Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After I finished my class...
I went back ..... but my home didn't have anyone in the house
because my parents went to hang out with my mom's friend who came from Pulau Pinang
so their put some money on the table see no matter we want to watch movie or not......
I saw the newspaper .... there was a X-men update today... so I decided to watch this film in 6.15pm
it was 5.40pm so we rushed to Jusco safety .......
but when we buys our ticket ....... it wasn't RM6 per , it was RM10 per......
because it was a 1st day show....
so we switch to another movie

it was showing in 7.30pm ..... we have 1 hour to walk around or eating
so my sister went to Jusco to buy Nasi Lemak ... it was 50% off so is only Rm0.85
but the cashier was busying in talk to his friend and din't gave us 50% off
so I though the 50% off must wait about 9.00pm only can use....

When I bought a soft drink......... the same cashier gave a MALAY customer 50% off ....
she bought 3 bags but it was cheaper than us .... so I told my sister to go back and told the cashier ..... perhaps he refund us ..........

In 神枪手 I like 黄晓明 because he is a top shooter .... but so bad lar....... he is a bad guy in this film
but he also pity lar......... GF die already and so become a crazy/Neurological disorders people
this film is not bad.................but i got a litter bit confuse about the ending ............

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2nd class for Writing

Today 's class was kinda nice .... at least still have some fun
the teacher is so good ..... she didn't blame us.....
when started our lesson .... the topic I already knew... it was very easy...
just study > First name & Sure name<..... but some more deeper I don know lar... if let say another type of name which will be the first name / middel name / nick name ????
but the most Important is I know mine already enough.........
but I really had learn something .....

the MOST Funny part is the teacher want us to stand up and said What you like & dislike ???
some of them gave that reason were very funny and unreasonable

After that we started our Essay.....
I thought we we must write a very LONG essay...
when the teacher told us in ESOL test the essay length
Minimum is 15 - 25/35
Maximum is 50 - 60/75

So today teacher gave us a question - An informal letter to inform a interesting place in Malaysia to a friend from New Zealand ..........
1st one is 50 - 60
2nd one is 15 - 25
it's abit hard for me to write a short essay..
because normally in SPM we used to write a long one.....
so now .... I have to 习惯写简短 & 重点 咯~

when i got home I got a fight and argue with my sister.....
the most 厉害的武器就是保持沉默! 

About 8.00pm QiQi came and fetched me went to PM lor and yam cha with my buddies ......
it was fun and interested to chit-chat with them and having our supper.....(fat fat lor)

Tomorrow will be Ying's UCSI Orientation Day lor and also her 1st day in College
Good Luck lor...............

Monday, April 27, 2009

1st class for the Writing

Early in the morning I have to wake up , because I promised Fong Ying to accompany her to buy bags..... and QiQi wanted to change her bag , so we went together lor~
after our deal done we started to find somethings to eat....
We saw that Lam Mee also didn't open today de lar....
so we went to eat 酿豆腐 lor.... not bad .... can eat lar.....
about 11.45am I reached home and get ready for my college

Next time must out early abit at least 12.30pm out lor.....
I hate jam at Makato there lar.... because of the end of school hour......haiz......
perhaps we reached there in time ....... but REALLY SUPER HOT
my litter old KANCIL ... the air-cond so small le.... actually is enough for 2 ppl lar ... but 4 ppl really not enough

Today is another teacher teach us English-Writing
this teacher very strictly .... she has her own rule ... no matter we dare or not dare we must follow her rule....
  • can't be late for her class
  • can't speak other language than English
  • if she ask a question you really don know , please say "don't know" , don keep silence to waste the time....
  • must bring a dictionary , the dictionary must all in English
  • can't peep
But is ok lar.... not really scary too....
but don know next time lor

Today we do a bit exercise .... to test our English
Fristly is was really hard for me.....
but my sister can get few of the answers and I also got few of it too ...
actually must do by own , but we got share the answers ..... slowly slowly we started to dicuss to get the answers.....
perhaps the teahcer let us to dicuss....
and she also got gave some tips to let us found the answers ....
because she doesn't like to give answer to us..... she will give some tips and let us to find out....

She not that scary lar...
at least she will teach us and if we have questions she will help us......
Even poor students will not talking any about bad and will only encourage......

