Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Year Wish List

All I want is Smoothly~ and luck and happiness beside me all the time~

1st things must do is escape from this hell.....
I want to learn more...and I really want to explore more, this is what here can't give me.

+ I'm not happy in here at all....Everyday heart feel ice cold.~

But luckily I still have my bestie friends and my lovely sister and my family beside me all the time~
I must save more money for my future plan~

Life and hope can't stop here....must be courage to chase for it.

And I must be brave enough!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

life meaningless

Life is empty and meaningless

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday Movie Movie~

Every Wednesday I have a date with my babe to Jusco Cheras Selatan watched movie together....haha
Is so much fun...and weewee~ Relax...
I'm totally a movie buff.....haha~

Next we planing to watch
-Skyline and etc.....
*Life as We Know It ~ I think I don't have a chance to watch in the cinema....so I better wait for download....haha~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Today I watched Eat Pray Love with QiQi Chan~
I knew it's a good movie....some some part make me feel boring~ haha
I like the Eat part.....It's filmed in Italy.....there have many delicious food!!!
and All taste good....I think very suitable for me....haha (fat lor)
and inside got some quote inside the movie, such as

Luca Spaghetti : "Americans. You work too hard, you get burned outYou come home and spend the whole weekend in your pajamas in front of the T.V."
Liz: "That's not far off, actually."
Luca Spaghetti: "But you don't know pleasure. You have to be told you've earned it. You see a commercial that says: 'It's Miller Time!' And you say, That's right, now I'm going to buy a six pack. And then drink the whole thing and wake up the next morning and you feel terrible. But an Italian doesn't need to be told. He walks by a sign that says: You deserve a break today. And he says, Yes, I know. That's why I'm planning on taking a break at noon to go over to your house and sleep...with your wife!"

I love Italian.....because they seem like so enjoy and have their own life.....
Off Duty is Off Duty....no any image of the job inside their brain! I love it
and I always love Italy....The food, Gelato,Pizza,Pasta, the environment and body language and etc....haha

So far this movie is quite ok...but I'm gonna buy this book in Chinese version soon.....
Maybe I will love the book more then this movie? haha~

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unhappy Worker~

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today I have to wake up so early...because I already promised my friend will fetch her to Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station...so I must keep my promise and do it

Upon arrival into the office, I'm like suddenly not used to the office environment, because yesterday I'm still doing for the Matta Fair...
but when the boss arrive into the office, and his bad attitude start again~
Today his like insane or got a bomb inside his stomach...
shoot shoot shoot, he shooted my colleague very "gou li", its make me so moody....
and he also got say about me with like an impatient way, but I can't do anything
the thing I can do is PATIENT!!! and follow what he ordered me to do.

I very hate his attitude....about the smile
I very hate it...it so rude and no manners~ the way he smile and laugh is very disgusting and nasty~

Today all day my mood is totally ruined my him....
but I still have to face him every working days~ hated
I'm thinking want to quit....but on the other hand
I also thinking I may stay and to learn some skills and knowledge from this company first~


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Matta Fair September 2010

Three days of the Matta Fair already passed
although was so tired....but actually quite nice.....
like better than working inside the office....haha~
don't know why....just quite like it
is that the team work matter or else? don't know just feeling~ hehe

Due to this Matta Fair made me can't join the trip to Sepang
but actually sometimes what you get also mean will lose somethings too.....

During this Matta Fair I'm really enjoy it...I can met some new people and friends in Travel Line too~ hehe
just got 1 unhappy thing happened on the last day...
cuz of my mistake....it made me blame of myself "gao gao" haiz~
but it also is a lesson for myself....
People learn from mistake

I'm also hoping something miracle to happen....hehe~

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is National Day I have nothing to do....so all day stuck in my sweet home~
after I woke up....I don't know what I want to watch....and thinking back the sadness thing.....haiz~
finally I decided to watch 岁月神偷
It is a nice movie.....very strong of family sense......
it makes me cry till 一把鼻涕一把眼泪~
when saw those nurse attitude....I really feel want to slap them lor....



