Sunday, March 21, 2010

1st abd 2nd day start as a Sports ToTo promoter in Melaka

1st day to work , we gathered at Time Square and got Van that can sit about 10 ppl de~
we departed at 7.30am arrived in Melaka about 9am something~

Me and my friend-Gee are first team, so we are the most early to drop down in one of the outlet , our working time start at 11am we still got 45min to wait~
actually our team will working at that outlet=sale office for a whole day, due to some problem so we have to change to another outlet, that make me quite unhappy, because something happen and that like related on me!
I swear and I'm VERY SURE I'm not wearing jeans!!!!!
But the manager look at my pants just like a jeans so that become the sale office have to change ppl~

At Last~ it already pass and we just take the salary is ok jor~ I forgot about it already~ ^^

2nd day on work~

still same , drop us very early so we went to a restaurant to have our breakfast, after that nearby there have a Sungai Melaka, so we went to there to enjoy the view(quite ok lar) and siting there to wait the time pass~

Today we are going 2 outlet
The 1st outlet is just so normal only....not much ppl neh~~~ maybe is Sunday~
when break, nearby out outlet has very very less restaurant for us, so we keep walking walking and finally we saw a restaurant : 古城鸡粒饭, and another is: Old Town
but we choose Old Town oh!!! cuz got air-condition and the building is sososo古董式
not mean 古城鸡粒饭 don't have air-condition lar.....just don't know why
for me I thought that we still got chance to eat the 鸡粒饭, because next weekend will still in Melaka station.

But when we backing to KL our team leader said next week may go to Seremban oh~~~
鸡粒饭~~~ Bye Bye lor....see you next time~

Our 2nd outlet actually is very far away from our 1st outlet, but we went to the Old Town there ate our lunch and beside there got 1 outlet that is for team5 , so team 1 and team 5 change the outlet lor...because we more near mah~~~
That outlet is quite short de lor.....and hot too...(every outlet outside also hot de) there still got ppl lar....
just okok~ got sell out the LP lor....just don't know how many we solld out only.....
When 6.30pm we off lor....while waiting the Van come to pick us up, we went to the opposite that 土产店 walked walked only.....

when backing to KL the 南北大道 got jam oh~~~ because in the opposite direction of the road got an accident, both way also jam jam ~


hahasiu said...

How much do Toto pay you all a day? Do people buy the new game?