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pizza San Francisco @ The Mines

Today I finally can go to eat Pizza San Francisco lor~
We went to Jusco to fetch my sister 1st ...
because she back to work in F.O.S again as a part time
just for Sat & Sun .....
after picked her we Went to The Mines lor~

We order the San Francisco Special....
we have 4 ppl ... each ppl eat one slice
other that is my Mom one...
because we another order our main meal.. except me mom
but I ate 2 slices of it....
becuase since I woke up I have nothing in my stomach ...

This is my main meal....
Salmon Steak
not bad...

This is my sister main meal
Mushroom Chicken
nice too

Our Beverage
Ice Blended Cappuccino

still have other , but i forgot to take a picture
because it came we started to eat already....

...... Banana Split
....... another ice cream ( forgot the name)
........... 2 cups of White Coffee
My dad main meal = Pollo Chicken

Next time i must order another taste and type of pizza to try....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Temperature Rise......= HOT

These days are so HOT!!!
when you are sleeping the body will sweating .......
so EVERYBODY , Please drink more water and seldom eat the fried things lor~
because now I'm a Example for all of you lor~
I'm suffering .... inside my mouth 生了一个蛮大白点。。。very painful ....... >_<
I have took a picture but I don want to show out...
It's awful~ and it is my private thing.....

PS: Congratulations to Jamie..... because she did it...!

Friday, April 24, 2009

No class

Today no class , so I went to Sing K with my sister
actually is Sing with my frens , but all of them were so busy....
after K , I want to watch some movie.... but there didn't have some nice movie update so I give up .

I accompany my sister ate McD , and I bought a slice of birthday cake for AH Ling~
Happy Belated Birthday~
Walked around inside the JUSCO .... all promoters were busying to clean up all the stuff....
And I just pass through the SEED to " kap zai " hehe~

Went to F.O.S to chat with Suh Fang , and my sister hanging with her friends
In F.O.S I just have Suh Fang one friend only , so I'm just can talk with her... stopped in FOS and chatting about 1 hour ago
than walk down to buy ice-cream one , but saw VISS have all item 50% off , so went in to look around , but ntg i want
change to PDI , to buy a T-shirt , but the point is PADINI 靓仔 at there le~~~hehe~~~~
after I choose one , i went to pay ....
the salesman  told me , if i want to take 70% must choose a normal price item ... I blur at there already! DAMN ~~~~~
if yesterday buy can straight away get 70% ...... haiz..... why i don't buy yesterday le~
if don want to buy a normal price item also can register a member card ......RM10(1year)
I though already took to cashier there ... if i change my mind don't to buy it will be so embarrassed.... so i registered a member card.....
PDI is under PADINI company one....
even SEED , VINCCI also same too
so .... nvm ba~~~~ got the RM10 voucher ..... take to buy VINCCI shoes lor~
but later lar~
haiz.....   (po $$$$ liao )


My Member Card...


My Movie Ticket le...
collect it since 2007....
actually is more thicker , but one movie I just keep one ticket only
so be like that thick lor~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boring English class & crazy JUSCO

Today the class start at 2.00pm , so I'm about 1.00pm baru started car~
perhaps I'm not late....
Today English class damn boring~
Introduce yourself again~
but this time was in professional way .... with a partner
of course my partner was my sister
she asked & I'm answered
after that we actually wanted start our textbook
but the CD doesn't work
so we change back to Conversation again~
this time more boring
Imagine there was a Family picture and explain who inside the picture~
OMG~ Damn boring~
this also same.... with partner
this time we changed , I'm asked & she answered....

When the CD done fixed , we started our textbook~
this book really very easy~
like a Kindergarten & Primary School level only....
but "po bian" we already paid , so must study~
the teacher also said this book is easy for who know English well...
Ya forgot to tell you the Foreigners student is came from Libya ~

After school, we went back lor~
when we reached , my parents was get ready went to JUSCO lor
so I followed too
it was very JAM lor~
we entry in another side and parked in the rooftop ... there was very easy to find a parking .....
no need to waste time and find a parking

there was really many ppl lor~
wow~ really crazy.....
my dad bought a bake bread oven
and my mom bought a Branded bag = ALIAN DELON.... sad , no discount geh~ because it was a for what aniversary ....
Me and my sister bought a Polo Club watch~ 2 = RM100
and some inner wear~
I'm just found it .... we no need today bought it >>>> ( inner wear)
haiz.... I'm not a smart customer ~ because it no discount
if we use that discount coupon will get 20% ..............oh shit~
haiz..... nvm ba~~~

