Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jun Hao's Birthday party

Afternoon Jia Qi call awake me , because she wanted me to be her guide, led her to Ampang Point to meet her BF....
So I woke up and prepared lor...
I realized Today was Saturday + School Holiday
on the way was so jam...
normally I go to Ampang ther about 40min in afternoon
but we used about 1.++ hour to reach there
There were so hard to find a parking gosh! Many cars
This was my 1st time walk in Ampang Point Shopping Center
There nothing special ... like Malay area...
While we were waiting Jia Qi's BF we walked around 1st
finally found a Popular , I want to see will I find the 再穷也要去旅行 , but there have many English books , less Chinese books .The Chinese books just for children and cooking only ~ boring
We went to eat KFC , 1st time ate Spicy Chicken!!!!
Never eat again .. I don't like the taste ... curry powder ~?
Prefer Original haha~
I felt like I'm a spotlight !!!!
Cuz I don't know Steven much , so we less talk ....

About 6.++pm , we went back to Jun Hao' House lor

perhaps no jam when we went back!
Seen still have some time , so we went to Jun Hao House to help them prepared lor
Actually want to go Ying House 1st de , but she didn't welcome us , because she said her house so MESSY .......

About 7.30pm The mini party stared

2 bowl Tom Yam 1 bowl 清汤
want to wait so long for the 清汤咯... haha
I liked eating 猪肠粉的料叻~ with the sweet sauce ! Yummy~

Finished eating , we started our chit-chat lor
have Jun Jie at ther the , must non-stop de ...
10.30pm another gang- Boys came lor....
ate and chated again....
quite fun , a happy gathering

12.++pm is 31st of May = Jun Hao's Birthday lor
We sang Birthday song for him and he made 3 wish .
Wish him wish must come true lor

Finish the cake , we helped to clean up and went back home to take a bath lor
so hot!
But so happy
Happy Birthday to my Old Friend > Jun Hao
Hope we can continues to be a close old-old friend

Best Friends + Camera man(Jun Hao)

(middle) Yvonne came by just a few min , but we also felt happy!
Exam +oil !

Boys Team

Girls Team
The Hotess(pink) and The Host(green)



Suddenly it come to my mind
I want to watch Termination Salvation alone!
Not because no one want to watch with me
Is because I Want To!
No matter I am watching movie with friends or family
I'm also like watching alone
Because while I'm watching movie, I don't like to talk
I like to concentrate in to the movie!

I'm totally a Movie Buff , but not the super one .....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hate 叮

我本来就不爱玩这些东西的,但是因无聊+最近蛮多不顺心的事情发生(电话坏了), 就只好玩玩下咯!

答:东方神气+一些伟大人物&名人(but not malaysian de) +我所喜欢的偶像
答:丢鸡蛋下楼扎人家, 还想玩多一起降落伞
答: 有!想去我所出身的地方&其他的地方看看~但是等读玩书先(no money no talk)
答:1 million for parents & 1 million in bank & 1 million for travel
答: !!!!没想法了, 因为我知道自己"应该"不会遭遇到这样的事情
答:应该不会放弃现在的伴侣, 因为我们现在的感情是以前的时间所慢慢的培养出来的
答:不会要太多, 够用就好了,当然也希望会有一笔可以存进银行啦!
22.如果有机会的话, 你最想在什么国家定居?( 最想的的排先,只能选3个)
答:美国, 意大利, 法国

Yan Yan
Qi Qi
Hui Chi
W.Cheng Way

PS: Please DON'T SEND this stuff for me again
I Damn Hate

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

Movie day again
Ya..... I watched it already!
how to say ..... a bit disappointed for me....
because like not so funny
feel a bit boring .....
I think all the funny point already show out at the trailer .....
somethings I do curious didn't mention it....
haiz.... whatever just not so into this movie
I think Night At The Museum 1 better than 2

Now I'm waiting The Proposal , 17 Again , Transformer Revenge , Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince , Twilight saga New Moon , etc

Monday, May 25, 2009

Finally I bought it > Twilight

Now the Popular having they 85th Anniversary
So some of the books got rebate 20-25%
whether you have Popular card or not also have discount !
The Twilight Saga Series all also have discount !!!!
Twilight , New Moon , Eclipse , Breaking Down

Because I didn't have enough money so I just bought Twilight
I have counted at home if I buy all is RM 166.80
If I buy in the 85th Anniversary period
I can save RM32.96 , mean I just have to spent RM133.84 to get four of these books...
But if like that, I have to take out my money from the bank lor....
poor bank .... gonna less money liao.....

haiz..... Love Twilight , but more love my money cuz I have to save my money lar~~~
now no work, no money!!!!

