Monday, June 28, 2010

Sabah I'm Coming~

Sabah Graduated trip that made by ourselves....most is my friends did...hehe
this trip really is 游山玩水阿~~ haha.....
departed on 28/06/2010 back on 01/07/2010 11.59 pm
4 days 3 nights
lazy to write out lets the pictures do talk.....
I really love the weather in Mt. Kota Kinabalu ( 半山)

Some pictures about me and my sister~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Phoebe Birthday

Today is Bebe Birthday, my lovely sister
they all celebrated her birthday at 宅 talk cafe in Padah Indah
I went late because I was waiting my sister back from The Mines
luckily I didn't miss the Birthday song and the Cup Cakes its delicious~
Our second round went to makmak stall
San San cane back from Ipoh and joined us too....hehe
around 1am we only went back home.....

Today I sat in living room and watching a Korea Drama with my parents
got 1 lines I very like it

人不是因为有自信才会挑战,而是挑战之后才会有自信,没有人不会感到恐惧,更恐怖的是第二次 第三次, 就算是第一百次也会感到恐惧,差异只不过是能够做一点心理准备而已
- From Oh My Lady (Korea Drama)

It very meaningful and very useful......

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Bad & Sad News

Today is Friday......although I slept late.....I'm still waiting the call....
after I woke up in the evening time....I'm still waiting.....
I forgot what the time already.....San San called me......she told me a bad news.....
Congratz to her.....she got the job.....
and me and one of my friend was fail.......
I'm so that moment...i felt want to cry.....and my mood was damn down.....
but at 9.30pm I went to makmak stall - MZ to watch the football match with my friends.....
Portugal VS Brazil......
at that moment I forgot about those unhappy things and enjoyed the match, although it let me down too.....end up with 0 : 0
and I also got share my sad mood to my friends......they got encouraged me
thx buddy~ Love ya~

Monday, June 21, 2010

JB & Singapore

Monday 21 June

I went to ampang to meet my college mates and get prepared to Bukit Jalil to take a bus to JB
after reached JB my friend came anc pick us to his house.....
His father was so kind...treat us a dinner that very expensive le...and very surprise ( about the meat)... haha Thx so much

Tuesday 22 June

Woke up so early to get preapred to Singapore ......
we took Causeway Link to the custom and took MRT to Chinatown 牛车水
after reached the chinatown it was so surprise.....didn't expect the travel agency is so near only....
3 of us were get ready and went in to interview.....but so unlucky ....Miss Annie took MC today
maybe have to wait till Thursday or Wednesday

after that we went to eat something 1st...MCD ( my mom sure scold me....MCD everywhere also got, why at SG also ate MCD?)
about 3pm we went to Sakae Sushi buffet it only SD$18......
after that I went to Cotton On bought a pants that only SD$10 le....haha
after that we back lo.......

Wednesday 23 June

We slept till quite late......about 12pm only woke up
my friend got an interview at 4pm and we suddenly got a called from Miss Annie
So we also went for an Interview too....
Today raining....but in Singapore won't get wet because so many roof....haha

After reach Singapore we went to interview 1st....
I think I did quite well ....^^
after that we went to shopping.....and I'm window shopping~
and we went to eat a MOS burger....quite famous in that mall

I got a EZlink for myself....^^
about 9/8pm we only back to JB.... because it over the busy timing.....

after back and bath.....and chit-chating and online...
we sure got go for a JB everyday also got supper....
FAT trip.....haha
after the supper and went home we still chit-chating until 4am only slept

Thursday 24 June

About 10am I already woke up and get preapred for myself
because today we back to KL lor.....
Sam's father bring us to chicken full!!!!
after that we went to city square than only went to took our bus went back to KL
around 8/9pm only reached Bukit Jalil and I took the LRT went to Sg. Besi and wait for my father to pick me home

Finally Home Sweet Home~~~^^

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Saturday, June 19, 2010

QiQi early Birthday Celebration


Friday, June 18, 2010

Jun Xian Birthday Party

Today was Jun Xian Birthday.....he got invited me...actually I might not go....because me and my college mates are plan to Ipoh....but..hehe....lastly end up with nothing.....because my friend was busy her stuff....+ no car.....

