Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Eve 2009

Today was New Year eve as the last day for 2009

Morning I suppose went to take my New IC with Fong Ying, but she got up late,
so my dad accompanied me went to take it.
I suppose to get my New IC in November....but is hard to find a free time
Take IC was so fast ~ less than half hour already took
after that Me and my dad went to have our brunch~

After noon
I still have to attend to my Business Computing class
I done all 4 questions....although some is quite hard to me....but so far is ok~
Hope I can get a good result in this course

Night~ I celebrated New Year Eve with my Friends at Tian Jun's House~
It was so much fun~ Thx invited me~ FY
We BBQing and chit-chatting.....
I really Happy and Glad that I can celebrated with all of you~

Although our celebration not like KL that high,
but at least we no need to crowded in KL and Jam on the way back home
The more important we were celebrating all together
Hope our friendship won't break down~ ^^
At Last


IN 2009
I so glad I knew many new friends
especially the college friends
although our WPA not as our expected that good
but I still so happy can be friends with you

my old friends
I so Happy our friendship never break down
and I wish our friendship have no the end

The shock thing happen in this year was about my father
thing came too suddenly......
but we still have to face it
wish thing will become better and better
more healthy and healthier

many many that I can't remember back
I'm a dull girl.....haha
time turn so fast as I'm going to be 20 in 2010
wish I can faster find my truly lover ...haha

Future is unpredictable
have many things I still very scare of its
but I have to think in positive way
cuz 路是人走出来的
hope I can do it

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Princess & The Frog

Today quite busy.....morning went to college and afternoon waiting for my sister in lab and discussing, planing, arranging and talking something......

after back home accompany San San them went to buy so stocks to New Era college for Peter Pan Yu Wen's autograph.
after back home again helping my mom to clean up the kitchen....because they were painting the walls

finished my dinner suddenly decided went to Jusco to take my dad Birthday voucher and by the way we (Me & Connie ) went to watch a movie either Sherlock Holmes or The Princess and The Frog
due to Sherlock Holmes already full and The Princess and The Frog got separate seat so we decided watch that Disney movie

1 seat at L and 1 at H
me in H
both side of me all is kids.... in front me also kids.........behind me crazy teenagers
damn noisy...... especially behind me laugh like exaggerated.....

although is so noisy but I still concentrate on the Movie....
so far it was nice....comedy , miracle , fairy tale

Tomorrow is a Last day for 2009 lor~
haiz~? haha

Happy New Year~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christian & A wedding party

Today my mom called her church friends came to remove the 神台
now our family can consider as Christian?
I also don't know , but my parents they are, and me?don't know yet
but I think might be soon? Because I believe in Jesus too.
My parents believe in Jesus but they still not yet baptism only~


Evening we went to The Mines to attend a Wedding Party
Not so big but sweet~
My 姑姐 also came.....we long time didn't see her because she not live in Malaysia and I forgot what country she live in
But she still remember me~ hehe
many relatives hard to recognize who is Winnie and Connie~
but at last they still recognize us.... 1 MY and 1 US

Wish the newly-wed live happily ever after~

Connie , Mayboh (cousin) , Winnie

Friday, December 25, 2009

I See You - Leona Lewis & Merry Christmas~

Strongly recommended this song to you
Leona Lewis - I See You (Avatar Theme Song)
It nice ! I believe that who already watched Avatar will love this song too.....
I'm repeating listen this song~

Avatar is a nice movie~ is better than Titanic~
Although Titanic is a good movie too....but Avatar got a happy ending~
Everyone likes happy ending , don't you? haha~

Is already pass 12am so
~Merry Christmas~
Just now I celebrated the Christmas Eve with my friends at Station 1
is quite funny & enjoyed but also quite boring~
We also have exchange gifts with some of my friends, because some of them got prepared only.....
so far we still enjoy it~
I received a very special gift~ a guitar ice cube tray
Happy Christmas~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After class me and my sister went to Leisure mall
because today was my parents off day so they went to watch a movie
so we called them helped us to buy tickets and watch separated
Them watched at 12pm and we at 3.15pm
We reached there still early so we were hanging in popular......