After I bought this book , I promise myself I have to finish it !!!!
so I can face to my money mar~~~
Although inside the book have many many vocabulary is new for me
But I believe I can digest and to understand it de.....
I can't GIVE UP!

Believe yourself! That will give you more and more Power!

PS: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
PS: My Brother don't want to read it
because is a Girl Romance Story .... haha
some boys dislike love story....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


These few days I was sitting in front of the computer and open my Facebook Restaurant City game and reading this book!
This book is my classmate borrow me one...
He recommended this book for couple of friends to read
I am a person who like books , I really like reading , but lazy abit lar
like Twilight until now I still haven't buy yet ....
no money ar!
see can ask daogei help me buy a cheap one or not??? haha
but I think I won't lar , cuz if post to here must wait so long??? maybe???

This book really nice to read le...
It wrote by a Malaysian author
Is about a girl who backpack travel the world by herself
is quite interesting
but so bad he din't have book 1 = 再穷也要去旅行
but I think I will try to find in all the bookstore gua
because I also want to read.....
after finish this book , I will find some books too
I found one quite interesting book , named Eat , Pray , Love
but also same phrase for me .... "maybe" !

PS: Happy, I killed 2 insects tonight
so ignoring me!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm a un yes Girl

A Yes Man is will try every things in his life
although before he always hide at his house

If didn't try it , we will don know what will come after next!

I'm a UN yes girl
but not totally 100%
Because if my friends call me out , I will out too
But today someone call me out , I lied him , said I'm not free....
actually I'm so free
Because he want to treat me for a dinner
Transport all is ok , just me is not ok!
Because I lazy to go out , and i think go out with you are so weird!
Cuz like ntg to talk!

Ya... last time I have try to think let give our a chance again ....
but these days I change my mind already
Because I think I have no that feeling on you ...........
don know what I want .... now I'm used to having a single life already
but another part of me still dreaming and waiting for another spring

People mind always change....

Friday, May 22, 2009


about 7.45pm I went out to have a dinner with my father and my sister , after that I straight away went to Makota mamak ABC yam cha with my friends
When I reach there , there have nobody at there , so I called QiQi lor,
after she came , we sat down to wait the others
Finished our chit-chat

I went Home , My litter sister made me angry again!
Last time she did it and I also blamed her already , I thought she won't do again .....
But totally different ..... She really did again
She close my com when I didn't at home!!!!!!
god sick!
You thought I open the com for what? I was waiting my PPS to buffing le......
really want to thanks you this over business sister lor..........
If I no use the com I will turn off lar , because I have to use and waiting for something , so i just let it open only mah
If you really over business why don't you go upstairs to turn off brother's com!
damn it!!!!!
就是为了等PPS 我还两点起身了,开到现在的,一位喝完茶后可以轻轻松松的看完它的
因为今天播放不到了, 要是等到来我看到来6.00am lor

该理的不理 , 不该理的就来多事!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting for my only spring



"Happy Go Lucky"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have a dinner @ Red Island Cafe

inside the classroom , My face looks so tired(ugly) ....

My colleagues
( sister & Jing Yi)

After the class , we decided to eat somethings outside ,
because today my father off , mean today no economy rice at home
after we discuss want to eat Thai food , because I miss there Pineapple Fried Rice!
So we went to Yulek there, but we too early lar... They haven't start their business yet
So we change to Calabria Cafe & Restaurant
But when I was driving , I suddenly have another idea!
Why don't we go Makota ther le.... is near mah
So we decided went to Red Island Cafe to eat
lets try one time mar~

We ordered western food ..... because felt have nothing to eat....
but we so disappointed lor
The Chicken Chop really VERY BIG lor.....
next time won't go there anymore.....