I'm also want to buy some formal cloths and pants
but there was crazy many ppl , so we didn't buy it....
wait the discount lar~ maybe will buy at that time
still have 3 months to go~

NExt TIme I think I might not go JUSCO in J card Member Day again
if want to go must go early....
damn many ppl lor~
walk also hard....
真想大大声叫他们 "喂!让开诶~~~"

but there was really many cheaper things lar
pillow lar.... and Sheets and Linens was so cheap....
and etc.......................

ar~~ hope VINCCI that shoes still have my size lar....
maybe tomorrow will buy it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2nd day in College~

10.00am I woke up and bathed , because I want to go to the photo shop to take a passport photo~
and I also want to help my sister to 洗多几张出来~
When I finding my sister 's that CD .... I can't find it!
My sister said mom took it to shop already!
she help us to print out .....
so I'm just wait to the flow till 11.00am and started my car
same.... fetched another two frens ... go together

... the party start.... I found it was so boring~
what a 迎新会~ liked being a Senior 迎新会~
waiting the time flow~

start the English class
I 吓到 because we so blur .... i knew the Text books are not included in our Fees....
but last time said them will photocopying the text book for us???
but finally we also paid it lar.
cause that book just RM15 only~
and another fee is a exam register fee RM150 .... it also not included in our Fees
so tomorrow we need to paid it too.....
I so blur.... because it just the 1st class of my english why suddenly want collect the exam fee???
and than she explain to us .... it is because need to regeister early and after 3 months = finished the English course .... just take the exam~

Today our 1st class was so boring~
because not started teaching 1st .....
The scary things came to me already....
Introduce myself.......
She wanted us wrote in essay and than came out to read out loud.....
the 1st person was a Foreigners student( forgot which country) 1st...
He bigger than us ... already have a sweet family...
He came to learn English , and today was his tried class only...
hope our silence won't scared him....
I'm the middle person to come out to read .....
after the speech ..... I felt relax~
This English teacher I quite likes her ... but she is a Malay lar....
she just teach us Reading and Listening
Writing was another teacher ... hope she nice too~

One week got 4 classes... damn it...
Today this class just till 4.00pm only
I thought it will till 5.00pm ... the time table also written like that ....
damn it.... waste my RM0.50 for the parking~

Ampang is really far lo~
I found that went we go there is abit far .... and b back is fast lar~ ?? because I walk shortcut
haiz.... the 2nd day of college only .... it already gone half of my fuel~

next time go back don want eat eat liao~
wait till home just eat
I want to save my & my mother $ already~

I want to learn how to take LRT / KTM already ...
now I'm still studying and find the convenient route to Ampang ....
because i hate complex and trouble and spend a lot of time one~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1st day for my College

Today I woke up about 9.00am ...
I so surprise lor.... I though today my dad & my mom will work ... but they were off
because the Student of Utar are not much .... so decided to off 1 day lor~
after the preparing ... We went out about 11.25aam.... before I went out.... stomachache again....
damn it....

I scare will jam... so I went out early lo.... but we reached there about 12.++pm only.... still have a long time .... and we don't want to go up 1st
because so scare ......~~
we decided to stay in the car 1st ....
actually we want to the mamak there to have a drink de~
but I lazy to walk lar~
so stay in the car lor~

About 12.45pm just went up there...
The Orientation was start at 2.00pm one
but them want us reach early ..... 1pm
It still have some time ... we wait in the class lor~
they got a Friend....? she worked in Jusco Scorpion one
she knew my sister .... I'm also surprised too , have someone study at there and also live in Sg Long
actually she lives in Johor one...
just came to study lar~

When we waiting the time to flow... the classroom was full of SLIENCE ......
because we still not know each other
I'm just SMS with my buddy....