Monday, August 30, 2010

National Day eve

Today I was so unhappy.....because something ruin my plan that I have been waiting for that day for so long
it ruin my a called.....
I damnmy hate the boss and the company
I'm feel so sad I can't join the trip anymore.......
I rather want to have fun also don't want the allowance....
because friends are more important to me....
I know this like quite childish.....but I'm still young....hei I'm 20years old only ~
sure like to have more fun lar~

But I have to be stuck in the hell of Matta Fair.......
I want to take leave....but can't.....I already thinking the reason already....
my grandfather 80 years old birthday......but I didn't say the 80 years old lar....just said I have to back hometown because I promise my grandmom already......but he just not allow......said Matta Fair is so important for a travel agency.......what the hell........

I really so depress .......the feeling like that day I lost 2 job that feeling....my heart totally frozen and so energy anymore.......no emotion....like a death body.......

Night me and my friends planed to Connaught's Fun Ok cafe to kind celebrated the National Day Eve.....
I don't like crowds....so I probably don't like KL that area~
I reached Fun Ok Cafe about 10pm already.......
and I didn't join the games, because I'm not so pro for those game.....
so I chit chatting with Jamie&J.Hao and Jun Jie while eating our Mega Plant? is so enjoy and I like the feeling~ ^^
about 12am we change to 118 food count and continue chit chatting again...around 1/2am I only went back home........Makota got block....but I'm pretty sure I'm alright....haha~

Every National Day I'm quite unhappy.....don't know why~
My fate not so good I think.....so unlucky or what I want I just hard to get it.......

I miss our trip....next trip probably have to plan and wait again.....
my neck have to be more longer already.....
or else I would suddenly buy an air ticket and travel alone....like a backpacker...
that's my dream~

Life is so uncontrollable ~

Saturday, August 28, 2010


After work I went to Jusco bought this movie tickets
Me and Swee Lam watched this movie at 11.55pm
so we reached jusco quite early....so we sitting on a chair and chit-chatting wait the time pass~

Love In Disguise
quite nice~ and I really enjoyed the musics and songs inside this movie, it just so nice~
and 陈汉典 I'm quite 欣赏 his acting~ so funny~
some funny points are really successful, because it makes me laugh~ haha

Almost a month

This is my 1st real job in a Travel Agency.
I'm been working at there almost a month! Holly shit!!! can't believe it!
now I'm kinda into the working situation.....but still have to learn.....
so many things I'm still blur~
and the following days I think my department will be more busy....
because peak season is coming~ will have many files need to follow up
now in my hand I already got 4 files, 1 gonna end~
hope that have no any "Sudden" / "Accident"/"Surprise"

beside that there also got 1 file was quite started from me and now handle by me~
but it is a Bali Tour.....so far is ok.....just the group problem
he looks like not so patient and quite rude.....
some information I have to ask him....but his most powerful thing is ignore me or run away from the question.
idiot!!! makes me can't get the answer!
holly shit!!!! what the attitude he has....hope he got fire!!! arg!

I think I'm starting to getting busy and OMG~~
1 of my senior is resign already.....less 1 ppl to teach me ....
and will getting more files ~ sigh~
pls hire 1 ppl in operation department lar...lack of worker ar~ ><

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shah Alam Cycling~

Today woke up about 7am and got prepared....waiting Jamie came to fetch me.....
we went to some Shell Station to gathering.....but waiting someone about an hour....
while waiting and going, it was raining.....quite worry it will ruin our plan
luckily it's not bother at all, and also brought us a cloudy day~

Maybe today was Sunday, quite many people, so we have to queue for waiting the bikes we have 11ppl..XD
I also forgot what time, finally our turn....worth to wait~
when starting to cycling the bike was quite ok.....cuz so exciting, after awhile.....so freaking tired when we ride up the hills, even don't have the power to ride so we rather caring our bike and walk up. Upon reached the top we only ride our bike and down to the hills.........
riding down is so much fun and easier~ and so cool~ d(^o^)b

we were finding the 4 season house, only when found it only can go back.....
when we found the 4 season house, we were so happy.....but need to pay entrance fee about RM3
so we all paid for it, because most of us didn't come before, so just try it
we thought inside really got 4 season to visit....but it was so disappointed lar~
inside only got 1 season cuz they are follow the month~ shit!!

after came out from the 4 season house I was so excited.....finally can back!!!! It was so hot and tired lar~
I ride through a head and never look back......haha

about 1/2pm we went to USJ for having our dinner; some is brunch
we having at a Vegetarian Restaurant. Its quite delicious~
look through the menu got so many choices makes me want to try all these~

Finished out lunch we went back to our sweet home lor~
haha while inside the car I totally fell asleep~ hehe