PS: Now I really become a SUPER High School Musical Fan lor~
because I review the High School Musical movie again , and I love the song
Listen every time , in front the com , in the car , etc
either I was sleeping, my mind will playing the song and the lyrics will show in my mind
It made me felt boring and bother my sleeping time !
I tried to think another song , but these song will come back in my mind again...
haiz ignoring it........
But I still like these Song

MISS My Subway

Happy Go Lucky

Monday, May 18, 2009

1st personal Presentation

This coming up Thursday we have a small test
so today the lecturer gave us some question to answer it....
and a sudden presentation !
It made me felt panic and nervous !
there have two topic ..... and I picked NO1!
The question is
" Working as an employee or being your own boss. Which one do you prefer? Support your answer with reason."
I heard the lecturer said just gave 5 reason was enough , so I gave 5
and I made it something like an essay and easily to present in front of my classmates
Ya ..... I still have a litter bit nervous , but I tried to make myself calm down and I could read it nicely !
Perhaps .... I passed it with an excellent comment from the lecturer!
this comment really helpful , because it will help me to improve my confident!

After the Presentation we started our essay part !
this time We write about characteristics !
About 50-60 words....
I always over the words ,so I really wrote in a very very short one!
gosh ! I guess it can count as essay in 20-30 words already! haha
haiz... whatever!

This lecturer is a responsibility and a bit harsh person
But I know is good for us !

Happy Go Lucky!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Primary School Gathering

When I woke up I prepared to The Mines lor.... to have My dinner with my parents
In Subway .... Yummy ~ I always Like it....

Yummy and than went to Dunkin Donuts to bus 2 cups of drinks and some donuts with coupons
We waiting for the Drinks very long lor.... what a bad service ......
and the Dunkin Donuts sandwiches .... better don't try it...
because It seem like so small and expensive ...
still is subway better .... more bigger and long

After buying somethings in Giant
My father drop me at Old Town @ Sungai Long to had a gathering lor
I really can't recognize my old friends..... but some i still know who are them lar....
because same is Secondary School and some the face didn't change much !
this time many ppl came out le...
Jassey very pro lor...
still have them contact num...
but so bad de lor
my very old fren didn't come ... Jun Hao
I think if he was there will more Fun lor...
our class Teacher got came le...
happy she still remember my name ...another reason is ... because my name very easy to remember only mar~~

about 10.45pm we went home lor....
because everyone very busy de le....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farewell gathering with Poh Poh

Can't forget the ppl who took this photo!!! > Jun Hao!

Today we had a small gathering with my friend Poh Poh
she going to kampar > Tarc study Hotel Management !!!!
but at the same time , my cousins also came my house too...
acc my mother to play mahjong!!!!
haha because I got a cousin also studying at kampar > Hotel Management too
now is he sem break , so he came down and stay with his brother
but I'm can't acc them le ... just a couple hours only....
cause I have to go out for a gathering lor.... abit sad!

We went to a Thai restaurant ....
You all know de lar.... I hate spicy , so i just ordered a Pineapple Fried Rice ...
quite yummy ... actually 1 not enough for me to eat lor.......

after our Thai meal , we went to western food restaurant to continue .....
8 of us ordered 4 big cups of juices ......
and continue our chit-chat and took many many of photo lor....
don know why .... I'm quite quiet .... maybe I'm tired gua.... feel sleepy le.....
haha about 12.00am lor..... We went home lor....

PS: Photo By Miss Jamie Loong

Friday, May 15, 2009

Angels & Demons

Today I'm kinda busy
Morning I went to renew my passport .... it waste me about 4 hours
last time the renew passport was inside the Kajang Parkson , but when we went there , it was closed ...
The Jabatan Imigresen already moved to another place which is in Kajang area too
is same place with the renew IC there.....
Today I woke late .... perhaps there have not much ppl.... but still need to wait about 10 ppl
When i paid the money already it is 10.08am , them need me wait for two hours than come back to get the new passport

So I and my brother went to mamak store to had our breakfast
and we choose a place which near the TV .... it was showing Pocahontas ( not a cartoon ... )
but my seat made me so uncomfortable .... because hard to watch the TV and it made my neck so pain .... I'm so stupid..... don know change to another side
lastly I only changed
After finished the Movie , we decided went to the car there to listen some song and nap half-hour
When 12pm I took my passport .... it so fast ... because there have no ppl already .....
happy ... no need to wait liao can go home lor!!!!

