Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mon and Dad......即将接受手术 and etc

Today I fetched my mom to hospital....because tomorrow have a surgery lor...
Them keep saying no need go to visit them lar....
but we still got go lar.....hehe accompany them....
our dinner 蒸水蛋 my sister in charge in cooking and me in charge in washing cloths...

surgery day.....
the surgery started at 8am like that mom 1st and after dad
we visit them in the evening after class
both of them in ICU rooms , the surgery is success ! Good News~
when we visit them they already awake....just so week lor...( sure lar , pain mah )
dinner is 洋葱煎蛋

mom move to 普通病房了 and dad still in ICU , cuz he need to stay in ICU at least 5 days
THX all my friends and relatives ....thanks caring and visiting my parents
GOD bless you! and God Bless my Dad and Mom!
night watched Alice in Wonderland with QiQi.......weird and okok movie~ haha