Friday, August 20, 2010



~I wish you rest in peace~
~may the god be with you~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Expendables

Today watched "The Expendables" with Swee Lam, Tian Jun and Wan Hong
Thanks my friend who help me to collect the tickets!!! make me no need to rush...
because must collect the tickets about 45 minutes before the show.
and also Thanks Wan Hong be our driver....haha

But we were still missed for the opening......cuz waiting someone....haha
This movie's action really so nice lor~~~
Especially the Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) ......his so yeng~ Totally fell into him....haha
This movie so surprise me ...I thought it will just only gun shot the most surprise me is got cut the head and hands off.....but so far is ok....not so horror(blood)
although is cruel lar....but YENG ar~ haha

♥Jason Statham♥

After the movie we we bumped into Shu Xing with her sisters
and then we went to my parents ex-shop there mamak to yamcha with them + Ying & Ah Zhung
but both of them left early~
when we at mamak we bumped into Shu Xing again.....haha

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Last Airbender

Today my cousins came my house, as he working in Singapore and tomorrow is the National Holiday~so he got 1 day off
after he came, his sister which working in Klang as a teacher also came here
evening we hang out to Jusco Makota to eat Papa John's Pizza....hehe
4 of us + my sister, she always wanted to taste it....now dream come true~ hehe
I can say The Papa John's Pizza compare to Pizza Hut , Papa will win~ haha
after finished our dinner we simply walked around, and I bought a Toner in Etude House , they got discount....quite ok lar....

Next we turn to Jusco Cheras Selatan.... we online booked the tickets...The Last Airbender
I used my own card and mobile debit to book....but can't work....so after that I used my dad credit card....it so simple done....walau??? I also don't know???
after I reached the counter to pick up my tickets I though want to pay....ei??? actually already paid while booking via internet......haha I used my dad credit card money~ XP
have to tell him by tomorrow....haha~
Now Jusco are doing SALE.....I saw SEED got discount!!! I want to buy the T-Shirt lor....
haiz hesitate... erm~~~~~ xixi

About The Last Airbender
It actually is an cartoon name Avarta.
Don't confuse...it really called "Avarta" not that "Avarta" (Movie)
erm...how to say about this movie le????
for me Just Only Jackson Rathbone~~~ wuhaha

Saw so many Trailer....I want to watch so many movie lor!!!
>< href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0980970/" class="l" onmousedown="return clk(this.href,'','','','1','','0CBcQFjAA')">The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader I'm waiting for you !!!

Now I'm going to brush my teeth and sleep lor~
Tomorrow have to work lor....sigh~
why my holiday so short ar????

Saturday, August 7, 2010

1st week on work

1 week gone already....mean I already worked in that Travel Agency already 1 week...
This week quite smooth ~ not bad...
But I won't hug a huge/big hope for it...because future is hard to predict....
haiz....but I will still looking forward....hope will be smoothly all the time^^
in this week I'm quite satisfied about my job scope that doing proposal, costing, contact agents.....
Next week still is an unknown...
but the staffs are quite nice lar...hehe

I really Love typing and searching the pictures le...
hope I can do this lor...hehe
I'm scare after I will change to another department le.....
so that is what I mean: Future is hard to predict.....

Every night I Pray to the GOD
just want to let tomorrow will be a better day~ ^^

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2nd Day on work

2nd day on work~~
Today can say as quite smoothly~
done the Indonesia-Bandung proposal...don't know ok or not le????
after done it print 1 original for client and photo copy 1 out for our staff meeting use.

then boss rushing go out for meeting and he order me to sent the proposal to the client. But I actually really don't know have to call to confirm that she/he already receive de lor.....The boss called to me remind me I only knew it.... hehe^^|||

while at that period also close to the lunch time I really have nothing to do...FBing also boring, so I took my time to do some research for the Sepang Gold Coast's Hotels
erm....some some information only....
The Golden Plam Tree Hotel & Resort really so Expensive lor.....but now got doing promotion??? haiz...don't know have to ask "them" 1st

Today afternoon I really felt hungry...got the appetite to eat already....
Today Lunch with Vernize , Xquan, Vernis.....but when we all sitting together are so quiet lor.....even me and Vernize also less talk.....

after Lunch boss back already oh!
OMG he pass me two proposal to do...one is Bali Tour and HangZhou + Shanghai tour
both also less information or I don't know 1....about 6.15pm I only back home
I really don't know I can go back home or not lor....
cuz my work have't done yet mah~
after called the boss report to him than back home lor...
continue by tomorrow......

