Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Always in Our Heart!

When my brother told me that Michael Jackson was dead I had no feeling at all
Just abit shock in the morning !
Ya ~ It must be a Hot News!
At night I watch the TV about Michael Jackson news
I felt sad and wanna cry !
Is a life........ and he still young .... 50 years old........
Left the 50 concert undone ........ suddenly pass away !
Really SAD !
Everyone must be sad and will miss him always !
He will always in our heart!
You are a Legend !

Wish You happy in your paradise !


Expensive Dinner + silly mother

At night , we were going to have our dinner

1st went to NSK to buy somethings that our restaurant need
2nd went to Jusco to buy Milo ..... cuz cheap!
3rd went to 蒸一蒸 have our dinner

our dinner really very EXPENSIVE !
3 dishes 7 rice , one orange juice , 2 西米露 ,1 Ice Tea
cost us RM9+.00
OMG! really shock me!
We went to eat western food , MCD , Pizza Hut , Kenny Roger Sushi King also cheaper than this time lar...........
My mom really 心痛!
Never go there again!

and my mother really silly lor......
we bought 20 packs of Milo
when came back home , she arranged the milo and count again !
She shout out ! because less 4 packs......
she thought lost already!
she almost want to cry out already!
Because the Dinner cost expensive , now lost 4 packs , there already cost RM8+.....
So she really 心痛
after that my father count again , there's really have 20 packs lar....
4 packs hide inside , of course we can't see its!
luckily didn't lost it...
cuz my mom really want to cry out already!

PS : just now want o set a PIN number again , but it wants PUK number too
I don't what is that , so I just press some number into it
after 13 times, my SIM card been lock!
took to DIGI center ro setter ...
luckily no need pay the money... and so just wait awhile can take it back already!
last time is phone problem , this time is SIM card problem

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thailand Trip ~ 4 days 2 nights

1st day to Thailand
We went by Bus........ The bus started at 10.++pm

2nd day
Reached the border to have our Breakfast
We had wash and brush our teeth at outside, because toilet want pay the money

After pass the Border , we started our trip
1st we went to a temple 1st! forgot the name! [ can't forgot ! need to do report de ar!]

I want take a single photo , but my friends like to play around!

Tour Leader April Intake Student

Nice.... and it so cheap!
200Bath = RM20

Our Lunch
The Tom Yam very spicy!
I taste one spoon only a bit swt already!

After the Lunch , out site there have a lake
We went there to take some pictures

Samila Beach visit the 美人鱼雕像

Beside me is our English & Tour Leader Lecturer
Miss Meiza

Boys Group!

I want take a single too....
but my Friends still want to 抢镜头

Super Leg!

After Samila Beach , We headed to Hotel to check in lor
luckily I didn't bought cup noodles , cuz my dad advise me , don't know the Hotel have the hot water pot or not
The answer is NO!

After my shower ! Went out to find out dinner lor.....
We went to Lee Garden Hotel , this hotel also have shopping center lar~
虽不懂走到哪了, 幸好我还会认得路回酒店

My friend bought me a Pork Burger to try

Fried Litter Bird

Very Big & Fat Prawn

My Friends got bought somethings to eat , I just bite once only , sausage and another one don't is what
WALAO! 辣到我们到处找水喝叻!!!!

While we going back to our Hotel
Calvin saw a Tattoo shop , he wants a tatoo
cuz in Thailand so cheap only

Jing Yi , Li Ling , Me

Sam ( Mickey Mouse ) & Me

While Calvin doing his Tattoo , We back to Hotel lor
Cuz three of us [ Jing Yi & Li Ling & Me ] already book a massage!!!!!!
2 hours 300Bath=RM30
is ok lar~ cheap lar

After our massage and Tattoo , Party Start!
Boys Bought many beer and a bottle of whiskey at the duty free shop !

Calvin plays fire with the Whiskey!

I'm drunk!
Abit Alcohol , my face will turn red
my lips turn red is because the wine/beer's pigments

Crazy Friends

3rd day
woke up late , miss the breakfast already
cuz today was free and easy day
we can go what ever we like ! But must take care of ourself!
call a dudu car to 大巴杀
there sells many things

Very Hot !
Having a coconut !

If go there , this is a food MUST try!

