Friday, October 24, 2008

Renew my Blog

Long time didn't renew my blog
SPM is coming soon , so I'm feel worry and afraid
this week we are doing our open book test , maybe it can find answer , so i didn't study well
lazzzzy...... but this test also work for me , can make me to remember something and understand
When our graduation , my sister's friend have a prom night , but it cost so expensive and we think them just want to show off how rich they are
so i hope we have our graduation travel with classmate and friends
and have a Unforgettable recollection.....

I'm so brother told me that his friend said I'm fat!!!!!
when i listened it i so angry ,but it also push me to doing more exercise to lost my weight .
My friends will go to play badminton once a week , i loved it because it is good for me ...hehe...
I will keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aza Aza Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!