Monday, August 2, 2010

1st day on work

Today was my 1st day on work....
how to say le???? suck + average lar
I reached there damn early...so stay inside the car listen to onefm.....
about 10am something I officially start my work jor.....
boss asked me to check the air tickets price....
got shoot....didn't listen clearly how many paxs and destinations

after that he taught me how to do a proposal and about the costing (Excel)
I really hate excel..... that 1 I still confusing.......so many have to memorize already.....my brain want stuck and explode already lor~
but I like typing.....I rather him just pass me all the jobs is about typing more better....that all follow 1...wuhaha

while typing I felt the time flow so fast........finished typing dream awake~
I also like the boss go out for business meeting XP

I knew a colleges name " quan" ? she so nice......I can ask her what I don't know and Carmen and Nicole too
actually some so them are quite nice de lar......
but the "quan" she just do until this month only....sad......

after 5.30pm some some some slowly go back jor....I'm so sad lor....almost wanna cry already, because I also want to go back home!!!!!
but my proposal haven't done yet....got some problem on it.....
I also just follow what he order me to do.....so about 7pm I only can go back....he say discuss it by tomorrow
I ask him may I go back now??? He said : yayayayayaya

while walking to my car....I'm holding my tears don't let it drop down.....because after driving will blur blur ar....although my house "quite" near lar....but I so jam lor...I choose Len Sen also quite same same lor....cuz there so many traffic light mah~

sister talk I finally drop some tears down.... :'(

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Early in the morning already woke up.....(Chloe Ying , Ah Zhung, QiQi Chan & ME) went to Bukit Jalil for jogging and playing badminton
luckily not climbing~ haha.......
after finished our 1st round of jogging we went to play badminton lor.~~~ QiQi Chan always wanted!!!

around 9am we went to having our breakfast behind the OUG Mall which very near my lovely Uncle house.This was my first time to try the vegetarian "roti canai" so special~ I would like to try the cheese next time~ hehe
Along the way back home we are discussing about the 娱协奖2010 that held at Leisure Mall and they got extra tickets....Finally my answer was YES, although tomorrow want to start my work already
I'm thinking this 娱协奖2010 might got AK (陈奕&沈建宏) come for as a guest ~because couple days ago I saw the 龙门客栈 in Facebook said they will having a 庆功宴 at this restaurant which near Leisure Mall too.

Around 2pm QiQi Chan came to pick me and my sister up to The Mines, she want to install GPS for her new HTC handphone and my sister want to have her brunch-MCD, on our conversation I finally decided to buy the <<再穷也要去旅行>>. Actually I always wanted to buy....just the price so expensive,I'm hesitated , but finally I bought it. ><>

WOW so fast!!!! I faster wear my contact lens then went out without put on my consiler....my PANDA EYES ar.......haiz~~~whatever lar~ This 娱协奖2010 is a local event...... so 80% of the artists are Malaysian....... not they song not nice lar...just less abit creative but I knew they already put so must effort on it! The Biggest Problem is the sound system....so damn weak lor~~~aiyo~~~~ put whatever they how to perform I also just put 60% attention on it only...most for 东与哲 ~ haha The Most I wanted to see is AK (陈奕&沈建宏) & 叮当!!!!!!!!! ><
but so bad they all just perform 1 song only....

AK (陈奕&沈建宏) - WOW

叮当 - 我爱他 + 我是一只小小鸟


After saw 叮当 I went to the parking lot to meet J&J.....cuz not interets to watch already, I already saw who I want to see the MOST!!!!
We were discuss where to eat....J.Hau suggest to eat steamboat...
so final answer was Steamboat in Yulik with 6 of us (J&J , QiQi Cham, QiQi's bro-Kang, Jack Loong & ME)
11pm somethings only reach home.....
and sleep......
Tomorrow 1st day on work ar....SIGH~~~~

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love Comes Softly

Love Comes Softly

I'm Kinda like this movie...It so peaceful and quietly .........
don't know why....it just so peacefully~~~
the life that I always wanted.....living out the town and with a beautiful view that just around you, away from all those scandals....
but must have a computer lar...haha XP