After the 大巴杀, we back to Hotel lor.... cuz no place to go already
some of my friends went to shopping center to walk around lor..
not I don't want to follow , is because my Money already Finished in 大巴杀

We rested in the hotel for a couple hours
went out to find out dinner again
cuz we didn't watch Thaiger Show

Yummy 大香肠
only 10Bath=RM1

香肠嘴 (Kenneth)

便宜又好吃的炸水饺 + 类似云吞面的干劳面

The Local Tour Guide promiss us to bring us to watch the
金鱼馆 =sexy girls dance inside the 玻璃
and wait him at the lobby at 8pm(Malaysia)

While we waiting , take a massage again ...
Massage Chair RM1

Unluckily the Local Tour Guide " put our airplane "
but he said just nearby only
so we try to get a dudu car to there
actually we don't know the place name
when we talked to the drive ...... is really hard to talk with each other
after I tought the drive already got the point , so he brought us to here
Bar Berry
The Drive always said "Bar Berry" , I thought that is a Thai language

[ Beside the Bar Berry ]
Ah Gua Show finished already
all the Ah Gua came out to let the guess to take photo

After we back to hotel again
We asked another group tour leader where the 金鱼馆
he said just nearby only
is beside the Lee Garden Hotel only
Than just now we really went to the wrong place lor.....
Just now that place really far....
when on th way , we really scare !

look like my friends really want to watch it , so he dicide go again !
Me is whatever de , follow the group lor
we have the place name already = Pink Lady
but we went there still can't find it , so we give up and walk around the shopping center and back to hotel lor......

ps:the shops close so early ! haven't 9pm already close !
I want took a single one , but this sam always like to 抢镜头的哦!

Ice-Cream of MCD
7 Bath=RM0.70
the biscuit is different with Malaysia

Back to Hotel to enjoy our 鸡腿咯!

Crazy Night again , cuz is our last nigh in Thailand already
We didn't sleep all night le
but I still have slept few hours lar....
Me & Calvin
He's body very red ! after drunk the Alcohol !

4th day
Have to wake up early to check out
have our breakfast at 鸿运食馆
than straight away back to Malaysia lor

our College really 包我们三餐咯
2Breakfast , 1 Lunch
other AA 制

really happy on the trip

but we forgot somethings le.....
somethings we need to take note , to do out report de!
I just took some note only!
We really go there to enjoy de lor.... zha dao
so after back to Malaysia , regret already!!!
REPORT AR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Back From Thailand

Sunday, June 21, 2009


上次我才追到13 集, 但是要等14集需要很久下的,因为不懂它几时才更新
就上网找咯, 高兴它已经出完了
但是我哭不出来, 因为/可能他刷新得太慢了吧~ 反而使弄得我看的不爽+不耐烦
想下载, 但是又慢,需要等几天
我又赶着看! 好奇嘛

Happy is a happy Ending !!!!

还是实实在在的拿在手上看过瘾一点 !


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jun Xian Birthday

Yesterday night (19th of June 2009)
I had called Yik Sam , ask for somethings
Than we have discuss about Jun Xian Birthday Party
if Yik Sam go I go lor
cuz I don't want go alone , I scare will be so boring with some strangers
about 10pm , Yik Sam came to fetch me to Station 1
all of them are waiting for us to blow the candles
Happy Birthday to Jun Xian grow up lor.....
Enjoy your 18 years old life
hopefully there not very boring lar
have Rui Ling , Siang Ming&Ching , Yik Sam , Barrett etc that I know
but most surprised me was Wai and Bing at there too
I don't even know Jun Xian Know them
haha whatever , I enjoy mine
after station 1 , so change to another Station > Ibrahim?
to continue our chit-chat
about 1.00am (20th of June 2009) Yik Sam fetched me back home lor

Ya! Yesterday I only know that Yik Sam is study graphic design in Tarc College le
cuz last time he told me he will study IT...
anywhere ... wish him study luck lar....
*his drawing really nice

Friday, June 19, 2009


Actually today have a class, but my lecturer have something to do , so she cancel it
and Today I suppose can sleep till afternoon
but yesterday just told us who have go to Thailand Trip have a 讲解会 at 11am
my sister have class at 9.30am
so I have to wake up and follow her car!
because I have no money to take bus + I lazy to take bus

I reached there too early , so I when to my classmates hostel for waiting lor....

is too lame lor... actually I can don't want go de lar
I live so far away le
at there just listen to that stuff about 45min only
I can call someone who got go to tell me what the lecturer said de lor...
waste my sleeping time.....

but poor things is , I same room with a girl who I'm not really close with !
I want to change room ! but she doesn't allowed !
but I got asked the lecturer ... she said when check in that day just change lar...
up to you bla bla bla!

