Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrate J.Hau & Daren Tc Brithday at 返屋企

Cuz of raining so we cancel the Broga Hill
But it let me sleep gao gao....haha

night we plan a celebration for J.Hau (提早一天)
and we also called some of his besttie friends go 返屋企 to celebrate together
Got 1 people also is (正日) oh~~~
we sure won't forget him lar
plan to give a big surprise to both of them~
but got abit imperfect lor .....haiz.....nvm
them also got shock dao~ ^^
we are the most noisy gang in 返屋企 haha......
we also crazy already played those game~
but it was so much fun~ and so happy~~~~

Happy Birthday to you lor~
Birthday Boys~ ^^

Saturday, May 29, 2010

BBQ Part 2

Today my college mates got organize a BBQ party
The party suppose to start at 7pm but I late.....due to have something to do....
and actually I have to go there early....but don't have the Barbecue grill, my brother left at his friend's house
But I already promise s
o I have to borrow from my friend lor~
This BBQ part 2 held at Lee Ling house
because is quite far, so afternoon I didn't join them to prepare the foods and so on~

about 8pm I only reached there...seem like me and my sister are the last guest~ haha
after I reached there they already started eating lor....
I also joined in and eat eat eat!!! wuhaha
I like the Garlic Potatoes~~~ Yummy

after the BBQ we change to Black & White to continues Yam Cha
but I was freaking tired and ntg to do at there.....
so borrow Gee's Laptop to watch the Korean Drama
ermmmm quite ok lor~just Ep1

about 2pm only reached home le~~~
just rest 1 hour have to ready for the Broga Hill
but when I received Jamie called I'm so Happy
because cancel already, due to raining~
so I can continues my SLEEP!!!!

But I also quite down lar....because this time got so many ppl join le~
but because the rain we have to cancel and delay to nesxt time
Next Time might be some of the people can't join le~

Friday, May 28, 2010

Melacca Trip with my College Mates

I didn't sleep well but I still Have to wake up for the Melacca Trip with my college mates
It was my 5th times to Melacca

we departed at 7.15am???
after reached Melacca 1st destination we went to the Bees Museum....
It was so bored!!! we after simply watched all the 模型 we came out and took some pictures
Next destination in Red Town and A Famosa~
it was so hot!!! but we still enjoyed in our trip
we had our Lunch in 文化 food court ? to having our 鸡粒饭
actually is Malay Meal! but we don't want!
after the Lunch we went to the 郑和博物馆
It located beside the 三叔公 only lor..... but we walked from the 三叔公 till the 街尾再走回去三叔公 there~
Damn Hot!!!! about reach the 郑和博物馆 my shoes 坏了! made me have to spend a money to buy a new slippers .....haha
after the 郑和博物馆 our next destination is Bukit Cina, but we cancel already......because we got abit late and outside is so hot!!! so we decided back to Ampang~~~
Fall a sleep inside the bus~~

But I was Enjoyed in this trip lar~
cuz go with different ppl got a different feel


But actually I will More prefer the Thailand Trip lor~
"IF" we get more closer with March Intake Students~~~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

3th Maison

Today we went to Maison was my 3rd time to Maison
actually we decided to change another place...but at last also back to Maison again
because it alcohol was cheaper than others

Today we got lots of ppl go together!!!
(J&J, Shu Xing, QiQI, Tian Jun, Jia Xin, Swee Lim, Ah Lok, me and other I don't know their names)
Go Clubbing with friends 是最开心的!

today we plan to go early for the cheaper price 1.....but at last....^$$^&&*%%# I also don't know lar
but Lady Night so Lady is free of charge~
Before enter to Maison I bumped into alot of friends lor~

I only drunk a cup of alcohol that mix with coke~
after that we went to dance floor again!!!
WooHoo~~ It was so high!!!
I'm quite enjoyed it!!!
I'm quite like the DJ for that day....haha don't know why
maybe the environment was so high gua~~~
I'm enjoy the music and dance~~ WooHoo~

after that Eric and Poh Ling and Yvonne FH also was unexpected ~
around 2am we came out from Maison
because other ppl said got Polices will come to check ar~~~
blar blar blar~~
although we are so not willing to leave....but at last we also leave early lor~
than we went to MakMak Stall to Yam Cha for 清酒~
about 4am only reached home
didn't sleep well than have to prepare for Melacca Trip jor~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beauty Fair and Welcome Ah Hong Back Party