Evening , I acc Ying went to Secret Recipe to eat cake.....
than went to Slim for window shopping ... but we both got bought a pair of ear ring lar
because if just look around and didn't buy anything .. feel like so weird !
and there are so scarcely ..... no any customer
and the promoter always behind and follow us
made us very uncomfortable !

already promised my cousins watch a movie tonight
because all the nice movie I already watched just left Angels & Demons , so we choose this one
before this I had let them choose , because this movie have a litter bit about the Catholic
I scare they will feel boring
but the finally answer is this movie....
I called my sister to help me buy ticket
if want to sit together there have no other choice! is F
that is so front for me lar
another must separate lor ...
four sit beside , which is two ppl up and two ppl down , and another sit alone beside them
so I'm sat alone beside them....

actually I had plian to watch PUSH with them at time square .... because the transsport problem
and if I go there , must go alone I tought them will pick me!?
and also another complecated reason
so I give up and choose Angels & Demons at Jusco ... it's more easy!
Them fetched me and I dirived home myself.....

perhaps this Movie is not so boring .... still have some fun , stimulation and tension
quite like it....
but if let me watch one more time I think I can understand it .... because I just get some point at the beginning and the middle part ... not so clearly about the last part
now I really need to looking back for the storyline and let me better understand the the end of the story !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A dream made me embarrassed & Star Trek

When I was sleeping I made a dream....
inside that dream My dad asking me "鸡古八" in Malay call what?
In the beginning I wonder am I must answer it! because it also thought it was a dream
but because of respect ! I must answer my dad!
so i woke up and said = la da li la dam bom
After I said it ... there were no anyone else
perhaps my sister was sleeping !
so I back to sleep again........
How embarrassed ! Perhaps no one saw that ......

Star Trek
Today went to watch Star Trek with my sister and a college mate......
actually I'm not really into this movie
but if I miss it I must very regret!!
Because it was Fantastic + Brilliant + Incredible !!!
Inside all the technology are Incredible ...
of course we can't find it now... maybe in the future !
But at least not our this generation!

Got some parts I do like it!
Is the kissing part ! Spock & Nyota Uhura
The kissing is so simple only but I liked that feeling!

This Alien I very like it!
Because he so cute , like a child and so royal
it also a emotional alien !

It was really cool ! I like this movie!
I didn't watch Star Trek series previously , but I think I might not going to download the previously one....
Because I scare the previously will let me down.....

But one thing I need to say is
I really admire the human brain!
because they created it

I watched some new trailers !
I'm so excited !
Waiting for some new movie to release !!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have a great time with my colleagues!

After the class dismiss
My sister wanted go to the Old Town Cafe to eat somethings , because she didn't eat anything again!
Perhaps we no need to stay down to do some sentence ....
because the exercise which the lecturer gave us ,we did very well , so we no need stay ....

So this time we can Yam Cha with my colleagues
All of us 7 ppl =4guys + 3girls
We ate somethings and we were not so close yet , but we still have some conversation and have fun together !
will improving .......

but the girls ..... I hope to know + improve our relationship to all of you!

Oh Ya! My group passport !
They said will take my photo to let it try!
Actually after the class I can go to make a rough photo in the photo gallery with near by the World-Point Academy and also copy my IC and Rm 50 to pass up !

But I don know why ! It so mafan for me!
So I called my dad and told him them reject the photo!
So i can renew my passport!
My fren said can get it in one day!
RM300 for 5 year!
So next Tuesday which is my dad off day , will take me to renew my passport!
I 'm feel so sorry for my dad !
It's too many job to do and waste so many money already!
This RM300 also .....
Because we aren't go to oversea anytime , if renew just for the Thailand trip
Than how about rest of it! Will use it?
Don know yet! We can predict our future!
Ya I got another passport , but if I use that I wonder could I get back?
So the last decision is renew my passport!
Because i didn't pass up anything and today was a deadline!

After I got home and cleaned up myself .... of course my Restaurant 1st! (Facebook)
and 2nd > movie time!
I watch the Kung Fu Panda- Secret of The Furious Five!
What a rubbish movie! =="

Finally I watch High School Musical 3 -Senior Year!
OH! Is so nice !
I really love it!
the song , the dance , the actor & actress , the story line
When i watch it , I can cry ... because the story line is so touch !
I'm an emotional person !
So I so scare to watch movie with my friends in cinema because I scare to let them see I'm crying
It's so embarrasses

High School Musical song really nice
I want to burn it out!
but poor thing is !
My litter kancil don't have a CD player .....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Today Stuff!

