Monday, January 5, 2009

Working In "ROMP"

1st day worked , and was Poh Ling fetched us back( thx her alotx)
this pic was took by Jia Qi
we were waiting for Poh Ling to find her car....
hehe funny and tired~~

I worked at SG.WANG that "ROMP" already 3 days...
now I still have 6 days to go on
when I started to work , I'm felt so scared ... but when I had met some friends , and some of them are treat me very well , so now I'm feel so good for that job , and I'm feel happy and enjoy
although there still have some people are so LC or i think them so horror so i didn't say any thing to them , but other that are so nice to me .... still can chatting and gossip
some people you must know them a bit deeply then you will find out they are a good and a helpful persons
and the most HANDSOME guy( 自认为的 ) in the shop i already knew him ... so hehe~~~
and now when I'm working i can have fun !!!!

while i was working :
  • 当我去 store room 拿一件新的后,我会忘了客户的样子, 害得我得跑完整间店去找回那个客户, 不过大多数是客户向我招手我才知道那是我的客户, 所以我现在会再看回我的客户的样子两次我再离开了。。。
  • 我还不是那么会量裤子, 虽然我的身上有量带子但是我凭不会把它挂在身上, 我只是把它收在裤袋里而已。。。怕客户看到费事说他要剪,到时就我OMG lo~~~不过我还是有请教他们教我啦~不过他们还真的是很用心和很热情的教我咯~~~ 还真的是很谢谢他们呢
  • 我店里最凶的呢,无端端叫我们女士要化妆去做工哦, 还真的是哦OMG lo~ , 我还不会化妆的叻~~还好有JAMIE AND SHU XING 这些好帮手在, 才得以帮我解围阿, 不过我也只是敷衍下化个淡妆而已, 不过在化妆方面我会多加努力的啦!!!
  • 有一次给我店里最凶的“ah yi " 警告(应该下的)因为我的手两只交叉(面对客人是不应该的), 刚好给他看到,所以就给她讲下咯!之后我就再也没做这个 pose 了
  • 我在店里的花名变成“大大粒“了, 应该是因为我是店里最矮的女生吧, 然后也有一个和我一样差不多高的女生他的花名是“小小粒“不过她比我小只而且年纪也是比我小啦, 所以花名的由来就是酱的咯,不过也是要有推手(Baolui)才有又酱的由来的。。 所以我也帮了Baolui取了个花名叫 "chocolate" 不过似乎没有那么大的回响, 还害的我给客人问为什么我的名字那么怪的。。。, 不过幸好没问我哪里大!!!(Baolui 讲的) haiz....那么好的名字-Winnie-不用。。。。。。变成“大大粒” 不过我又对这名字也蛮情有独钟的哦!!(怪胎阿~)
  • 开心!!!! 每个人都以为我的年纪比较小---哈哈 返老还童啊!!!!! 天生我才必有用
  • 原来小我的那个是我的 supervise 来的咯, 他真的是什么都不做的只是 zai 站在那边罢了,其实呢 zai 站着的呢有两个啦, 另一的我不懂它是什么职位的, 不过也蛮恐怖的他 ,但是他们也有灼灼工啦, 不过Baolui 说其实那个supervise 的人其实蛮好的啦, 他没什么的。。 ok 咯,上次还叫我让个客户给他呢,因为那件裤子的 intensive 有五块钱呢, 不过很不lucky 的,那位客人穿不下。。(预料之中啦)
working at ROMP is very freedom , the best way is you can wear short pants and slipper or whatever you want , but for me the most important is comfortable
and you also can play your cell phone , but can't that much long lar......

I don know why i very love this job ..... although the working place is very far form my house..
if really i would like to continuous for this job ..... who know.... maybe someday i would change my mind...
On the other hand... this for this nonworking day le... i so miss my job le ... stay at home so boring
and no liang zai see.... sad.....

And another thing is , start from now ...
I must start to enjoy my LIFE is short , after watching that " YES MAN"
it really gave me many 提示
have many things we must try and do ,if you do not try it and do it , you would never know how it taste and feel like , so we must learn how to say "YES"
BUT the thing is , before you do it , you must think about it , if you really don want to , you must say "NO" not everything must say "YES" sometime also must know how to reject