After I finished my class I rush & safety drove back to home and get prepared to KLCC Convention Center for the Beauty Fair
it is a small 1....the Biggest is on September......Have to save more money lor~~
inside the Beauty Fair I learn so much from Shu Xing, but still have many have to learn lar.....
I just spent some inside the fair only.....
we had discuss we want to buy the Mask or not the the most famous brand Mask Of King=我的美丽日记
but at last we didn't buy.....

after back home we are getting prepared for the next round in Serdang 海棠 Buffet ......
we are so Happy and Enjoyed
we also felt very Happy Ah Hong came back to Malaysia
Miss Him so MUCH~

I got so much have to ask him!!! haha
find 1 day yam cha or go with with him lor~~

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Sunrise = Broga Hill

HOHO my 1st time climbed up to Broga Hill ( although not the 最高点)
I knew that I'm request want to climb lar.....but for me no next time jor....
even KK mount I also don't want lor~~~

Sunday we departed at 4am......
about 5am reach there......and reached the 1st mountain at 5.30am le....
I'm the weakness inside the group......haha
haiz........because i'm F tired and not enough exercise mah~~~ so sure like that lor~
while climbing my legs already shaking.....and not enough can see how week am I....
felt sorry for J Hao and Tian Jun lor.....haiz....have to wait me.....

This is the 1st 佩服 myself le~

when on the 1st mountain.....the night scenery is so many stars~~~
when the sky start to become more light, we decided climb to the 2nd mountain~
although I'm affair, but I'm still climbed to the 2nd mountain.....
we all thought we have no fate to see the sunrise jor....because already 7am....but we didn't give up
finally we saw it!!! so eyes can't even bright~
after took some pictures we started to climb down lor....
so dangerous lor....we didn't use the highway....because so many ppl jam at there....
we use the short cut.... abit dangerous lar~
for me I more prefer climb down lor....cuz not like climb up that tired ar....
but fingers legs so pain lor....and so slippery ...must be careful~
the hole is really scare lor...... swt~

for other is 小儿科啦~ cuz last time they reached the 最高点了~

after that we went to a temple and took some pictures at there....
we had our breakfast at Tun Hussein Onn PapaRich.......


PS: those pictures are from Jamie~
PS: Jun Jie car is so freaking....scary de lor~ no eyes see when he driving ar~ I'm also tired to talk with him.....haha but that not mean I hate him~~~ OK don't misunderstood ^^

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kidnapper 绑匪

Today watch Kidnapper with Shu Xing, J & J and QiQi in The Mines

So nice lor......the story line is so nice....won't feel any boring~
the relationship between the parents and children are so touch!!!
I'm so hate the Kidnapper!!!!! Cold Blood animal!!!
没人性!!!!! so Cruel lar!!!!!!!! ><
when he treat the child....OMG so so cruel !!! My heart felt pain
The blood @@
I can't stand for some blood or 内脏...... scare scare

Got one thing I'm so 感同身受?
when the father finding some solution to collect the money,
he got did a surgery to donate a kidney!
( cuz recently KIDNEY stuff happened around me)
OMG!!! I'm felt so pain ......and sad.....
Life so hard!!!! even want to donate a kidney in a illegal way~

Being a human we must 将心比心啦~

recently got so many things feel like unhappy and not fair lor~
and worry final is coming soon~
cuz worry 1 lecturer will give tips or not....cuz he.....>haiz
and something feel so unfair~ we are taking same course! why they can go and we can't!!
we are still study in your academy! can't said we are going to graduate so is different!
that are not a reason or excuse!!!
I must fight back what I deserve!!!! We are paying a same amount of money!!
My academy is a BAT!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Working in Bukit Tinggi Jusco 15&16 May 2010

I'm worked in Bukit Tinggi Jusco for 2 days for giving out the flayers and hold up the boards

Before we Sat, I'm using Google map to learn how to go there and ask one of my Klang friend,
after I saw the map is quite ok already and I'm plan to use Federal Highway~
actually my dad suggest me to use Kesas Highway....but i don't know what lai de~???

