Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally found a job

I came back on 29th of JAN in 2009 , but i slept at 6.++ am on 30th
when i want to sleep , my brain started to imagined somethings horror things , made me hard to fall asleep , like someone killing me , actually that was my blanket....
don know why every time when i want to sleep , my brain will start to thinking about something lebih one~

I really can be a journalists , but lazy lor.... teacher gave us homework always don want do.....

About 12.++ pm , a incoming call woke me up .. it was my another mom - Angel
she called me to invite me to work for her , because emergency.......?
I'm work as part time , one hour RM 4 , last time was RM 3.80
and i might work till when my SPM result come out..... nightmare !
i thinks is ok one , everything still can discuss ....
but the bad things are
must tie my hair
wear a black's leader? shoes
long black trousers
no long & colour nails

whatever lar , cuz i'm not do a long time job , still can accepted ...
So i went to JUSCO there to got my punch card
and helped my mom to buy "Inkheart" tickets start at 8.15pm
when i "Q" to buy my tickets , i saw all the Chinese films were FULL
perhaps Inkheart haven't full , but the unlucky things was i bought a D place ..... near from a screen....

After i bought my tickets , i wondering i want to go to South City or not , because i also don know
when i sat in to my litter KANCIL , I drove to SouthCity alone~
i went to Popular ( I alwasy wanted to ) , and finally i bought a “升学情报” and "一生要去的世界最美100个地方"
i wanted to buy twilight one , but i wonder why suddenly hard to find this book already ,
just have New Moon and it have 20% discount @@

6.00pm i arrived my house already , after that my brother bought a new guy came to my house
he come from Australia , and came to Malaysia to have a holiday
he was my brother's online friend , they knew each other on the net
I'm so envy le , have a friend like this , but the thing are we must improve our ENGLISH 1st ....