So night I went to makmak stall to watch the football match......hehe lastly the Germany lost! aiks.....disappointed .......
after those friends who I knew reached already I only go....wakaka....
his house so near only......just behind my house......haha

We chit-chating and I got ate some steamboat !!!!! delicious hehe.....

don't know what time we back home lor.....
hehe return back to my lover ( computer ) haha

Thursday, June 17, 2010

6B Gathering~

Today got a primary school gathering.....actually I didn't plan to go.....
but the location most near my house 1 le....if I didn't go like.......hehe
so lastly I go lor....... XP
there got 8 ppl + me 9....
we chit-chating and blah blah blah......
till 12am only back home
thx my friend wo....who teach us drinks....hehe

one of my friend his action so embarrassed le.....
make me must pretended I don't know him.....really embarrassed!!!!!!
cuz his action only will happen in Club/Pub.....but it happened in CAFE le.....OMG....
funny~ haha

End..........ntg to type....haha

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Karate Kid

9pm watched The Karate Kid with QiQI Chan
I bought this tickets on Sunday also just got the E seats......but still ok lar~
This movie was so nice .....
inside the movie felt China is so bad....treating a foreigner like that....
and I think the headmistress got saw it...but doing noting~~ haiz
quite worry about if I go other country will the local ppl treat me like that??? (USA & Singapore) haha

When the last fight......I really like & love the Last Kick!!!!!!!! Awesome ~~~~~YEAH~
Jaden Smith is growing up....he slowly becoming a boy and more strong...but still cute with or without the BOOM hairstyle~
I like his foolish face....
Will Smith and Jaden Smith are a good actors!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A called from SG -A Job Opportunity

Last night my friend suggest me to send a resume to a travel agency in Singapore .....
My mind was blank......didn't think too I'm started to typing my resume and sent it out...
I didn't expect that I will received a called from that Travel Agency!!!
That time I was asleep!!!! still blur I just said next week Tuesday / Wednesday can go for Interview....
so.....I have an appointment for a interview on next Wednesday 3pm in Singapore!
OMG.....I'm so nervous!!!!!!! I wait my parents came back and tell them this news.....
I also very confuse and worry!!!!!!!
Got lots of question mark above my head!!!!
So I decided went to Ampang to ask my friends and discuss!!!
because still have couple of my friends also going to Singapore to interview....
After discuss, we will go together on next Monday and stay in my friends house in JB
2 of my friends Interview on Tuesday and me on Wednesday!!! wow....nervous!
and my other friends accompany us and also walk in interview to find a job.......

I also wish we can get this job...than we can work together and live together!
at least got an accompany!!!!
but my mind also lovely friends......and my July Birthday!!!!!haiz
You get some, You will lose some

Monday, June 14, 2010

K time .....14/6/2010

Morning QiQi called and asked me want to join a answer was I WANT TO SLEEP
afternoon she SMS me asked want to sing k mah??? answer was ok lor
so about 3pm she came and fetched my and Jamie went to Jusco to sing k!!!
really long time didn't sing jor!!!
So far I'm quite enjoy it!!!!!!!!

But pity wallet!!!!! haha>>>>>haiz..........

Is time to find a real job....but my brain and my mind and my heart just like don't want to accept the reality!!
I want back my college was so short!!!! I want more longer
I'm keep saying if I'm being crazy I might fly to that will come??? don't know..all about financial problem and my identity problem ! haiz~~~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

书展 & Swee Lam Birthday celebration

Afternoon while I was sleeping, Fong Ying called me asked me want to go 书展 or not
actually I want to sleep, but I heard that today was last day already, so I decided to go
inside the 书展,we just walked around only didn't buy any books
actually I'm hesitate to want to buy the travel magazines or not....1 for RM7 for RM15, look like quite cheap
but end up with nothing!!