Father Days that day night I going to Thailand lor...
I still can't contact all of you , cuz my phone nnot yet come back
I will be back on Wednesday!
Miss you all
if can , Yam Cha on Friday lar.....

PS: I really not enough sleep!
Panda eyes being more bigger already !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hannah Montana : The Movie

Today I listened to my brother( Yang Ming) opinion , start drove out at 7.30am ( actually he said 7.45am)
I reached my college about 8.30am ! too early!
My class start at 9.30am
1st time drive to college in the morning!
scare will very jam .
Actually I wanted go at 6/7am
when I told Yang Ming he said me "siok" liao ar!
cuz too early ...... haha
anyway ! Thanks him alot!
a good beginning

Today was 1st day for my new classes
Travel Agency and Tour Guiding Operation & Marketing
very scare and panic !
will be more presentation+assignment + exam lor.....
Monday till Friday have to wake up early !
really not enough time to sleep le....
nowadays I sleep early lor.....
won't late than 2.00am ........ hehe paishe

Today I went to watch a movie alone
because yesterday my family watched already except me!
I watch at 6.15pm , inside the theater just 4 ppl only, including me!
I quite like theater room 4 !
is so oblique , very comfortable to watch on the screen!
If there have many ppl , or some one taller than you sit in front of you won't scare their head will bother you!

I really like this movie = Hannah Montana: The Movie
The storyline , musics , celebrity......

Miley Cyrus & Lucas Till & Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift just be a guest in Hannah Montana: The Movie

all the songs inside this movie just so damn nice and pleasant to listen to 

after the movie , I walked in the Jusco Ladies Department to find some pants for college
is so hard to find one that I like
I spend about 1 hour at there keep finding and trying
that basket all is black colour - pants
finally decided that one.... is quite ok
sanctify !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today I have class in the morning
So I have to wake up early, but after noon the English class cancel
I already plain to watch a movie in this afternoon at 3.45pm Hannah Montana:The Movie

When I arrived Chan Sow Lin , I miss the bus!
I just on the bridge , but I still can't get the bus , it so fast
So I have to wait the next bus! [take too long]
I thought that time won't so many ppl take bus , but i was totally wrong
Is many ppl on the bus! I have to stand ... hate!
Luckily I reach home about 2.++pm so I still have time to prepare!
But when I saw my front yard !!!!
many word came to my mind: OMG , WTH , WTF , 妈的
The Kancil not at home
it suppose at home
cuz today is my parents off day
than mean my sister suppose out with my dad ! not with the Kancil!
that time I really really mad! till want to ruin all the things inside the house!

no car , no food , I have to cook a Mi Goreng for myself!
My sister totally ruin all my plain!
My farther also the same
Yesterday I just told him that I want to watch a movie after my class
cuz he don't want come to pick me home , and afternoon all of you won't at home
So I have to find my entertainment for myself!
Just a movie I also can't watch it!

When they came home one pack two pack! ignoring me!
how can I not be mad!
Really hate my sister ! and my father
sleep sleep sleep ! don't sleep awhile will die ar!
Tomorrow I have class too till noon too ! yo~~~~~~~~

EVERYDAY BY BUS+LRT + LUNCH also gone + not enough already!
My life so cham ar!!!!



从下午忍到现在! 到现在还咽不下那口气!
想骂死她的啦! 只是看到她的表情我更加得想打!
最讨厌的了! 就只会讲不懂不懂!
我没骂到她是因为爸妈在, 费事骂我, 只好给他们脸色看!

PS: This Sunday I want go to Thailand lor! Shock me ! so fast
4 days 2 nights ! Want massage lor and have go to beach oh! ye pi!
enjoy and forget my parents!

PS: my presentation make me headache !

Monday, June 15, 2009

START my busy college lor

Today I receive my new timetable already!
I thought this Wednesday I will free , but after I took my new timetable
three word came to my mind :OMG
the new timetable start from this Wednesday , mean I have no free time at all
start from this week ,every weekday I will have class in the morning till noon
That mean I have to take bus everyday !!!
Just Friday the class end in the noon , so I can go back early, but is by bus too.......
Everyday I have to wear formal !

My ESOL Final exam will held on 4th of July in 2009
is Saturday !
God Bless Me!

I want to cry already!
I really scare........
Don't know what things I have to face with!
Hope don't make me be crazy!