All of us must study 3 months of English 1st
and than we will separate to study what course you took ....
Before it I really don know de lor~
I though it just a normal normal Academy , we can wear CASUAL to study one....
is can wear casual lar.... just for 3 months only
after 3 months = finish the English course we must start to wear FORMAL to study already~
damn it ... need to waste money to buy already~

Today just a 1st day ... the orientation just used 2 hours finished it already and than we can went home lo~
and I fetched my sister frens went home lor~
I want to ask them le .....> Next time I can fetch you go to college ar~?
but need to 分担下咯~
maybe 收他们RM60一个月啦~
算Ok de lar~
I'm one week more also need to in about RM 3+ petrol le~

After we got home , I'm so hungry , went to KFC to have a meal...
after the meal ..... stomachache again lor~
615pm watched movie in Jusco with parents .... hehe~

> He's just not that into you <

it is a Movie take about type of love
the actor some time 演到连我都替她觉得尴尬~ but is ok lar~ > for me....
I Most love one of the couple story.....

Tomorrow there will have a party for us new intake student le....
it is for us to improve our relationship de~
after that I guess might start study gua....
I scare the lecture le.... don know will eat ppl anot de le?
I scare the class so 死气沉沉的~
hope the lecture can use the 有趣的教学方式啦~但是不要为难人的啦~

the class will start at 2pm till 5pm~
hope when back don so jam lar~
altought got the Touch&Go card ... but i think can't avoid the jam ( I mean if next time have the morning class)
hate ar~
study till Thrusday , Friday no class.... sing K ~ sing K

~Hope all thinks turn to the prositive site~

after the movie...
I saw still have a time
so I call out all of them come out to Yam Cha .... long time didn't gatering already
later Poh Ling want to move to Perak there to study lor~
so far oh!
Yam Cha with Ying , Min , QiQi , Shu Xing , Poh Ling , Wan Ying , Yi Ling , Hui Yee
because Yvonne can't come out , so she didn't come lor
we chat till 11.++pm than go back lor~

Last day lor.....

Today I 8.00am woke up to prepare went to Taman Yulek with Jamie...
because today I went there to buy a bag... from net.....
I hate buy by post ... so I choose the face to face one....
I about 9.00am started car.... because I scare jam.....
ppl said there will very jam mar~
BUT I just used liao about 20min to reach there only....
still have time , so we went to eat 淋面 ( 档口的。。。okok only)
10am already .... I went to Yulek Petrol station lor~
and I met her....
这世界真是小~原来那么的刚巧, 她是Jamie 的堂姐的朋友来的哦!
也认识 Jamie 的~
还有时间我就去 Jamie 家疯下先~才去做工

虽然幸运的是我们刚刚好2pm 打到卡,没迟到啦~
但是我的鞋子不知道几时踩到个 bubble gum 哦~
真实yam gong oh~
最后去厕所用水弄一弄才觉得还ok ok lor~
还好有靓仔今天有一直在那边下~至少可以看看来解闷~ hehe

到晚餐时间时, 因为是最后一天,所以就打算吃好的~
Bee's RM9.90 西式套餐~
但是偏偏杀出的程咬金~ Aida~ 算吧她也是一个人吃饭很可怜下的~
他们两个叫鸡扒, 我是鱼扒~

收 fair 收到 11pm 那样咯~
也算ok了, 至少有几个帮忙下我们,真是 Grazie 阿~

Jusco 很不公平下的咯~上次我们 set up fair 的时候场地肮脏阿~


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tomorrow is the last day for the FAIR already...

Today actually I'm in Full ....
But Angel let me back at 8pm either 7.30pm ... so I choose 7.30pm.....
actually I can back at 7pm ... but angel in dinner haven't back yet ... so must wait her lor~
today don know why.... I hate sells the RM15-20's shoes ..... because need to 补洞~ 麻烦~

Today I'm not alone already.... can have lunch with Ying
have a partner very COOL~

after I'm off duty .... I and Ying went to F.O.S
and I bought a singlet
and than we went to VINCCI there ... because I need to buy a high heels ....
but not to high ....
I like 2 pair of their shoes ... the price is same .... is RM45(wow~)
so I'm gonna pick one....
hope my mom gives me money to buy....
other I need to buy is inner wear .... I gonna take the discount coupon to buy some

because tomorrow I in 2pm ... so morning I have some time....
I want go to Taman Yulek there to meet the 卖家 to 拿货咯~
so happy Jamie accompany me to go .... hehe

today topic talk so much about shopping things le....
because when I'm working .... I face to face to all the items ... everyday...
it like the shopaholic film.... it will talk to you to grabbed your attention ....
it made me want to buy some cloths

but after that I think deeply ...
  • inner wear I really need to buy .... my sister also think like that.... because inner wear is a basic items for lady ....
  • bag .... I already wanted it
  • high heels ... i hope to have one .... better mom buy for me .... i think she willl

