我就去Fong Ying 的家拜年咯, 大家都在赌博,而我这个门外汉就看着他们赌咯~
过后就去了一趟 Poh Poh 家坐坐, 玩玩,大概12点多就回了~

Monday, February 15, 2010


早上8点多起身准备, 在要回外爬家前去了一趟教会听耶稣~
在教会里我看见 Jamie 的堂姐, 可是她认不出我来~haha
在南北大道的休息站吃 burger king as our lunch and my father ate Nasi Lemak
晚餐呢,因为舅母不在,所以就我妈妈大展身手足了一餐咯,才几样菜而已拉~ haha
在那边就一直看戏咯,刚好婆婆,舅舅,表哥在看“御用闲人” 就加入一起看咯~

就大家一起吃午餐咯,吃饱后开台的开台, 聊天的聊天,看电视的看电视
不知道几点我们就过去二姨家咯~ 因为晚餐在那边吃嘛~也顺便在那边冲凉咯
当我在看电视/在看妹妹他们打麻将是, 三姨竟然叫我和我的表妹去帮二姨丈拔菜哦!!!
我的天啊!我是完完全全不会的叻~ 是有教那么一点啦,可是也不知道对不对......就那样咯, 一直在心里想着"快点拔完,快点拔完"
我有不会赌窝就只好看电视咯~ 差点要睡得拉~
一路上我哥哥和爸爸就轮流开咯, 差不多在还有44km就到 Kuala Lumpur 那边爸爸就让我开咯~
但是做长辈的总是不放心的咯, 就开则眼睛看我开,在旁提醒~

两天一夜的hometown trip ar.....哈哈

Saturday, February 13, 2010


一个星期洗三次嘛~ 二,四,六
我爸爸他三月就要动手术了~ 妈妈捐一个肾给爸爸, 这真的不是谁都可以做到的!
我下个SEM的考试费已经有了,这样就不用用到爸妈的钱咯, 学费也已经交完了~
现在的我是时候想想我的去向的! haiz.......最想逃避的问题~

晚上的晚餐和团圆饭呢~就是~ 炸鱼排, onion rings, and chicken soup~ with coke and red wine
很特别叻~比什么都好啦~ 全家人坐在一起吃饭就好了 ^^
因为我的肠胃本来就不是很好了, 但是就那几天非常得不好, 一天还得跑几次的厕所呢~所以我就避免喝冷的东西咯~

晚上大概9.++pm Aedison 居然找我叻!
原来他一个人在家, 没人陪他吃饭,所急就找我陪他咯
我们去了学校后面的 mak mak stall 陪他吃咯, 我们也聊了很多啦~ 哈哈
算幸运吗? 陪他在那边吃饭还有那么美丽的烟花看叻~还是在那么得近,没东西遮挡的, 真是美的烟花阿~haha
我们大概10.++pm 就回家咯


S.H.E- 只为爱上你

S.H.E- 只为爱上你 (Full Version)

so nice....I like this song......
So why I hope I can watch they concert.....cuz the concert is very amazing.....
Ella's drama 的片尾曲
song nice and drama also nice nice......hehe

Friday, February 5, 2010

2-5 Feb My Working days~

After finished my Sem 2 final exam, this week I suppose to go to college to attend 4 days of 讲座
but I miss the Monday 1 and other I also miss them, cuz I choose to work!
and thoses speech is like a nonsense ......

My working place in Jalan Raja Chulan , Wisma Goldhill
my 1st office job... from 2-5 Feb 9am-6pm
RM80 per day
What we do?????
just SIT inside the office....
My friend told me must brings some entertainment stuff to there....if not must be so boring
so I brought some magazines, comics , movies and songs for myself
Luckily I got brought them....because the computer in that office can't online....
cuz their facilities are not yet complete.....

the 1st day our manager want us go out to help her bought stationery ....
so me and Eric went to Time Square to buy lor....she only gave us RM300....
but the budget is not enough for these... so Eric use his card to pay 1st after that asked back from our manager....
my friend Kenneth more "geng" she gave him taxi fee to IKEA to buy chairs!!!

last week my friends also worked in here...but they seem like so free and easy
this week....we have lot of things to do, such as buy stationery & chair and decorate the office....

and This week also so many ppl came to our office we have to act like a OL / Office boy while got other ppl come to our office......
The most busy day is Wednesday....cuz got 8 VIP came to our office...they are Iran ppl......
we have to act lor.....and make coffee to them.....
so funny lar....but also a very easy job........

so far I very enjoyed in this job....hehe
hope next time got this kind of work again~ haha

PS: my 1st day parking fee is so geng ! almost RM18 next day we clever jor...park at outside for whole day only RM10.50( at least cheap abit lor....)