Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bought a X'mas present !!!

Time Square's X'mas Tree

23th of Dec in 2008

Today i woke up at 9.00am to prepare because today i have to go to KL there to buy a X'Mas gift
because me and my frens already discussed this year we will exchange present
but today we must ride bus le.......
hate and sienz~~~ offcuz i had sleep in the bus... too tired ....
and we walk around Sg. Wang 1st , because my fren want to pass a photo to her supervisor...
and suddenly the ROMP want 20 part time oh!!
just work at sat & sun
i want to ... but some reason and lazy(maybe) so we didn't go in to interview lo
this job is too吸引人啦!!!
but just scare after finish this job ( till 25th of Jan in 2009) we must find another job again...so....like that lo.... ( forget it)
after that we started to walk around Time Square to find our present and 裤袜
but now i really pok gai liao lo
bought too many things till no money
haha.... 都是我啦, 都把$拿去买了些 unnecessary things
then till 4.30pm i tumpang my neighbour' s car back
hehe.... no need to take bus....


时间过得真快明天就是圣诞节了now is 12.11 am 24th of Dec in 2008)