Today my grandmom back to 三姨家咯~
last time I said my grandmother got gave some money for us is because of our SPM result
so my grandmom gave me RM100
but today I heard my mom said my sister more than me oh!
because of my sister have more A's than me.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Left 2 days

2 天。。。。。。

haiz....还以为明天会像平常那样进 noon 的,怎知道做 FULL oh!
我还打算说明天早上可以去 Taman Yulek 的油站那边拿货的~

今天还蛮忙下的,一下子就来好几个客人,又只有我一个人顾 fair 而已哦!
而且今天也蛮惊险下的~因为 Display shoe price and the box price is different 的哦~
今天一来就两个这样的 case 了
一个 aunt 来的,讲英语的~
那双鞋的 display is RM15 , but the real price(BOX) is RM20
so she complain lor....
I explained to her were our promoter mistaken already ... the real price is RM20 ...
but she said : how can like that one .... i need to meet your JUSCO manager !!!
when i heard that I 吓到下咯~
so i rush to call Angel( at lunch)
so Angel said : .... haiz... 这种是乞丐来的啦~才差那RM5都那么的计较, 给她啦~给她啦~RM15
walao ei! ------ this customer...... I said many sorry to her lo....
but luckily she didn't blame me ... she said this not my false ..... 一把冷汗~

I know .... if I'm a customer too , i also will do like that.....
because Display that price we can accept so we will decide to buy it mah ...
but finally you told me that you mistake .... who also will angry lar~

another le is the Display price is RM 39.90
but the BOX price is RM 4+.++ ( forgot)
after that... she don want buy liao.....

好几天了,因为我和 Ying 的做工时间不同,所以没得一起 break 才说 jek~
但是难得他今天做 Full 哦!
还以为可以一起吃 dinner 的,怎知道。。。。还是不行~
break 5pm , Ying break
damn 惨

我问了,星期一收 fair 应该会收到 11pm 哦!
我也要早点 oi oi 准备准备我的校园生活的阿~

PADINI 终于装修好了,今天才看到。。。 也好啦, 看到靓仔几眼
然后呢~ 在 Fair 那边可以看到 SEED 的靓仔~ 不过可惜的是, 他不是时常在那边的咯~
没靓仔看我还是一样照常做工的, 只是他在的时候头会无端端的专向那边望而已嘛~
靓仔我只会 "Kap"( 广东) 罢了啦~

Friday, April 17, 2009




今天我出去做工前, 我的婆婆突然间给我钱哦~
我不是不喜欢我的婆婆, 只是我们见面的机会真的很少
因为我有做工,8天的工( fair)
偏偏这几天我根本不敢要求做 Morning 的,因为我们才那三个人做工
婆婆是 14th 来我们家的,我就刚好那天去吃 sushi 了(BONANZA),然后隔天每天都10.30pm才回家~
连星期一的收 fair 也不懂能不能早回呢~
haiz..... 好没孝心哦~ *_*

Thursday, April 16, 2009


我不想我的 BLOG 在有那么多的怨气了~
我好想去唱 K 哦~
玩到疯疯癫癫的, 忘掉不愉快!

Ah Yoon 问内衣部门的人那所学来的~

下个星期一就收 fair 了, 但是我很怕收到来很晚咯~

Ying 每天都进 Morning
我就变得少进 Morning 下的咯~而且接下来的几天我看根本没有希望了咯~
明天, 后天,星期天,星期一~
今天还好有我妹陪, 但是她明天就最后一天做工了~
接下来的日子我得一个人了~ 可怜 ------------------------- :'(


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

刚听到一个消息后, 真得很不爽了~

今天我做 Full~可怜~
一来到时吓到下咯~因为只有我一个人哦!然后Angel 原来进12pm~
其实呢早上是要抹 counter 的, 但是我真得很懒惰,所以没抹+ 上我还是认为我只是个管 fair 的!

Angel 还没来之前呢~有货到哦!而且又要 return 货叻~那个死肥仔阿!又不帮我哦!
那个货呢我一签收过后呢, 就收在篮子下面了, 没有打开过和粘 price stick + 出版 display
就在我吃饭的时间5 pm~ 我自己去吃饭了,Ying6pm,所以就没喝我一起咯~做工
但是他好像听到 Angel 说我的不是咯~(不确定的)
我是在放工回家后才懂得! 我听到后真的是又加一把火上来咯!+ 想哭了!
Angel 真得很厉害, 在我面前简直是没事情的样子,就像平常那样~

我真的要在声明多一次咯~ 你请我回来就是短期工的Fair 而易啊!

