Tuesday, February 10, 2009

拿粮& KL 一日游

~In Green Box ( Sg. Wang)~

Girls Team


Jamie & Me & Yan

Choosing some 靓靓的大头贴

~ In Pavilion 's Disney shop~

Cute Stitchs


Me & Shu Xing & Yan

Yummy Yummy Food

Jamie & ME :P

~In Pavilion's Lodies Room~

靓靓's Girls Team

PS: If our Team can + one more Baolui Will be more perfect

Today i woke up early in the morning and prepared to go KL there to get my salary and my deposit...
And my friends also followed me went to KL too , because we wanted to sing K and buy somethings really important ( for some ppl)
because of some reason , so I'm be a driver to pick them up
they are - Jamie , Shu Xing , Zi Yan , Min , Jia Qi
5 ppl + me = 6 ppl are sitting in my litter KANCIL....
about 9.45am i went to fetch them , and our K time was at 11am , perhaps we got there in the time
When we singing K , i didn't feel I sang much , but i really enjoyed it

After we finished our K time , we went to 拍大头贴,it really funny ....
but the 头贴 made us be a 阳光少女叻,not 美白少女叻~
When I went to take my salary , my supervisor really lebih lo....
but after CNY really less ppl shopping already ... KL be really quiet....( ok lar )
I got my salary , 1st thing was bought my TVXQ newest album

after that , we went to PAVILION there to buy something
this was the 2nd time I be in PAVILION , because last time i came was in Nov of 2007
we accompanied them went to buy something 1st
I so happy , because i saw my cute stitch >_<
after that we had our lunch at WONG KOK CHAR CHAN TENG to had our LUNCH
in Pavilion , the design so nice
we ordered a 经济餐 and outside was started raining .... is too bad.... and just Jamie have the umbrella - 6 ppl use 1 umbrella????
so we finished our lunch and we were chatting about the girls things - cosmetic and make up to wait the rain stop
I had a fuuny thing want to share with your guys.... it in the PAVILION 's toilet when i in the toilet , there had some liquid can make the 马桶盖 be white and clean so the idea comes up in my mind , so i try to use that to clean my white shoes ...... it be so clean too haha
what a stupid idea
when the rain 变小后, we walked back to Lot10 and Sg. Wang
but Shu Xing wanted to go to Low Yat there to buy somethings for someone
Me and Jia Qi still in Sg. Wang , because we still need to walk around to find somethings, but i can't find it , just Jia Qi bought a cloth only
When we wanted to turn back to Time Square , I looked at my HP , it was already 7.++pm already... GENG
Last time in Time Square , i saw a memory stick 2GB one , i don know was my eye had something wrong or what , i remember it was only RM25 , but i didn't buy So this time i want to buy , but unlunky ..... it finish stok already.... haiz ... 真的是后悔啊, 真的是要看到喜欢的就买啊,而且还那么的便宜
In Time Square , I wanted to visit a shop that i saw in the YG magazine ...
but there accessories is OK only after we bought something in BLACK QUEEN
Finally we can go back lor~~~ We so tired and our leg were so pain already.... and Jamie hungry again ... haha
After i fetched them back already , i went to Min house a while , to visit and play with her DOG-LION , hehe
Today i really tired... tomorrow still need to wake up early , because tomorrow I'm FULL