Sunday, February 1, 2009

Working at JUSCO really DAMN

Today was I 1st day working at JUSCO , actually I'm in at 2.00pm
but I'm late..... I reach in the time before a few min to got my uniform, but I didn't have my shoes ......
last time I also working in JUSCO too , so i already had my shoes , but i wonder where my mom put it , so I must buy it quickly ..... and she allowed me to buy
I went to TSC , cause there have shoes i alwasys wanted , but unlucky .... no my size
I'm so regret yesterday when i gone to Time Square i didn't buy it .... because I always thinking not need to be so 急, 因为下个会更好 & 因为家有一双了,就穿着先咯 怎知道连我妈都不懂摆在那! (平时最省的人)
now I'm already understand : 如果有样东西已经看中了的话,一定要买下,不然会后悔!
so today I bought a very expensive and ugly ( i thought ) shoes ..... T_T , cause i had no choice
after i boughy it , I went to sign in , it's already 3.00pm

I really want to say ... working in JUSCO is very DAMN.....
because all the rule .... I very hate the 保安!!
When I wanted to sign in , i must get my promoter card 1st
and i already tie my hair , but them want me to tie like a ballet that one... and 塞脸两侧的头发进去 ———— OMG.....
When I tie my hair I 发觉我的头发很短下的,如果再套个网型的简直难看到 ~
After i signed in my emotion was angry~ 怨恨怨恨怨恨 till I don want to break , cause i don want to face to the 保安

Tomorrow I can in whatever time I want , becuase is 初八, 福建人拜年
I can pick 2.00pm one , but i don want I picked 5pm in , because 保安 again
although my salary is follow my working hour to count , if you work more longer than my salary will be more , but i don want to , becaause is 保安 too ....

Actually the job is ok one , just the rule.... and i don want to wear like that to work
now i think i better working at The Mines even Sg. Wang , just NOT JUSCO
and I can wear what I like ( mean : shoes , long/short pants , hair style )
of couse have a uniform will be more better

So i decided do till when my SPM result come out a month)
after that i WON"T working in JUSCO AGAIN!!


Finally 放工时间终于到了,
I paid my parking fee , and get in to the car ,
i started to release my emotion to my sister
all my 三字经 also came out
it very serious already , cause normally i just say "MOTHER" only
now I , for a month
hope it can pass as fast as it could ...


因为我是星期四回到家的,距离星期日才两天, 可是好像觉得这两天过的特别漫长似的