我在冲凉时想了想, 我知道我今天是有点不负责任啦~
但是我就是莫名的生气咯, 请你公平一点弄清楚一下我的工作岗位咯~
对只是做 fair 的人来说啦, 哪里有什么去抹 counter + 弄新货的~
做 fair 的最需要的都是开 fair , 关 fair, 开单, 收单, 拿鞋, 放鞋而已嘛~
说真的我的工作内容真应该是 over 了咯~

其实真真实实的最佳祸首都得归功于 Company 咯~
那么大间的一间公司, 难道就不能请多一个人来吗?

还剩下5 天了,我还是那句话~继续忍!

做完 fair 的第二天就开学了~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SuShi King ~BONANZA ~

I now know .... now the JUSCO's Promoter or staff who buy anythings from the Jusco they won't give you the plastic bags already .... except you buy the chickens , fish.....
So stupid..... if a girl buy a bra / sanitary also no plastic bag..... if like that ... how shame oh!~
so I call my sister to help me buy more better.......

我真的很 bie shong 了啦~
我真真的明明是做 fair 的嘛 , 早上 Angel 在 fair 有东西做我没关系咯
那个死马来婆啊!他进两点嘛~当他问我她顾哪里时我就说在 counter 咯。。。
怎知一下子罢了。。。不见人影了。。。我又得继续的顾 counter lor~
在 counter 那边真的蛮闷下的咯~因为Ah Ling + Ah Yoon 不在, 出去吃饭了,又没有客人哦~sienz...

而且今天无端端的冷气坏了哦+又哦!在 Jusco 里面, 连顾客都拿着扇子走街叻~
想要跟 Angel 讲下的啦~但是她今天真的是非常忙咯, 因为无端端又有货来 + 热
讨厌死她哦!还得我得抹counter ...我真的是吓到下咯~ 因为我以为我只是做 fair 就可以洮过抹counter 的~
怎知。。。。 今天还是得抹~
要不是我为了要吃Sushi King 我真的会选做下午咯!
而且明天也一样要抹阿~因为我明天做 FULL阿~可怜

6.00pm 总于放工了~我还买了个 SEED 的衣服咯~hehe 因为Zi Yan 他申请到从 NS 出来了, 借口就是婆婆进医院了?(应该)
就是为了吃Sushi King~
刚好他又来 Jusco , 所以就叫他帮我付钱咯!然后交给我的妹妹~

放工后呢~先回家冲个凉先~ 等Baolui来载咯~大概8.++pm 到那边就开始吃了,应该是吃到9.++pm 就出来了~
Winnie + Yan Yan
Baolui + Min Min
一下之就吃了19碗了, 超饱的~
Baolui+Min Min 他们呢就败给我们了~ hehe

~ 美食~ Sushi ~




1st & 2nd


吃饱后我们就去找Ah Fatt 咯 & 等Ah Fatt 放工的期间去了叮叮场玩下咯~
有一 part 真的很好笑咯, 我当场笑到肚子痛+差点流眼泪了~
因为Min & Yan 去玩跳舞机嘛~
怎知道我刚刚看到他们选的是 Easy 的,但是在看他们玩的时候觉得不对劲叻~
超难的~所以Min & Yan 就乱跳一场咯~
原来因为他们不是很会按那个机器+又是第一次玩, 所以他们刚刚不小心按到超难level lor~
玩完后就去了Yan Yan 附近 yam cha lor~

Monday, April 13, 2009

我忍! 时间很快过的!