No doubt .... today class was boring ....
learn Capital Letter and Full Stop!!!
oh gosh !
but today class dismiss early , because lecturer got something to do!
When the class dismiss ... our classmate sat behind me those guys invite two of us for a cup of tea and chit-chat at oldtown
but when I went out of the building, I went to buy a coke and ready for go back

So mean I put people the aircraft.... hehe
don know why , but I also hope I can go for yam cha
to improve our relationship mah~~
but don know why I put people aircraft???
maybe next time!
look for it......

Inside the class I haven't know all the girls ....
we just simple simple smile for each other only
haven't have a conversation yet....
but few of words sure got lar......

Except the only one girl that I pick her everyday one....
and one of the girl , she act abit like boy.... Nick name>Lion
because she is a talkative and brave person ,
other .... none
Girls = we still shy ........
must +oil to improve our relationship already!
But boys's frens got many.....
because they so active!!!
None stop

When I home I told my father the foto for group passport they reject !
because not stick at all , K fine I go to take another one
But before take a foto I must cut my front hair 1st ... it too long
and these few day DAMN HOT
before I going out , I called Ying to accompany me , because i don't want to be alone
after cut my hair , went to photo gallery , The only one in Sungai Long
when i asked my fren who work at there ,I want to take a passport photo
but must stick or rough
but they don have ....
if want rough must wait for 1 week , but I can't wait
tomorrow is a deadline!
yaya~ i also feel weird ... all the passport photo is same why must stick or rough
I also don know , ask my World-Point Academy Reception !
So tomorrow I will bring the same photo to them , if really can't!
My fater will give me to renew passport!
because personal passport no need to pass up the photo to them
just fotocopy the front page to them enough
and the deadline might end of this month

Next month - June I will go to Thailand lor~
ya i know nott for fun and play , is STUDY
but i really need to ask them
The reception said after the trip we must pass up a report !
Oh My God!
We still in English class... haven't start our lesson yet
how can i do a Report to you!!!!
you think I'm a GOD!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Day @ Calabria Cafe & Restaurant

Today is a Mother day,
I thought we didn't celebrate
but we just easily to celebrate lar....
actually I have no chance to celebrate with my family
because we have a Birthday party with Zi Yan ...
but she was kinda busy so we cancel it.....

Back to the topic..
we celebrate @ Calabria Cafe & Restaurant
which is beside the Milwaukee
of course Milwaukee is many ppl ...
but Calabria also not bad too ... perhaps still got a seats for us
My sister off at 8.00pm so she went to Calabria alone and we waited her at there

Today so special
Finally we all 5 members can have a dinner together ....
and each of us have ordered a drinks
because normally my mom and dad won't order a drinks , just me and my sister
5 drinks & 5 main meal + 1 pizza + my soup
actually we didn't order a soup , but went I beg my parents to let me order a soup ...
the soup exactly what I wanted , it deliver it self....I think was the waiter heard wrong what my dad said mushroom sause > mushroom soup
but nvm I took it.......

Mushroom soup + Garlic bread

My drink = Tango(Mango)

My brother drink=Early Tea
He said because the hot water can refiled =="

My fater meal = T-bone steak

our Pizza = Hawaii

My Brother = ?? rice (forgot)

Mine meal=The New York Steak

My sister meal= Honey Chicken? but nice

My Mother meal = forget name but still nice
Today we were so enjoyed our dinner together .....

Happy Mother Days

PS: My brother advised me to buy a tourism books in English
because he saw me got a travel magazine in Chinese
he right ,, must improve my English
so next time i will find some books in English and I want to begin speak English with my family
just improve in writing is useless both also must improve

Saturday, May 9, 2009

all movies by Hugh Jackman

Yesterday till now...
I finished up 4 movies....
after the X-Men Origin -Wolverine
I download previously X-men to watch it...
actually i had watched all of it before...
but I want to review .....
X-Men series

Finished all the X-Men 1,2,3
I watched Australia........
the main actor same with the X-Men - Hugh Jackman
and the actress is Nicole Kidman
I love her , because she is a best actress , she good in acting.

I like Hugh Jackman , not because he is a best actor too
he also looks so charisma & old young man that handsome....