我们在 Esso 油站集合咯,那样我就不用那么麻烦去到Ampang lor~
我们都打算走康乐去得, 给了RM0.50 tol 后我就没等他咯,因为我用touch&go , he is Tunai
所以我们就在第三个tol 集合咯,在那我就跟他的车咯,可是我跟到就怪怪的~因为 Highway 封了,我就像可能从桥下出回去大路咯~ 我以为他会那样的,怎知道他弯去别的地方哦~ 就call他咯,他所他会去,因为它朋友跟他说是那样走,其实我们的得失同样的人来的,但是他跟我说是一直直直走的哦?没办法咯,我就只好跟咯
跟到一半跟丢了,因为很多车插过来挡住了,我们又不知道他弯进那个路口了?就随便弯一个咯, 其实那条是对的,但是我们不相信自己又在 U Turn 回去换另一个路口, 走道还蛮远的才觉得不对路咯,就答给我的朋友问才知道刚刚那条是对的, 这条是错的
党走进对的路是,我们就跟着 Bandar Bukit Tinggi 的路牌走,看过Tesco, Gian, Econsave 乐,都没有Jusco,又再打电话问朋友,他所我们走错了,应该要直走~ 傻眼,路牌有时不能信的~

在开工前我们才知道原来女生是要穿背心的咯!我就 OMG 咯~
因为他们正在做 promotion 凡是 purchase up to RM88 can a singlet in RM1
for boys is purchase up to RM168 can buy a shirt in RM10
我又没身材,要是穿到出来跟加让你卖不出就惨咯~所以只好放弃了, 另外两个又是大只的, 而且背心还是free size 的叻~
其实我们不是没问清楚的,是想要问也不能问咯,因为 agent 给错到我朋友那店老板的号码,联络不到他
而且他问那个 agent 时是说穿 formal de~
他们就去走街和唱K lor~

我们就开工咯~ 拿板和派船但就轮流咯~
我们好可怜咯~老板请的 mineral water 都给人偷叻~
然后第二次站在 Jusco Market 前面时还给 guard 赶叻~

所以弄到 SUN 没有的拍了,傻傻的一直举牌
但是女的两个都得举,反而男的只有一个举,另一个的senang lo ~
但是我们有轮流啦~轮流举+ 偷懒 (上厕所) haha

原本我们是只有一个break 罢了, 但是在 Sat 我问才做了一个小时后回去总店时,boss竟然问我们要不要break oh,因为我肚子饿了,所与就 break 咯,然后晚餐又一个 break...haha弄到只做六个小时咯~

Sat, 回时我的朋友说难得来到巴生就一定要吃肉骨茶,所以我们就在一个地方meet 我们klang的朋友,他带我们去咯, 犹豫我们一直跟丢所以弄到没得吃咯~而且在去meet朋友前又走错路叻~就在那边都了有两个小时咯~

Sun,就我们四个人做而已,就开一辆车去咯~ 原本要去最出名的肉骨茶的,但是就不懂在那个路口进哦~弄得Driver都兜了一个小时,没办法了,没理由兜了一个小时什么都不吃就回的阿~就随便在路边找一间肉骨茶解决了,后来住在 klang 的朋友才出来 meet 我们~ haha

Bukit Tinggi Jusco 真得很大下的咯, 弄得我在做工时都很想去走走shopping叻~
只可惜他的第一件女装店先开在 Bukit Tinggi Jusco
不过他的parking fee 和别的 Jusco 就不同算咯, 我还以为一整天RM1 le

PS: girls got free singlet oh....that we wearing while working 1....
cuz got 袖子的 just only got that 款式, so I got 2 for that.....haha....i for Sat and 1 for Sun~ XP

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thomas Cup in Malaysia 2010 Semi Final

Tonight is Malaysia VS China....
The 1st match was Lee Chong Wei VS Lin Dan....
I'm more care about this match, I believe everyone does.....because for me....both of them also good+pro
but for my opinion....I more support Lin Dan, because He really is a good player and is my Idol
I know I'm Malaysian too....I do support Malaysia K~

Before their start I guess might want to 打3场,but my dad said 2 only....
finally his right~~

Lin Dan really Pro....动作敏捷.. 无论打什么球都好,他都可以接得到
虽然大家会觉得他很“串”, 但是人家可是“串”的起啊~


无轮这场比赛谁赢我都很高兴, 因为两个都是我的羽毛球的 Idol ar~

At here I want to say something about very truth.......this semi final....Everyone also know that China sure must win and get into Final
although let Lee Chong Wei win.....but other team also must sure can fight into final ar.....
than Malaysia only can take down the Thomas Cup.....

( don't punch me~ I just say out my opinion )

But don't disappointed lor.....sure got next time....still got many competition waiting for them
Malaysia Fighting~~!!

haha Lin Dan Fighting too!! wu hu~~~ Happy....
Lin Dan win jor...