Its sat....I left one more day to enjoy the life that without a work.....
after tomorrow I have to start my work.....
I'm not that perfect as you think....everyone must got somethings that are imperfect on you
You might said that I'm done well in my education or something else....
but when about the real work that I'm going to start about it....I'm affair...
Do I can handle it?
Do I really can do "well" on it??
Do I can mix in with the colleagues???
and so many worries.....
but so far....I still have to face it...it a lesson of life.....everyone does....
just hope it's a good start, and that are quite nice or average

Smile on in and Smile to face it.....^-^||

Friday, July 30, 2010


So fan ar......too many choices~
  1. Last time I reject Travel Forte due to Singapore said got quota for me....and suddenly I lose both....cuz no quota and I reject Travel Forte......than Lee Ling got told the boss about my situation....then he said why don't want call back to him....Cuz I'm scare and no face to face him again mah....I reject the job opportunity le ~ ; Lee Ling got helped me said a reason that was my parents advice me to Singapore work, and suddenly that company got problem make me can't go there already....he ask if SG call back again....for my answer I won't go back already.......die heart already......sad....then he said if want work direct call him lor~ actually I'm still thinking....because his salary is quite high le.....
  2. Reliance in Sungai Long , I think no hope....I just called them , they said will call me if interest....but I'm a fresh graduated without experience.....
  3. Mangga Travel & Tour I'm give up......dislike the working hour~ XP (fussy me) cuz Sat work till 5.30pm le...other till 1pm...
  4. my cousin ask me want to go Penang try or not??? if want I can stay with her~ just 太多的不舍~
  5. KL also got quite lots of Travel Agencies ......just my transport problem lor~
My house got 3 cars.......
Myvi - my sister drive to practical
Kancil - My Brother drive to work....can borrow though .....麻烦咯
Innova- although my parents will end up her Economy Rice in this month and be a babysitter at home....but at least they still need a car to use mah....sometime my dad still need to go Hospital to check up le~

why can't come out one more car?????
no money~

now I 分析后~ 好像觉得回去康乐那间机会比较大了~mati lor~




当我们追求理想时,当然不能忽略了实际问题。 最完美的是能将理想和实际相结合,找一份你最爱的工作。 当理想和实际有分歧时,你要分三步走。
  1. 面对现实,只要能得温饱,有了一定的收入,你能从中得到物质的享受
  2. 从实际出发,做你不是最喜爱的工作。把不爱做的工作做得“足够好”,然后再说去追逐什么理想。
  3. 逐步实现理想,做你不是最爱的工作,而在你不爱的工作上拚命,赚够了钱,解决了吃饭的问题,再去做你最爱的工作。 。。。

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Last Song

After finished download....I can't wait to watch it....
although stoll got many movies already finished download....but just don't have the mood to watch it
I choose The Last Song because I waiting for this movie for so long~
the cinema haven't show up already can download....and the quality is nice lor~ haha

The Last Song

A Story about Family,
First Loves, Second Chances
and the Moment in Life
That Lead You Back Home.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Celebrate my Belated Birthday = BBQ at my house~

[Presents pic will update soon~]

Today was 24th of July.....I held a BBQ party at my house for celebrating my belated Birthday~ why should I choose 24 instead of 23? Because I want to convince for all of my friends that SAT got classes and working~ how sweet am I~~~ haha (shy)

first of all I want to thx my family to help me out.......they more nervous than me...about 3pm something already prepared all the stuff to put in our front yard~
and also prepared quite lots of foods ........about the chicken wings.......quite funny~ we got the chicken wings for grill and the accidentally fried chicken wings (long story) the most early persons to reach my house was my college mates....Thx for you all help out....

8pm somethings we started ~~~~ grill grill grill~ eat eat eat~ chat chat chat~ ........haha
I didn't eat much.....especially hams, hot dogs, friend chicken wings (not at all) , chicken wings ...etc....I really didn't eat much lor...... less less to grill.... I'm also blur what I'm busy for??? but I felt quite full le~

after my parents back from the Church.....is time for the cake......my mind was blank.....
The Birthday Cake part was the most embarrass time for me......I'm not used to be a focus attentions for everyone that looked at me and sang the birthday songs to me ......But I already accepted all the wishes.....thx so much buddy~ ^^

we also discussing to sing k in Sunday....sure I joined them....haha~ long time didn't sing together~
they also planing to The Sepang Gold Coast may in September....I wonder I could join or not?? because I'm still confusing for my future.......it's bother me all the time , I just can't get rid of it.....sigh~
The very finally I'm still have to choose