今天第一天做工咯!虽然不是什么新工啦!还不是一样。。。 卖鞋~In Jusco~
虽然只需做8天, 今天就过了一天咯!
今天第一天摆fair .... 真的是很死鬼" HOT " lor~
死人 JUSCO ar~ 那么大间不能开一开一点冷气也好嘛~ kiam siap!
然后今天做工几 pek chek 下的咯
因为我那边原本的 part time ... 不小心从上面跌下来,所以进院了。。
就找了以前做 V-KI 的 par time 来顶替她咯!
虽然我也认识她啦~但是我却不是那么喜欢她罢了! 其实以前跟他说话都只是敷衍她罢了
Angel 叫我掌 Counter 一下, 我就掌咯~然后又是他自己口口声声说要掌 Counter 得我就跟 Angel 讲咯~
怎知道~可以换了竟然跟我说要掌回 Fair oh!
以为我不懂哦!因为Fair 那边也是很多"马来人"嘛~ 只是想留在那边谈天~
但是 Angel 请我来原本就是要顾 Fair 的嘛~为什么要跟我争哦!
还得我很多时间在 Counter 那边闷死了, 也没得看靓仔!(SEED)
另外一点我还讨厌他的就是还想抢我的 Customer .... 如果在ROMP做工的话,早就给人 der 了!
因为当我去拿鞋给那个 Customer 回去时, 竟然走前来说:来给我 Serve lar~
要是他要Serve 的话不会早早去到顾客的面前 Serve 他吗? 又不是吃饭还没回来啦!
早就回来啦, 只是不懂跑去那里罢了嘛~
其实呢顾客让谁 Serve 都可以的啦~只是我就是针对他啊!

难得我又回去Jusco 做工了, 怎知外面的 PADINI 竟然不知为什么的装修哦!
haiz~ 没靓仔看了!



堂姐说的空出来 yam cha 吧 / 可能下次就带我去Clubbing lor~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


还有其他的选择阿~在这里 > 包包 < CLICK HERE
要是还有更好的介绍, 请写那个编号给我哦!



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ariel.....My Pet

This is my pet in Pet Society.... name Ariel
this game can play in Facebook or Myspace ......
it's really cute......
I hope I can get my Jump Rope Gold Champion .... but I must jump about 100 times ... and I just jumped 68 times only ... it hard to jump over 68 times.... god~
I always wants to have more money to decorate my house and buy some new cloths to dress up my pet and foods
haiz..... slowly lar........

How about my pet????
What is it looks like?

Today I'm unhappy ....
because of something , and I quarrel with my Mother ......
hate my Mother......
Today all things had been disrupted.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

3 Movies in one night

Today I watched 3 movie over the night ... that I always did
All these movies download before, but did not have time to watch it...
but still left many i haven't watch yet......
If I introduce all of these movies will waste my time
so if you are interested in these movie and you like to know about the story line you can CLICK the name of the Movies

Match Point
I would like to share about this movie
the 1st actor really is a BITCH!
wants money ... so he married with the rich woman
然后那个女人有了他的孩子, 所以一直吵着要个名分
男主角不想把他所努力得来的愧于一旦, 所以就计划了....
杀了那个女人.....而且还计划的很周到, 把案发现场弄得像是别人所谓那样
健自纠和自己无关了, 厉害

The Notebook
This movie really FANTASTIC...
is a Romance Film
really very touch

The NoteBook是一部很长时间在银幕上缺失的爱情电影。


Thursday, April 9, 2009

KL~ Sg.Wang & Time Square

Today went to KL with Baolui~
yesterday we already discussed ........ but we still not sure about this
so I slept early abit , because maybe will go

I suddenly realized that next Monday I will start my work already.... and I won't have time to buy a jeans for my 1st day to College - time run so fast
another thing is , if I go on Friday , Ah Lun will off so I won't get any discounts

About 1.++ pm , Baolui said want go lor~ , so I woke up and prepared
We reached there about 3.++pm , we went to Sg. Wang's ROMP 1st to buy my jeans ....
and I & Baolui bought a T-shirt .... because we all see the same style of clothes in the same time and a same place ....... if we both buy together , will be more cheaper

after finished our things , we went back to Time Square just walk around ....
Last Time I lost my ring .... i just bought it for few days only - sad~
but luckily this time the stall came back to Time Square to have a fair ..... but the pattern I bought last time didn't have my size , so I picked another pattern again ....
and Baolui also bought a watch for her College

About 6.++pm we went back lor~
perhaps today not so jam ....
but I'm so pity .... my dinner gave my brother ate already .....
and I'm lazy go out to eat , so i cooked maggie again ....
1 day already ate 3 packs of maggie ........ haiz......~

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fast & Furious

Today is Wednesday ,of course I will went to watch a movie
Today Movie is Fast & Furious
I watched it with my family( dad & mom) & my friend QiQi
actually I am not interested in this movie ....
because I had watched the The Fast and the Furious (2001) on TV .... i thought it just okok~
but this time I watched the new one > Fast & Furious 4 ........ it's really nice......... Not awkward
and COOL man~
not that bad ... it interested ....... I began to enjoy on it.......

