Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A free and sufficient day

Today I and Yoro went to Jusco watched "James Bond : Quantum Of Solace"
after i watched that movie , i just knew that was all about fight fight fight but it nice too
and i likes the technology inside that film , it was so cool !!!!!!!
i hope i can have that , hehe ( dreaming dreaming。。。)
after finished the film , we went to sing K for a half hour , cuz we were waiting my sister and her friends

When i went home , I'm so happy
because today my father brought me went to buy my new HP , it is a brand from LG KF 600
double screen , one is a touch screen
WOO~ happy
tomorrow i can have it already hehe...hehe...

haiz... now my house have three cars already , one day the front day haven't done we will so hard to park our cars...
On the other hand , now i have my own car already
so I'm try to decorate my car , i know the car is old a bit , but it still can drive , I'm already satisfies