AVATAR is a NICE movie~
It's worth to watch!
The Pandora is a beautiful planet! I like the night screen~ is so wonderful~
The Na'vi also very beautiful..... ~Fantastic~
When they riding their own Banshee/Ikran on the sky, I‘m very envious of them
I hope I can fly like them too ~Freedom~

I hope to watch again this movie~
haha CRAZY~

Very Last I still prefer Jusco Cheras Selatan Theater

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pre.Xmas Party

Morning I have to help my mom....

Finished my work I got to prepare for a Pre-Xmas Party with my college friends~
At Ampang Korean BBQ Steamboats~~
I started my car about 6.40pm I thought will jam on the way~ but it was so smoothly~
After I picked up my friends we head to Korean BBQ Steamboat Restaurant lor~

When reached there we started and busying to take the foods~ most of them are meats and fish~ look like didn't have any veges~ haha
We have about 26 ppl and 5 tables 1 was use to put the presents~
In my table we have 2 professional chefs help us to grill those foods~ THX so much~ haha
very delicious~ Full until I can't eat my lovely Ice-cream~

We were busy taking photos while eating~
It was so much fun~

When we almost full is time to start exchange gifts lor~
Everyone drew a number from a box and took the presents that have been numbered ~
I got a Christmas Bear~ haha~ it's so CUTE~
although I have many bears in my house already ! But I still like it~ thanks~ haha
There have some "naughty" presents such as Chicken head condom , a pregnancy test stick, boxer, bikini
When I saw this I was shock! Because my friends have never play like that before~
But I was so lucky not to have them as my gifts
My sister was got a COOL red sunglasses~ haha

finished exchange gifts we started to eat again to finish up those foods that left~ scare will extra charge ~and also a taking photos time again~
About 12am we started to go back lor~

It was a tiring but enjoyable time with my friends~
I have never been so crazy like this before~

PS: Photos took my Phoebe~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Just finishing Angus, thongs and Perfect Snogging
Last time saw this CD at speedy......Finally I can download it and watch it
Is nice~ also got comedy and not all about LOVE lar.....haha also got friendship ~
The actors in this movie all are English ~ so their slang are really English~
quite nice and nice~!

The Boys inside this movie all are really HANDSOME ~
if you see it you gonna LOVE it~ haha

If I'm she I will be so happy until I fly to the sky~ haha
because such a normal girl also can get a HANDSOME boyfriend and his attitude also very good too ....
what a MOST happy thing in the world

BUT I know just a movie.....Girls like dreams~
Those who know me so much will know that I always love these type of Movies de lar~
specifically got love and gorgeous ~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today like an usual went to school.....but don't know why I'm so quiet today...
might I'm sore throat, might I'm not enough sleep, might I don't understand the previous lesson, might don't know

While teacher teaching I heard that San San going to see the doctor and also might join win to sing k
and afternoon I have to wait my sister finish her class only can go home
so there might not have people to accompany lor....???
after finished my class my sister told me her afternoon class cancel already....
so we go back lor......

When I was driving I'm thinking I want to watch a movie today and my sister don't want to accompany me so that NVM I can watch myself.....

after checking the showing time The Princess & The Frog is going to show at 1.45pm
so I'm rushing to Jusco in 20 min
I thought today is Wednesday , this afternoon might not much ppl....
BUT I was totally wrong~ is many people...because many cars.....

When I see the showing time there is full
so I am holding a glimmer of hope go to the counter to ask is it available for ONLY 1 ticket?
but all are really full only left the front seats!
and the nest show up time is 4pm......
how can I waiting for 2 hours at so boring lar.....
So I give up and finding another movie.....
The Storm Warriors I'm not gonna to watch it.....
JUMP didn't showing at Jusco

So I went to Popular for awhile than go back home lor.....
less than 1 hour in stupid......
While I'm driving home I realize that why I don't want buy the 4/6.15pm that ticket le.....
after evening I can watch mah~
and I also forget to take my dad Birthday Jusco vouchers......
OMG~~~ So stupid lar me.......
everything was Mess Up

One word can describe on me is Stupid.....