The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift .... I don't like it at all . maybe was the cast problem ....
have one cast I loved! He is Satoshi Tsumabuki 妻夫木聪 , but he just a 小角色罢了......
Whatever ........ if the Fast & Furious have next series and the cast are the same ... I think I will watch it.......
because Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner is very handsome and very attractive
and Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto not bad too , at least he have a bodybuilding body



Friday, April 3, 2009

Hotel For Dogs & 小云顶

~Hotel For Dogs~

Main Cast
The dog is Friday


Today while I was sleeping , Baolui called me , she so clever , the 1st question she asked me what time I slept Yesterday ..... than she though OK than I woke up and prepared and waiting for her.....
because today Yan Yan was came out from NS , it's Public Holiday....... for Chinese ...?
and they really want to watch Hotel For Dogs , I would also like to .......
and this film just showing at Mid Valley & Pavilion ... so we decided when to Pavilion to watch this film .... because we haven't been there's cinema to watch some film .......
We parked at Lot 10 and walked to Pavilion
I thought parked at Lot10 all day it will cost us RM7 , but today totally different ......
The price made us want to scream ........... 5 hours ++ it cost us RM15 walao ei !
really In KL lor~
before we went in to the cinema , we still have time , so we went to 旺角茶餐厅 to have our lunch..... 3 of us ordered the RM9.90 set ........ not bad .......

Car- Naza Italia
2 Pretty GT Girls


My Lunch

while I was watching the movie I don't likes to talk ..... so Baolui & Yan Yan thought I was sleeping ...... haha
but This film really nice lar ...... funny + smart + love + touching
have some part very touching .... it made we almost want to cry ......... hehe~
and the DOGS very cute lar........ I really likes Friday .... so smart ......

当我们要回家时, 塞车哦!塞了整一个小时~
因为我们等下要去小云顶喝茶, 所以我们就直接去 Yan Yan 家吃饭,然后再去某个地方会合 Min & Fatt
难得Yan Yan 出来了吗~ 所以就去去咯~
我第一次去小云顶, 夜景蛮美下的咯~
然后我们大概聊到 11.++pm 就回家咯~

拍照技术差, 抱歉哦~

PS : only one week , i already watched 5 movies..... finish lor~
wait next Thursday , see have what movie will showing up

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Hugh Dancy & Isla Fisher

Hugh Dancy & Isla Fisher

Actually my mom said Friday want to watch this film
because today she need to play mahjong with her friends , but because of her friends are not free
so she change to this day .... while i was sleeping , she called me to prepare and went to fetch her and rushed to JUSCO to watch 4.10pm
perhaps , we reached there still have some litter time.....
and I was so happy today didn't have that problem again....

Let talk about the Film... I really likes this film .... it's comedy and romantic
absolutely is that type I love .............
the story line~
the cast ......
especially the actor Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon , I likes him so much ...... handsome
He is a Perfect Man for me! He really is the type that I likes .......... hehe~
although i really like him , but he already engaged lar~ haiz...... wish him happy too
but he always is my IDOL........
which actor handsome .... and is the type I like ... he will be my IDOL haha
The Actress Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood she is so beautiful ...... but she already has a fiance and a daughter ....

actually .... this shopaholic have many series.... of books ....
I don know ... but i think i will want to buy one ..... hmm~ still think and don know
see my wallet lor~

PS: This week I already watched 4 film ...... hehe pro~

Confessions of a Shopaholic - definitely recommend to see


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today dad & mom & I went to JUSCO watch movie again lor~
today we watched KNOWING!
hehe~ my mom sure must watch this film , because Nicolas Cage is my mom's idol~

This really is a nice film , I'm really encourage all of you can go to watch this film
this film give us about the materials of Doomsday
This Director of photography is very realistic approach, particularly in disaster department

Although we can't predict the future , but if we really do somethings , I believe we still can change to another good way.........

But something i really want to complaints to the TGV in JUSCO Cheras Selatan already!
today this happened again........ in the nervous parts ....... 3 times........
same things , suddenly bright lights and no screen........
haiyo!!!!!!!!!! angry ar!
please check your system lar! and please don let it happen again !