Thursday, November 20, 2008

today so happy le... and i get my new HP already....

Today I and my friends went to play badminton , but the sad thing was we just can played 1 hour disappointed le~~
A funny thing was , FY came to fetch me , because my house was in decorating , so she can't recognized my house.... sorry le...
after played badminton , we all went to the basketball court to 消磨消磨时间,and discussed where we want to go next .. some ppl were illogical de~~~ haha , but still funny lar
and i really 佩服all the basketball player lo
so PRO !!!!! 1st time 亲眼见证。。。
Finally we all decided went to 包包house to play this play that , likes having a small party...
after about 5pm we all went back to our lovely house
I'm really excited , cuz i can't wait to see my new hp le
it was so cool!! below that screen is a touch screen , woo~

today so tired le... I'm just woke up to write this blog hehe....
K i write until here , now I'm going to install some new song&pic in my hp lo bye~~


小燕子 YaNyAn said...

gt new hp jor~~
gong xi~~
me not yet buy~~
dun hv $$~~~