Hugh Jackman

All of this movies are so NICE.....!!!~~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bus + LRT

Today was a special day...
because I went to college by Bus + Lrt
About 11.++am went out to wait for a bus and than drop in Chan Show Lin LRT station to Ampang
it take about 2 hours maybe~~~
inside the bus + Lrt I din't talk much .... just listen to my HP+Earphone...
my pity earphone.... my right ear that handset broke already.... haiz.......

when I reached there is still early
my sister didn't eat anythings before , so she went to mamak shop with fren
and me > lazy to walk so went upstairs to wait ........
and also chat with some friends ...
today was a day that I talk many words to my classmate.......
is a good beginning ...

Thrusday is listening ..... quite funny , because our classmate> boys are so active ....
but also naughty ......... at least we have fun and something they action will make us laugh .....

Today Class until 4pm only , because our lecture have something to do....
went we want to get back .... I beg of someone to fetch us to the LRT Station....
because the LRT Station is ..... a bit far away from our college....
he is a helpful and funny person ..... hehe
actually he have to fetch his frens go for eat or anythings else , but there is not enough seat ....
that is a VIOS and we have 8 ppl , actually We tried to let all sit inside the car ...
the result is really can't ...
the most fuuny is that a person voluntary to sit in the 后车箱
but it is drangerous ... perhaps it didn't happen
after that the 3 person wait at the gas station 1st
after drop us in the LRT baru back to pick them.......
really need to thanks him lots

When we back, In LRT is still ok lar.... not much ppl
because Ampang LRT is terminus , so you can imagine ....
but in BUS really DAMN lor
我来不及闪, 他又急着下车,所以就中招咯!

Finally went in MAHKOTA.....
when a passenger want to get down from the bus ,
I saw her trousers got a small cockroach came out from hers Trousers....... yer~~~~
so why sometimes I hate BUS

Went we took bus+ LRT to get home ... is waste my time , about 1 hour
I got home in 5.3+pm like that.....
if I by car , half hour I already got home lar....
haiz.... difficult choice for me.....

wonder is because our class finsh so early or is alwasy like that le?
Inside the Bus + LRT , 我还能忍受啦=人潮
because usually is so so so many ppl one

haiz by BUS+ LRT = hate it , and need to take a long time
but is still ok lar , if the ppl and enviroment is good

car .... waste the fuel money and the air-cond > small...
just enough for two ppl....

....confusing ....

got another ppl is -省会一些油费啦~
但是好像很委屈她, 因为坐后面真的是蛮热的!
除非天气没那么晒! 又或者是下雨天/下雨后是最爽的啦~

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine

X-Men Origins Wolverine

Today after my class I went to watch movie .... again!
today we watch X-Men Origins Wolverine
This really is a BEST movie in X-Men....
I do enjoy when I watching it....
I don't know other people will how to think about this film
BUT for me I really like it....
This one is so much better than previous X-Men 1,2,3

But so sad..... my pity Logan>Wolverine.........
and my pity Wade Wilson / Deadpool --- he must be a cool and kind person...
but he let an Enemy to control and transform him..... haiz.... very pity

I said that before ... superhero always be alone.........

So strange ???
X-Men and DragonBall are animation and comic too
but X-Men really is more better than DragaonBall.....
DragaonBall movie really can't see... > rubbish
it made me so disappointed on DragonBall
But not in animation and comics!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Renew My IC

Early in the morning I had to wake up ....
because today my dad will bring me to renew my IC
I'm 18.... going to be 19 soon~
When we reach there ( Kajang) they haven't open yet...
so we need to wait for few minutes.....

We were the second citizen for the Renew IC counter ....
but my IC was...... haiz.....
might got problem.... always
because my finger print were not match.... both of my fingers
two machine and 2 hands also didn't work.......
before in JPJ same too.... must tried many times...
but this time was totally different .....
because I tried so so so many times.... but still not working
I was so scared
I scare them will call the police to catch me
because my finger print not match for the IC , so they will doubt ... am I a person in the IC ????
perhaps it doesn't happen
so I have to wait 6 months for the new IC

I hate my IC photo ...
because I'm look FAT.... oh gosh~~~~
and my front hair too.... haiz....
perhaps my hair colour is allowed! .....
but they still said my hair colour got a bit light!!!! (@_@)
although I dislike my IC picture....
but I have no dare to ask him to take once again...
because he looks so scary and no patience .....
haiz..... whatever lar....
it just a IC won't be show out anytime one....
just in special case only!