Tomorrow the English class will cancel , but the tour leader class will like the usual
After the tour leader class , I will go home and go to Jusco watch Hannah Montana alone
cuz my parents off duty , but they won't at home
and my sister tomorrow FREE!
no class at all , she will follow with my parents.
Next time I think I might have no chance to watch movie on Wednesday lor....
because I will go home by bus!
I have no idea what time I will reach my house....
but I think won't be so late !
Guess still have chance for a Movie!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fan Nao gogogo

I think very deeply already!
late late lately I will buy a pair of shoes ..
haha... no need to fan already!

and I really need a black pants or skirt ? don know ?
see lar... I think both I also want to have it
Just later buy lar......

I just now asked my mom comment already, she also same with my dad
don't let us to move out
haiz.... never mind
stay at home also nice de..
  • close with my dearest Friends , but seldom contact lar.... miss all of you!
  • Wednesday still have my favorite Movie Time = totally a movie buff
  • sometime can go out with car
  • com to use
  • eat , drink, play all have here , no need to worry about will I spend too much , if sat out will worry about it
bad thing is
  • transport only lar....Morning must catch the bus+LRT

PS: MATI lor... just now check my purse! Not much money left already!
How can I survive ?

Friday, June 12, 2009

day out ~ KL

Friday - no class
woke up early and prepared to KL for shopping
go with my sister and Jing Yi
my propose is buy a pair of shoes

Yesterday we already promised my friend will sing K with him in Neway
Cuz in the classroom he keep going to promo Neway sing K for 2 hour only RM5.++ , from 11am-1pm only on Wednesday to Friday, but must have a member card.
He got a member card , so we decided to sing together lor....
RM5.++ is really cheap lar , + got salad , porridge and drink.
We sang at there 2 hours till 2.00pm

After that we when to Sungai Wang , because my propose is shoes!
I wanted to find that shoes in Vincci..... but so bad + unlucky
all Vincci even in Pavilion didn't have that style I saw in Jusco Cheras Selatan
I pass through all the shoes shop still didn't find one that I want...
at last I bought one shoes just quite ok ! In Time Square 5th floor.

I really scare will make Jing Yi feel boring , cuz I keep going to find my shoes , but didn't have any that I want , went to Pavilion Padini Concept Store didn't find it, than straight away back to Sungai Wang.
Back to Sungai Wang, my sister and I had bought some cloths , quite nice+cute.
After bought it , met another two college mates again and walked together back to Time Square.
I'm again scare them boring , so called them walk themselves .
I continues to find my shoes , finally bought it.
About 5.++pm ate our dinner at WENDY's Restaurant
We chit-chat at there

Later Jing Yi might want to move to Wangsa Maju to stay at there , but her mother care about her and scare she alone at there will be so dangerous , so she asked do we want to join?
And another two guys who are my college mates also gave some idea said if we want to , he can help us find a house close our college , 5 of us live together lar.....
because later we will have morning class already, due to morning very jam so we usually take bus + LRT , but everytime take bus will be so boring and bla bla bla

If we move out have positive and negative
if we stay at home also have positive and negative too

move out =
(+) no need wake up early to take the bus , easily to discuss project with partner because my partner also live around there , learn to be independent , fun to stay with friend

(-) might no computer use , wednesday no more movie time , big spending , parents might be lonely , parents worry about us

big spending = need to pay the rent fees + cost of living

stay at home =
(+) have all things , save money cuz no need to pay the rent fee + cost living , just fuel fees
( 4 weeks x RM30) (4 week x 4 days x RM2) , sometime still can go out because have car to use

(-) morning class need to wake up early to catch bus , some friends live at there

haiz... don't know lar , I asked my dad just now , he don't let

back to my booty= shoes
my sister said better don't want to buy it lar , back to Jusco Cheras Selatan there to buy that dark green that one more better ....
I think : ya lor.... more better lor... haiz , but how wo , I already bought it.....
Actually got a bit bit bit regret de.... the pattern is quite ok only lor...
haiz how le ? want to buy the Vincci too????
yo~~~ fan fan fan

The Padini sent me a Birthday voucher.... -30% on normal priced items , till 31July 2009 only lor...
want to use for what? pants? Seed Black pants?
but just inside the Jusco Cheras Selatan have the Seed black pants only wo... Inside Jusco can't use this voucher lar....
haiz........... fan fan fan

or buy that shoes? but already got one wo.... can't use on the useless things
but if pants ?! Still want to buy a expensive one???
if the pants is RM89 - 30% = work wo~~~ ( must in Seed Shop lor)
haiz discuss with mother 1st
no money already

because my brian already 从小到大被灌输:

yo~~~ really fan lor me now!!!!!

