Thursday, December 25, 2008

X'Mas Eve and a Christmas Day in 2008

24th of DEC in 2008
Morning I went to sing K at Jucso GreenBox with my sister,
and i bumped into Jamie and Jun Hao


my brother , he had his Christmas Eve with his Dragon Ball GT

Before i went to the gasoline i took a pic hehe~

The Christmas Eve day , me and my frens were went to the gasoline there to celebrate
we were so enjoy but the 气氛 was too normal , 没什么圣诞的气氛, 好像我们是傻子酱
whatever lar , enjoy yourself is more important
This year hopefully we had celebrate together , because last year all were too busy , so we couldn't join together to celebrate
and this year , we had plain to exchange the X'mas gift, it was fun
and i got my present and i love it
thanks all of my frens.......

Girls Team

Me and Ah Fatt

Me and Jia Qi

Me and Yan Yan


After that we went to Jamie's House
and her brother were having them party too with alcoholic drinks woo~

we were hanging outside her house to gossip and chatting

after Baolui that team back already, we turn back to crazy four ppl and normal two ppl team again
so we back to Jamie's room to watch "怪谈" show about ghost ( 我的弱点)
off cuz I'm doing another things to avoid watching that show , but i still can listen that sound...
horror~~~~ scare~~~~~
but finally 我突然的瞄到电脑哦!!而且好像看到个身穿白衣的。。把我吓得趴在床上 T_T


watching "怪谈"show...

finished the show , her brother called us go down to join them
and so we didn't join lo... but still had drank a glass of alcoholic drink mix with coke (nice try)
the taste is too weird....
and poh poh 's face turn red already , but she not 醉啦 , still can walk a straight line haha~
the time already 3.++ am lo~~
so i must go home lo , because next day i must get up early to work
but luckily i didn't work le , because my father said 够人手了
so i slept until 4.++ pm ( 厉害!)
and i want to thanks my 伯母, she gave three of us a X'mas gifts le hehe

my Christmas day 就是酱过的啦~~~

I wish all of you
Marry Christmas
Happy Holiday
Happy New Year