Although when Lin Dan Vs Indonesia??? I can't watch but I sure and believe you can win !!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

叶问2 = Ip Man 2

Today I went to Jusco and watched Ip Man 2 with QiQi Chan~
Sorry I'm late....due to finding my hnadphone.....feel very sorry lor ><
luckily I bought the tickets on last Friday....wakaka......can choose a best seat
and this is for above kids making noise..... haha

after finished the movie we went to ABC to having QiQi Dinner + Supper and chatting at there.....we so pro so long nia~ for 2 persons.......haha until 1pm only back home......
recently I'm so happy that can hang out with all of you......
Miss you all.....Best Friends For Ever !!!!!!

Ip Man 2
Very nice lor!
His friend ' Qing Chun so pity neh~~ haiz
although when fighting got many unfair rules or things happen....
but finally Ip Man Won!!
Weng Chun=Ip Man

Before I watched Ip Man 2
last night opened Ip Man to watch....
because I haven't watch the 1st 1....
I watched until cry nie~ so touch~
for life what also have to do~
but I damn hate the 日本仔那个戴眼镜的!!!!!

PS: for anythings you can find me or the friends that you trusted to chatting and sharing...don't always keep insdie you heart oh~~
Remember , I'm always beside or behind you.....I know you too....hehe

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Day & Zi Yan Birthday

Today is Mother day....but we didn't special to celebrate le....
I also haven't buy a present for my mom....cuz can't find it....maybe later lor...
sure will buy for her lar~ hehe

Morning I woke up early and went to The Mines there to fetch my cousin
after that we went to my 三姨 shop to take some family and personal photos
so awkward le.....cuz I didn't have any experience le....
and the make up i also requites 淡一点咯!! haha
but....the 效果拍出来也很满意的啦~ haha
actually this shooting is 1 person RM98 included make up lar
but my aunt count us 5 ppl for 1 ppl price lor...
but the photo album is excluded de~ we choose the big 1 so is about RM500? but got free i 16 inch? frame lar
and immediately printed out 3 ladies photo for us~
after shooting we went to Korea Town to have out Dinner~

other have to wait for the CD

Night, about9.++ we head to The Mines Gasoline to celebrate Zi Yan's Birthday,
before that fetch my cousin to KTM to take bus back to Sri Kembangan...
I didn't expect we reached there 1st lor......( Zi Yan & her bf at there already)
we appear in front of Zi Yan also as a surprise 来得~ because she don't know we will come

around 12pm we gave another surprise to Birthday Girl again....
A Birthday Cake ( normal lor ...when Birthday can't less ba) ....haha

When we want to back we saw 2 beautiful Swans while le.....~ beautiful~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1st&2nd May 2010 Malacca + Port Dickson

还好有Yuvis's GPS, 让我们方便很多哦~

在半途我们有去Melaka Mall's MCD 吃 Orea McFlurry~ 凉一下,因为冷气有问题啊~
也顺便等俊豪的朋友咯~ 因为他们走过龙了, 在兜回回来^^

这就是我们的酒店了Aldy Hotel-Stadhuy, 距离 Stadhuy , A Famosa , St. Paul Hill , Jonker Street ,Makota Perade, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka 超近的!!!!!
房间也很满意, 要是他的冷气 & 冷水可以升级一点就好了
因为冷气很慢才凉啊~可能我们太多人了吧~ ( Room is for 2 ppl only )

wuhaha....我这次的旅程在 RM150 以内就解决了~~
也很后悔下没买到那件衣服呢 = RM29 U_U ( QiQi knew)

这次的旅程很开心 ^o^
反倒是一个难忘的回忆~ 很特别下的 haha

Curry Laksa = Yummy~~ 我不爱吃辣,但是我有吃几口哦! 超赞的啦~
回到来时也好像很后悔没吃到 Nyonya's Pondek Ayam 叻~
因为那天的我肚子很 kawak 所以没吃咯~
等我吧!下次!! ^^

  • 和亲戚去 Batu Pahat喝喜酒, 在回时顺便去了趟马六甲, 虽然有吃到 Nyonya Pondek, 但是平不是在正宗Nyonya 店吃的
  • 第 2 & 3 次是去做工, ToTo Promoter
  • 4th 和大家去咯
纵使我去了4次,但是我到现在还是没有机会踏进 Baba & Nyonya Museum Heritage
即使它的 Entry Fee 是 RM8 我也愿意付, 因为我已中了《小娘惹》的毒了, 也中了 Baba & Nyonya 文化的毒了~
haiz~~~ 下次吧~~我一定要进去看!!!!!!!!

要写长篇大论出来我是可以啦, 但是你们会看得很累吧~
想: 怎么那么啰嗦阿??那只是仔细哦~不是啰嗦~

Let Pictures Do Talk

PS: More pictures can refer in Facebook oh~