After found Ah Min, we went to eat Pizza Hut together > so full
we also walked around The Mines and she got bought somethings
We back to our homes around 7.30pm just left half hour for me to prepare.....
because we have to gather at Tian Jun house and went to Langat Hill ( Look Out Point) to celebrate Swee Lam Birthday, because his best friend already book the table
it is a new restaurant - Panorama Restaurant

Said about the Panorama restaurant, my fire want to come again!!! This restaurant is so SHIT
the price on the menu is different with downstairs!!! The drinks at 3rd floor are RM14.90 but the drinks at ground floor is about RM8 something......the tax also 15% le!!!!!holly shit The staff services also SHIT!
We saw the menu about half hour? only order some drinks....pity one share with me!
cuz the drinks are so expensive already, we surely won't order some food lar
But the boss came up and asked why we didn't order food!!!!!!!WTH
Do your got mention in the menu? so we decided paid the bill and took away our cake and changed to Gasoline

I paid for the first drink made me no money already, when I in gasoline I only order SKY JUICE!!! haha
some other who came late they are so lucky

In Gasoline they started to order some foods, because they are starving .....
I'm so enjoy with my friends in Gasoline, we chit-chating , laugh.....So Happy!!! hehe

When I back to my sweet sweet was not so sweet!!! Because Power cut!!!!OMG....
So bored lar....without my lovely COMPUTER!!!!
so I'm laying on my bed and shared the BLACK Restaurant with my family...... around 1am Power back!!! wuhu~ ~~

Happy Birthday to Swee Lam, welcome to step in 2....haha
I'm the next!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shopping at Sungai Wang

Today I went to Sungai Wang with Shu Xing and Dao Gei
around 1pm we only reached there.....
actually we are accompany Shu Xing to buy her stuff, beside that we also got bought some for ourselves
so I'm so poor now and my wallet was bleeding!!!!!
I bought a sunglasses , a scarf for my mom, a make up remover, a wallet.....a meal these kill my wallet!!!

But I was so enjoy to spending my time with my friends....hehe
especially with Dao Gei, long time didn't hang out together already!
and Shu Xing, she gonna be busy for a drama shooting soon.....will hard to date her already!

Have a good day! ^^

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yam Cha

I created an event, that is Yam Cha....haha
actually we plan to yam cha at Makota ABC, but today was the first day for World Cup
I scare the ABC don't have big screen so I change to MZ, because there got provide a big screen for watch the Football match
actually I'm not a football fans or buff, I just want to satisfied my friends....them happy I'm Happy too
and another reason I created this event was for my friend, because I heard something said he was unhappy about last time.

so far This Yam Cha was quite successful, because quite a lots of ppl attend this Yam Cha. I'm quite happy too. Create an event is not that easy, you have lots of things to worry about
their emotion, attendant and etc.

Today the first football match was South Africa vs Mexico, I bet the first Goal must be South Africa, but my friends bet Mexico, but finally South Africa didn't let me down
The reason I bet South Africa was Because this World Cup is held in South Africa, Mexico must give them face, so the 1st goal must be South Africa.....haha what a funny reason! actually Shoot Goal is not that easy!

The first match finished we also went back to our home lor....hehe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Rani Birthday & 4th Maison

Morning I went to my parents ex shop to help my mom......about 1pm I went back home to get prepared to Ampang there to celebrate our Lecturer - Miss Rani Birthday
after my friends finished them last paper we celebrated together........This was the last thing we can did for our lecturer.....because we are graduated... feel so sad.......

Finished the celebration we went to Time Square . I bought a contact lens , shoes and a shirt.......
pity wallet..... :'(
about 8pm we went back to Ampang to prepare our next round.....Clubbing------- shake shake to shake out all the words from my brain.....haha
After reached Maison.....we chit-chating and drinking....... dancing~
I also met Aedison them......
for me: Today Maison was so damn boring!!!!!! The environment is so not HOT!!!!!!!!!
when around 2pm one of my friend - Janice she cried.....because we are graduated .....and she is not willing to say goodbye. So do I, but I didn't cry, but when I refresh back the eyes started to get wet,just didn't drop down my tear and I cry inside my heart! After all my friends cried & hug together!!!!