I forgot what the time they all went back....but I'm want to thank you to help me clean up the mess especially Min Min , Kok Hua, my sister Help me do washing-up .......and Jun Jie, he help me to finish up all the foods....thx so much~
and the presents I very like it...THX~

about 4am something i only went to my bed....Tired~

Next Time NO any BBQ at my house at all.....haha....
but this time was a first try for myself....impressive

Again....Happy Belated Birthday to myself

Friday, July 23, 2010

23rd of July 2010 = My Birthday~

Today was my Birthday!!! 23rd of July 2010!!!!!
I'm into 20 years old....say goodbye for 1.....
but actually I'm still not so happy....hard to pull out from sadness and messiness ~

afternoon I went to Jusco watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice with NickSYW (I know quite weird to watch with him, BUT we are just FRIEND)...haha......I also want to Thx him to treat me a movie..... let me have a Movie Ticket that got my Birthday Date on it....haha
but quite feel sorry to him...cuz I'm totally a boring person....cuz we have not much topics....

after the movie we said goodbye to each other....when I want to pay my parking ticket, it was so funny.....
I have no any RM1 with me, I just have RM50, so I drop RM1 coins into the machine... but it ate my money! shit~
I back to the canteen to thinking....but I don't want to use my RM50.....luckily I saw my ex-working friend...haha~~~~thx her helped.....hehe

8pm, me , DaoGei and QiQi Chan when to Tesco Kajang to buy somethings for tomorrow.....
we bought it in 1 hours and not over RM100...woohoo...great job.....
Thx DouGei's dad sold us the cheap Heineken..make me can save half price ~
done our grocery shopping we went to yam cha in Ibrahim....and gossiping~ haha

This is how I'm end up in my Birthday Day~ hmmmmm

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad Day....Bad News

Today me and my sister and some our college mates went to play badminton in the RM1 tol there's badminton court ........ 7pm-9pm
after my sister picked me up on the way ....we had a car accident happen in front the club house there....
bull shit....
if want to say who salah....is both also got wrong....
-my sister if don't want drive so fast
- the moto driver turn out from left can't direct drive to the 1st link de lor.....slowly too mah~~
luckily the woman don't have any hurt.....but after the accident they drove away so damn fast lor....didn't say anything than drove away already oh.....what the hell!!!!!!!!
make us can't even have a talk about the crash.....or money thing......cuz they are 外劳~ sure scare go police station and I think don't even talk about the money de lar....
so shit ~

While we playing the badminton I received a msg from bebe.......
she told me a bad news.....that so sudden!!!!! I want to cry out already....
so I find Win to talk about it....than I finally cry........
it take quite long time to me for stop the cry......
now I HAVE NOTHING already.....
the job suppose to start work on 26 gone already....due to I reject it
now Singapore that also no more........
it make me feel like inside the hell.....

2 bad things crash together make me so pressure....
I know the car thing is non of my business.....it just disturb my mood.......
I'm really feeling so bad........the pressure that will come from my parents.....and everywhere lar~
I so scare my mom will " 念" again lor......can't even 体谅下我
I know I'm so stupid too....push the job away so fast....made me have nothing left....I know she also will take this to shoot me.........

Interview again and find another need to take so much nerve to face it le..........
and I really can't decide is Malaysia or Singapore.........mess me all the time
what I really want is find a job..........

but sometime thinking leave also good...can away from my parents " shoot"

Things can change in 1 sec,

it will bring you to the heaven


push you into deeply hell

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today our family members seem like all also got a date with Inception le....
My Dad & Mom watched 4.30pm
Connie & Hui Teng watched 7.35pm
Me and QiQi Chan watched 10.30pm

we actually planing go to Connaught that Pasar Malam...
but QiQi reached home also already 9pm lor....if rush to there also walk about few min only....
so we give up to Connaught .....
about 9.30pm we reached Jusco to buy some herb eggs and discounted Sushi to eat....haha~~

Inception about 2 hours and 30 minutes ....
is not so nice.....so messy.......But while watching I'm so nervous for them lor.....haha
-I scare they are not enough time to complete the mission
-I scare the 药剂师 driving will crush on something to make them all wake up, than mean they can't complete it
-I hate about the ending......don't know the Cobb is in the reality or still inside the dream???