PS: hehe~ till now I only want to say thanks to my sister , she gifts me a Breaking Down book!
anythings I wrote in here about her bad things , I just vent my anger only , after that we will be nothing already and ok already
We have an argue are normal already , after that we still can talk and be like a sister or friend , but also will have the next argue

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 1st real assignment/ presentation !!!!

Today I woke up late...
shocked me... I thought I slept over , because I suppose to wake up at 6.50am
but I woke up at 7.20am.....8.00am I have to take bus !
If not, I have no enough time to take a bus+LRT to reach there
perhaps..... I arrived before10min...
Thanks GOD!

Today my lecturer gave us the title already! About the assignment/ presentation
it wants us to organization a 5 days 4 nights trip to any places in Malaysia
Why must in Malaysia ? Why can't whole the world.....
In Malaysia where have a place to play a 5 days 4 nights????

Our lecturer gave us time to discuss with our own partner .. perhaps my partner is a quite close friend......but I don't even know her names , because she is so silence in the classroom.
Inside the classroom I can heard that introduce sound ....
because all group are combine with the March+April students , except me !

When I started our discussion , is quite normal
Because I really like the ocean , so I choose the Pulau Perhentian + Pulau Redang
[ The place ii decided myself , didn't ask about her opinion , but she agree this place too , so just pick it lar ... sorry]
I never been there before , so I must imagine myself
and I heard many friends said there have so many activities .....
I think is enough to stay for 5 days 4 nights right?????

There are no any computer , but doing this must use the internet to find some information
without com = useless...
so we just discuss simple things that all we can do
create own Travel Agency name 1st lor and bla bla bla ( FAX No , e-mail , add , TEL , etc)

My partner is living in College hostel , she doesn't have a com to find the information
and she also doesn't know how to make a brochures , even though I also don't really know how to make it
but I had attented a lot of "Matar"? Fair , so I have many those leaflets.
That might can help....

Actually I want to do 3 places , but the leturer said one place at least must have 3-4 pages
so I give up Pulau Lang Tengah...maybe do 6/8 pages....

After the Tour Leader class
waiting for English class...
I'm wearing a dress and a high heels ...
leg felt pain!
while we waiting for the English class , I really have a good time with our college mates!
Plays , Crazy , Talk, Gossip etc....
So bad~ till now still don't have a chance to take a picture together , because they unwiling
and some ppl I have no dare to ask for a Picture....
but some funny pic still have , I just didn't show out ..
See my mood lor.... haha~

Cut my front hair already.... long again
next time want colour my hair lor... not perm yet....
my stylist said my hair looks quite ok

Buddies this time really need your help......
if who have any idea , please tell me!!!
I will be very appreciate for your help!

Please tell me at there have BBQ and seafood to eat , have any other for dinner?
If you are in a trip , what service , activities and facilities you really want to get?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

17 Again

Today I just knew my little Kancil that license plate 's W fell down and lost already
my friends told me that.... if not , I think I won't discover it

After the class , I went home to have my dinner . I'm hungry.
When I reached , there have no foods .
My mom didn't bring the economic rice back , so me and my sister went to Jusco to have our dinner before the movie start

We reached the Jusco , it's so rush , because we just have 20min/15min to have our dinner + want to wait the foods arrive.....
Jusco have ntg special to eat anymore , finally we decided have our dinner at Bistro ...
quite ok lar ....
Although the chicken chop is hot , but we still put into our mouth, because we have no time
Luckily we finished up before the movie start.

Enjoy 17 Again
Zac Efron is hot......
wow~ love him so much
I really like this movie
is comedy
ya.... I also miss my 17 years old life ......
if I have a chance to go back again , I will join all the activities
do somethings special !
of course if our school is like the western one lar > colourful + open

really like western life style

Today I watched with my mother and my sister.
My father doesn't like this kind of movie , so he didn't follow us
I love my mom , but when I watching movie in cinema , I don't like her sits beside me [ if my dad not at there]
Because she will keep going to ask me some question about the movie
like : Is this young boy is just now that old guy? Why he suddenly turn to be an old guy one???
Because of respect , I have to answer her ......

usually I watching movie with family I'm not very scare , because my father at there .
He will sit beside my mom [of course !]
I will also choose a seat that not beside my mother .
If I sit beside my mother , I won't feel annoying , because my dad just beside my mom ...
can't without dad......
While I watch movie , I don't like to talk, don't like someone disturb me , surrounding must silence [ except the sound of ppl laugh] and don't like the phone light ...