Sunday, December 7, 2008


After i watched the film "Twilight" i really love this film , although i watched it few days ago
but the screen still in my mind
when my brother told me that this film is come from a novel so i start to find all the information on the net to know more about this and i also decide to buy this book
it have 3 book already published and the 4th will be coming soon
this book very popular in other country
This film is a love story about a human and a vampire , i think it have a bit like Romeo and Juliet
but i hope the story will have a happy ending , please don make it same with the Romeo and Juliet is a sad ending

因为它不想她变成想他一样 live like a monster
but i really really really hope will be a happy ending lar
and they can live with happily ever after

PS : the 男主角 and the 女主角 are so handsome and gorgeous!!!!