Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ikhlas Tuition Center

Today was Ikhlas Tuition Center 颁奖典礼(小型的) for PMR & SPM
it start at 7.00pm , but we went there about 7.++pm and standing at down stair..... because my friends said up stair many ppl , not enough Oxygen ~.....
after don know what time we went up stair to get our 奖金咯~
because I'm 刚刚好的, which subject i had tuition at there I got A , so total I got 3A
when i got my 奖金 already ... we went to panjang that mamak stall there to chat with frens ... = Connie's friends
but there topic I didn't understand one..........

很可惜的, 错过了息灯一小时的活动
虽然已经向爸爸提醒过了,但是他还是没有关到灯, 因为他说邻居都没有关啦~
纵然这个活动在各国已经进行很多年了,而 Malaysia was 1st time start ,但是只要大家每天都剩电,那才会帮助到我们的地球啊!
-减少用塑胶带 , 纸饭盒 ,塑胶水瓶