We still have a long journey to move on.....
I Love All of You Guys!!!! We must keep in touch oh!!!!
You guys all are such a good friends for me, you make me change a lot, but still have some bad attitude or habit , but I will try to control it!
Thx to help me a lot and laugh , play and etc with me!
I will cherish and treasure our friendship and memories!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Finally I finished my papers!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow those resit for Business Operation paper candidate Fighting!!!!
after the exam we went to 113 to eat something

When I went home and sitting in front of my computer.... my brother suddenly asked me want to watch movie or my answer was definitely YES!!!!
The movie started at 7pm we reached Jusco about rush!!!
but Luckily not yet start and we sat in E okok lar.....When finished the movie my neck felt pain only...hahaPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time
this movie is quite nice.....the ending is quite special......because all the innocent people are alive....haha

felt so happy.....long time didn't go out with my brother and my sister....hehe


Sunday, June 6, 2010

When In Rome

I woke up early today!!!! 1st thing to do is facing my notes already
gonna be crazy!!! OMG
feeling weird why I'm still got time to watch a movie and updating my blog~
but I really hate do revision!!! Still Have to!

updating my blog and watched a movie is for relaxing my mind!

back to When In Rome
I love this movie so much!
Hope this will happen on me ! "not mention about other weird suitors! "
It is so Romantic and like a fairy tale!!!!!! The love at first sight! ~~~~~~~~
Girls Dream!
Still Waiting for it!......haha

Finish time to back to the hell!!!
Study and revision time! haiz~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Broga Hill 2 and MCD

my final exam is coming soon....
I'm study hard everyday! I'm so worry about my exam, because I'm not confident at all!
although got some tips, I hope its help!

My friend test me asking me want to go Broga Hill?
I'm start to thinking and hesitating .....because my final exam is coming
I'm suppose to study and not go to play~
but finally my answer was GO

I just slept 1 hour and get prepared to Broga Hill....
didn't wear my Contact Lens, Its kill me....made my eyes red and pain~
few days didn't wear it

While climbing the hill, I'm the weakness again~
make some ppl have to wait me ...feel sorry~
after reached the top! I can't see the star......because cover by the fog.....some more got lightning
we scare it will rain soon, so I'm just rest for few minuets only we started to climb down......
my legs was shaking....and it was so dark! Sure I'm scare!
It really got rain just a little bit - the small didn't disturb
quite feel sorry for those who really upset that can't see the sunrise ......
but say about the truth ! It all for your good~
because we can't predict about the weather!
It still got next time!
for me , I'm seriously think about that I won't have next time!
every time after I reached the top I felt headache!

It still early so we having our breakfast in Makota ABC makmak
we chit-chating at there....Today is public holiday
a rare day for the workers/employees to relax/gather with friends!
suddenly we (J&J, Tian Jun, Fong Ying, Ah Zhung, Kenny, me) decided went to Bukit Jalil's Garden/Park????

we having fun at there.....took some pictures and walked around and start chating again!
It was so much fun to spend the time with my friends!
if I don't have the exam...we surely will continues to next round and next next round!!!!

after I back my home and took a shower
I'm getting ready to Ampang to have a study group with my College Mates!
Suddenly my relatives came my house, so we went out late ....

We studied at Taman Mewah MCD for the whole afternoon
it get some help! to more understand the question asking about what...and get some helpful answers!
I'm not confident for this exams!
so headache! But I must Try My Hard To Finish This Exams!
At Least pass!

after I get back to my home.....I went to bed early....because didn't sleep for the whole day
damn tired!

For the real! I worry about the Destination Analysis!
Stupid Lecturer! Please back to your Nigeria!
and about other two......
I hope I can understand the questions and based on my own knowledge to answer it

Gambatea!!!!! Everyone