Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Early in the morning i woke up and prepared to my 伯伯's house to 拜年!
and i didn't say anythings to my mom and dad , because 没那种习惯, but next year i must try to do the traditional way already! if not i will regret... cuz everything must try , if not you will never know what the taste and the feel it is

When we reached my 伯伯's house , and we had our breakfast at there ....
hehe my 伯伯 had made 纸包鸡 , I loved it so~~~ much , because long time i didn't eat it already
Next , we went to my 太婆's house ... we must went to her house , because she is our 长辈 , 最大的长辈 and she already so old , but she still alive and healthy

About 1.++ pm we started back to my mom hometown lo~ at KEDAH SELAMA
actually i also don know where lai de...

This year we were the 1st family 最早到那边的, 平时都是其他的阿姨最早到的~

一吃饱饭和冲好凉后, 我妈妈就开台了(麻将)