Only can wait for next week or finding another time lor~

cuz ntg to do so mean I can watch my movies that I downloaded before....hehe
finally can clean out some....
I choose to watch Coco avant Chanel....a French movie
but it's nice~
very admire her talent
and I love the cloths at the last part that fashion show........

This movie make me more understand about her and how she begun her career~
her love story also quite nice......
I believe she very love the Arthur 'Boy' Capel
but also need to thanks Etienne Balsan

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

YEAH~ Finally I watched it.....
I'm scare I can't watch it.....
Sunday I watched it with my brother at The Mines, due to my sister don't want watch it so is luckily my brother accompany me
We watching this movie so rush le....because we finished our dinner at 7.30pm so we only have half hour to reach The Mines
luckily we made it
if there have any option I won't choose to watch any movies at The Mines....
because there have so many malay and the seats are not good enough and the sound is not good enough!
Tha Malays like to " bok-bek bok-bek" ~~ annoying

I prefer Jusco Cheras Selatan that Cinema, don't know why just love there.....

I will chose The Mines is because the showing time....argh~

But New Moon is so nice~ I love this movie
whatever other people said I just ignore it!
Because for me this series is GOOD~ I'm always support The Twilight Saga series~

This New Moon is more about Jacob Black
oh~ I'm fall in love with Jacob Black
but Edward Cullen also nice too........
haha...hard to make a choice
whatever lar......both I also LOVE~ hehe

PS: haiz~~~~my English still not good enough....reading English version novel is quite hard for me....
I will bought the English version was my brother encouraged me to buy and also help to improve in english~
I'm so envy those who really Good in English and can read so fast to understand it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bought X'mas gift & Ah Jun came~

I went out with Ying to accompany each other to buy something
we went to The Mines 1st and walk around.....but didn't find anythings that we seeking for
after that we head toJusco.....finally we bought what we want to buy......

Choosing a present is really HARD!

Ah Jun is my cousin, he came my house to visit my dad.....
he cane her from Kampar le....wo so far.....
after he arrive and prepared, me, Connie and Ah Jun went out for our dinner.....
after dinner we head to Jusco again, because my cousin want to shear the watch chain......
afther sheared he seem to be so happy....haha

after that we head to Makota for our dessert....because got a dessert shop is very delicious and famous....

than he stay over in our house for 1 day.......
anyway I also want to thanks him.....hehe

Saturday, December 5, 2009


recently I feel quite pressure.....别人的角度可能认为这是芝麻小事,算不上什么
but just pressure lar....毕竟人人的压力不同
I feel pressure is because the thing is happen and it is reality and not a 假象
what can I do is only to face it......
My mother 拼不是想象中的坚强, 其实她是武装的, 她是很脆弱的
我知道大家的关心也很感谢, 但是我拼不是那么喜欢每每都得在他的面前提起, 因为这会弄得她的眼眶又乏泪了~

而且最近的我们真得不能像以前一样的了, 样样都得省
所以我也不敢在强求什么了, 连$我连提都不敢提一声~
但是并不容易啊~ 人人当然是想请的是 full time lor~

Monday - Friday drive to college
Saturday drive to work
Sunday fetch my sister to work and after noon accompany my dad to church ( OMG )
everyday I also need to drive and can't sleep until noon time like b4....
My life is changing~
Driving is very 费神的叻~


不过也瘦了(这是当然的 )

其实说真的, 我的爸妈教导我们也算还蛮不错啦, 只是没让我们很独立罢了

Friday, December 4, 2009

ATM Card

Last time my dad suddenly said want to help us to change our bank acc name
because our acc name is link with father's name
now he want to change it to be our personal acc

after class I back home and fetched my dad and my sister to Eon Bank to change acc
but some some some , we change another acc but still same is link name with our father's name
because this is for above 50 years old, and it got 比普通的利息高一点
所以就换去 50以上的咯
这个之前我的 acc 不一样指出是上次的 acc 要提钱出来只能我的爸爸签名拿
这次这新的呢就任何一个人的签名都能提钱出来了 而且最重要的是利息比较高一点

这次我们也顺便申请 ATM 咯,但是有了卡后我也应该不会乱提钱出来花吧~

其实我爸突然要帮我们换的时候, 感觉好像什么那样 ( choi )~