Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Movie is my life , so of course today I went to watch a movie - Bedtime Story
is OK lar~~ is a comedy film......
but the bad thing is had a people slept liao oh!!! "zha dao xia lo"
and the 鼻鼾声有够的咯,all ppl also 盯着他
and he just sat behind me only , if i could i will throw something on his head
after that had something also "zha dao xia lo"
now the JUSCO have a new rule already
if you parking in JUSCO for the first 2 hours is free , after 2 hours will cost you RM 1
what a bloody new rule...... waste money!!!!!!!
When Baolui came already we had went to South City  that SEGI College , because Yan Yan want to ask something about that subject she want to study - Business & IT
but that college have so many Malay and India ppl
and very seldom subject for you to choose only......
I'm so envy them , already decide their future
how bout me??? still doubt 
after that we went to OLDTOWN to eat 西多士 and walked around and went to the shoes shops , cuz there have many shoes shops only can walk for
and i had found some books that i really like and want to buy one
is "图说天下" 的系列
and there have a POPULAR , the happy thing is .....finally i found the TWILIGHT series books.... but still left one they not in the store
I really don know why i love it so much
maybe is a love story gua... 
I know if I buy it already will be so hard to read , but i must try myself to finish it
So I will buy one book to read 1st , because it too thick , need to take some time to read.
I'm promise myself I will finish it !
and a 升学计划书 , this book is introduce some college for us and some job/career to let us know how these jobs look like , and what we should have(条件)
Haiz.... have many i really want to buy , but .... i can't because I have no much money inside my wallet , so i need to beg my mom to buy for me , at least buy the 升学计划书 and a 图说天下之???
The TWILIGHT are to expensive so i will buy myself , when i get my salary