Night 8.45pm Tuesday > Pasar Malam >Yam Cha
but differently just 4 ppl + 1 ppl
Jamie , Ying , Min , Kok Hua , Me
but we still having fun together .....
with our ROTI Tissues Again

chit-chat and gossip and future and past and plan





Monday, May 4, 2009


My heart , My feeling , My mind
In some part I feel emptiness
Don't know what reason to make this happened
Can't find any reasons for the blankness
It make me hard to fill in the answer


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can't Sleep Well....

I slept late again... hehe|||
But when I want fall asleep ..... my stomach ...... pain.....
I went to Toilet so many times edi
till I doing my job and closing my eye (sleep)
when my job done.... I went back to sleep again...
But that thing came to find me again..... haiz.......
TOILET again.......
When i woke up in 4pm ... my mom already got home and want to go out to have our dinner....
once again when I bathed......
My stomach is empty......

My dinner served in Secret Recipe .....
That RM9.90 Set... today was last day..... LUCKY!
and we ordered a White Chocolate Cake....
quite delicious .......

We bought donuts again....
this few days so many donuts.....
Yesterday early in the morning , brother bought that NEW Brand of Donuts.... from American
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts @ Time Square

Today Dunkin Donuts @ MetroPoint ....
perhaps yesterday in Pavilion didn't buy J.CO Dounts
if not I really will turn to be a Donuts ppl
and Eat Donuts till die( coi )

When I went back to my sweet sweet home....
that job found me again....
perhaps was last time liao....
haiz.... don know what happen made me be like that.....
food poisoning????!

PS :ignore the "job" thing~

[PS: Welcome to Rinoa0723's Entertainment World ....]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 movies and Shop Shop

I watched 2 movies in the midnight , I used to watching movie at the midnight......
another reason is ... there have so many movie i haven't finish up yet....
Today movies is Bride Wars and Nights In Rodanthe

Bride Wars

A comedy film....
quite nice
about friendship
in this film I LOVE Anna Hathaway
because she gorgeous ...

Nights In Rodanthe

A love story...
it have a novel book....
actually I don't want to download this movie
but went i found this book in popular
so I decided to download this movie....
but now I got a bit regret
because THE ENDING ...
I DON'T like the ending...
A woman and a man hardly to found them true love....
but lastly the MAN die in an accident ....
so bad.......
An accident always hard to predict ...
Rodanthe really is a nice and beautiful place


go to sleep lor.... after must go out....
nite nite


10.00am woke up and prepared ......
about 12.00pm already reached there
not that jam.... still ok
we didn't walk Time Square much....
straight away went to Sungai Wang.....
perhaps QiQi got called her bf.... if not we will go to KLCC lor~ haha
so went to find her bf and walked around in Sungai Wang ...
to find some present and window shopping...
in Sungai Wang I really hard to find some cloths that I want

When Sungai Wang done.........
we went to Pavilion lor.........
When we wanted to cross the road i saw this Billboard........ Burberry.......
Because I recognize the right side that guys....
He so handsome and his name is Alex Pettyfer

In Pavilion We just walk walk walk walk ......
and I we saw the Vincci Exhibition?.....
the model so SLIM & TALL & BEAUTIFUL lor......
we always like that .... just look at the show only forgot to take some picture.....

After that We went to PADINI CONCEPT STORE ...
there really have so many many merchandise lor.........
wow~ I love it......
but I look around the Vincci shoes don't have any suitable for me....
last time i saw that is nice.... but when I tried it just not that nice.......
NVM lor.....
next time just go again.....
that voucher also did't have expired date one......

We walked few hours already ... our legs so pain... so find some place to sit... rest rest& pic pic

went to book store for a while....
I love book store...
and I like books ... just no money to buy and if I buy it already will seldom to read...
not mean I never touch that book
just because I'm have no that time
I'm a person always 心动不会行动的!

Finally I found Forever 21 shop....
inside there is big lor... many merchandise but also a bit messy same with ZARA.....
finished our window shopping ... back to Sungai Wang lor ...
buy present and some ingredients(QiQi)
but we bumped into QiQi bf again....
don want to be a spotlight so walk alone and go to Romp there to chit-chat lor..........

BACK in car....
didn't JAM oh~