Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baolui's Birthday Surprise

Today was Fong Ying 's Birthday 
unlucky her birthday was in Sat , a working day
i don know why all the ROMP staff knew today was her birthday ,
i didn't ever speaked out about a birthday word .. 
so them all wished her Happy Birthday , and bought a cake to celabrate with her ! How Sweet! 
I'm also envy her le~
After 放工, actually Fong Ying & Zi Yan want me to pick them up to Station 1 to celebrate with friends one 
but i really don know Ah Min , Kok Hua , Ah Fatt and Andy will went to Sg. Wang there to gave a big surprise to her lo~
the things is , Kok Hua and Ah Fatt was there
because them said they will out form NS on 25th not 24th
so it was really #@$%
after that Fong Ying And Zi Yan sat Ah Min car lo , and Shu Xing sat Poh Poh car lo~
we met in Station 1 there to celebrate together
It was so special , because we had so many red colour shirt ppl at there!
what a big special group
and Ah Min had prepared a special cake too ... donuts...
I really want to Thanks Zi Yan that Coffee le...
it made me can't sleep for a whole night...( I'm not blame on you , don worry )
after that we went home lo... cuz we were really tired... 
tomorrow still need to wake up early... to WORK
the last day for a WORK
tell the truth i really envy le~
have a unforgetable surprise & memory in her life....

Happy Birthday ya~


龟女^^...龟女^^ said...

thx ya^^muackkxxx~

Rinoa0723 said...

i haven't write anythings yet le
what thx.
sot sot de