Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hui Teng's birthday party....

yesterday was Hui Teng's birthday party at Sg. Wang
i promised my friends said i will go to pick her up at 10.30 am , but i slept late till 10.40 am i just woke up , then i prepared till 11.25am just went out
This time we didn't walk wrong side already , hehe happy
but still had traffic jam , but we about 12.++ pm reached there lar , not too late and not too early , if can more earlier will be more better ( sorry because i late le...if have next time please call me ya , don sms it was useless )

Then we go to buy a present for Hui Teng and i also want to buy a present for Ah Hong
i decided to buy 冷帽and围巾for him
it will be useful

We at Sg.Wang that greenbox to celebrate till 4.00pm
and we came out and just walked around Sg. Wang and Time Square
but i felt i waste so many money already le.... sad....

One thing was so funny , when we at Time Square we so boring and all of us decided went to gasoline to chatting and i wanted to go to the biggest book store to find a story book (twilight)
but we still went in to gasoline 1st and the table was so dirty and the service was abit bad??? i didn't like it
but the funny thing were we already sat down and the waiter was cleaned the table already
and we were chatting want to eat another thing was more cheaper
when i went out the gasoline to the book store , all my friends were follow me to go out too
it was so funny and embarrassed....
we had no order anything and just sat a fews min only
it was "dum"...
after that we were decided went to my 阿姨 there 附近to eat steamboat
this was my 1st time to eat with my friends
当我们就定好要去那边吃东西时,我不会去,所以就JUN HAO 带路咯,还好POH LING 也会路不然我不懂走到哪了

哈哈我是清汤一族,其他六个是TOM YAM 一族
我有试一点点地TOM YAM 真的很chang 口叻~~不适合我

当我回到家时,ah hong 有来我的家那礼物和跟他道别咯。。。

因为今天是星期六嘛~原本有acc tuition de 突然间就毕业了
心里总是有点空空的感觉,真希望像peter pan 那样永远都不要长大