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Killing Me!!!! Gosh~

Suddenly I got 2 choices.....Malaysia & Singapore.......God Damn It~~~
just base on me want to choose where???
and actually don't know why....my heart is more toward Singapore......
finally I made my decision....= Singapore

The Next afternoon I made a call to MY's Travel Agency to say I may quit the job.....I knew he will pissed off.....
but his respond also made me 无助咯~ ....
haiz.......I got a bad image for him already.....but whatever , at least I got tell early....
and I'm also feel sorry to him.....
but sometimes really have to let somethings go and only will get somethings
Wish I can do better in Singapore!
I must do my bestie~ to make sure I won't regret about the decision I made

Things really will change in 1sec.......you have to handle in and think deeply to decide something that which you want the most!~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time Square with QiQi 19/07/2010

Today was QiQi offday again~~ wuhaha
after I success about my interview I decided to but that Nichii that shirt....
so Today we went to Time Square....
after we reached there we went to find some restaurant for our brunch
we ordered the Express set...which each ppl RM11.90 + I got a J card so free a side dish
we also shocked that we spending about 2 hours inside the Korea BBQ Plaza....wow~~ took so long time to finish it ar~~ haha funny~
We done our Brunch we started we walked around, QiQi Chan bought a RM15 shirt in some shop...
and we went to TIME Square that Nichii there and I found the shirt that I wanted....but no discount + the colour look like diffrent...it not suppose is yellow+orange meh???
so I decided went to F&N that Nichii to find again....
and there got the shirt I wanted...but same colour....white + black + got discount! haha
so I took 4 shirts to try on it....I only realized was the light problem....how lamb I was....kaka
but finally I bought it....but not that I wanted....was other fit me nice~^^ haha.....

Than about 5.45pm we back to Cheras to fetch her brother back and head to Jusco to buy our Wed Movie Tickets ; 8.30pm back to Sg. Long my dad's ex-shop that makmak stall yam cha with J&J~ hehe~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ah Pek Hill

6am I woke up and get prepared....about 7am we departed to Ah Pek Hill.....
that was My 1st time and also all of us....except Ah Zhung's Mom~
Climbing in Ah Pek Hill the Level 1 was still quite ok .......
but level 2 & 3 was horrible...!!!!! OMG.....
I'm Weakness....haha ...... Those aunts & uncles are more stronger than me......haha
there got 6 level....only reach the level 6 will find the water fall....
but we only reached level 3...and went down already.....
I can't stop....because there are so many paths....maybe they won't use the same path to climb down
so how tired I was I must keep going......
sure I'm rest so many times....haha
and those climbers are so kind....encourage us to keep going and Gambatea....
and got 1 aunt gave me and QiQi sweets to gain our energy...

one of the picture search from net.....

In the Station 1 resting.....
(QiQi & Chloe Ying & Winnie)

PS: can next time got those climbing activities don't text me??? haha I kn0w I'm bad..... XP

Saturday, July 17, 2010


YePi~~~~ Is a nice movie~~~ haha
Ashton Kutcher is still HANDSOME... but for his personal life....I'm speechless...
but anyway....that is the life he live in....^^

Katherine Heigl got a good body shape...I kinda like it....^^ ~~ Target~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Despicable Me

Today went to The Mines watched Despicable Me with QiQi Chan and Yvonne~
we watched the midnight show.....
about 9.55pm me and QiQi reached The Mines....after bought the tickets and visit Min Min
we went to MCD to spent our time while waiting the time to pass and waiting Yvonne....
because we have no place to go...all the shops are closed!

This movie is so Cute and Funny....
haha...I believe that if we watch in 3D will be more nicer~ hehe

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

About the Interview

someday 10 July 2010 (Saturday) after I woke up
before going to brush my teeth and take my shower....I called to Travel Forte for job vacancy
before I woke up, inside my brain already reminded me must make the call already...must make....finally I made it! quite nervous.....
That night we also had a Early Celebration for Min Min's Birthday.....^^

12 July 2010 (Monday) this day is the last day for World Cup also is the final! Spain VS Netherlands
after the match...about 6am something I only went to my bed....
9am....I received a call from Travel Forte.....so I wrote down the time for interview in my notebook that already put beside me....actually they asked me do I can interview in that day.......but I have no transport and I just slept le!!!!! dai lou~~~~
after received the called I can't even fall asleep again.....totally awake.....

QiQi Chan asked me out...actually we are going to Leisure Mall....but suddenly change to Mid Vally~
we went there to walk around and also went to the bookstore there....but I can't find any book that I wanted!
That day I hang out for whole day le....after back from Mid Vally we went to pick up her brother and also went to Old Town with Shu Xing, J & J~~~

13 July 2010 (Tuesday)
my dad fetched me to Connaught we having our MCD breakfast .....
10.15am I walked up to that travel agency....saw my friends...but no dare to say Hi to them....scare bother them while working....just simply smile to them~
About the Interview I'm so nervous.....some questions I answered like quite childish? or stupid.....arg!!!!! just not so good lor.....but???hmmm........hard to say~~~~okok lor~
While the boss talking on the phone...I'm pray....wish the God ( Jesus ) is always beside me!

Finally done my interview.....and I'm going to start my work on 26 of July~
Why 26th......because in my mind....I want to ENJOY my birthday 1st....than to step into the Society Scary World!!!

While working not only need Hardworking......also MUST SMARTWORKING!

Monday, July 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa finally came to the end
The Winner is Spain....WOHoo~~
Although this match was quite boring for me in that 90min....
but finally in 116min Andres INIESTA(6) goal!!!!!!!
End up with
Spain 1-0 Netherlands

This also was the match with lots of yellow cards....
14 yellow cards and 1 red card

The Next Fifa World Cup will held in Brazil 2014~

PS: so bad Fernando Torres got hurt?!...... so bad....can't see him much in this match.....but he got in after the 90min's game! ^^
PPS: seeing the Netherlands team members all are so sad and down I also feel sympathy ....they really did well too....^^

Friday, July 9, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Night 9.30pm I watched Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Jusco Cheras Selatan
Finally....I watched it!!!!!!! with QiQi Chan
RM11 le...for a movie ticket...haha, because I can't wait till Wednesday already....
Can't wait to watch it
damn nice lor.....2 hours!!!! Worth it!!!!! hehe XP

too bad Victora used Xavier Samuel as Riley Biers to revenge Bella and Edward....
Riley is so handsome too...haha
I love Alice and Jasper this couple....
hehe ....aiya~ all the actors and actress I also LOVE lar....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

叶问前传The Legend is Born - Ip Man

Tonight watched 叶问前传The Legend is Born - Ip Man with QiQi and her brother
this movie not bad.....quite ok and nice~

I also bought The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie tickets already....
On Friday 9.30pm....hehe

Today about 5pm my house 又停电了~
I dislike 停电...make me nothing to do......
I can't bath without the hot water....
This two month got 3 times 停电了叻~
Last time back from Kepong
second time my neighbour's Electric box burned....
the Tenaga National Berhad's employees came to fix it....
so have to stop the electric of the whole street.....
this was the third times........
pls don't have fourth

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Young Victoria & 7天爱上你

These few days I always watching all the downloaded Movies.....
What I had watched I sure will post out....because it for my own record and memories~
The Yong Victoria is quite nice.....
I love Queen Victoria of The United Kingdom's Love Story
Luckily she married who she love most! Her cousin - Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

I like those 宮廷历史人物剧 & 历史剧 most of them are about the England History and the Greatest People
"The Other Boleyn Girl"
also is one of the movie I watched before

Every time I watched those History Movies I will go to Wikipedia to find them information....
Next I will watch Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Next movie I just watched is 7天爱上你

Monday, July 5, 2010

泡沫之夏 & 非常完美

看到朋友在Facebook 说泡沫之夏出完了,她也下载完了, 我特地开车去Ampang找她拿呢~

开始总是开心的, 结束总是伤心的~因为没得再看下去啦~ haiz~


这三个主角我都很喜欢, 拼没有讨厌的~
对我来说结局最重要, 女主角最后会和谁在一起阿~



Friday, July 2, 2010


<<泡沫之夏>> - 好看~
剧情不是我能控制的~ haiz~~~

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sabah I'm Coming~

Sabah Graduated trip that made by ourselves....most is my friends did...hehe
this trip really is 游山玩水阿~~ haha.....
departed on 28/06/2010 back on 01/07/2010 11.59 pm
4 days 3 nights
lazy to write out all....so lets the pictures do talk.....
I really love the weather in Mt. Kota Kinabalu ( 半山)

Some pictures about me and my sister~