Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Race To Witch Mountain

QiQi came to fetch me about 1.00pm
actually she said 12.30pm... but I'm so lazy to wake up and prepare so I told her 1.00pm baru go lar
and I'm about 12.25pm baru woke up and took my bath ......

We reached at Jusco about 1.3+pm
so I'm went to buy a 茶叶蛋 to eat....
before i went in to the cinema i 拨了蛋壳先!
This Film really nice an fantastic!!!!!!
If let me watch one more time i really don mind

while I was watching this film
I really hated ppls disturb me
today this happened to me!

当我在看着戏时, 突然间有粒 popcorn 丢中我的头哦! 真的是你妈的啊!
幸好那部戏是好看的, 不然我真的会起身来盖他一巴掌咯!

看完戏过后呢, 就等Baolui来陪她买他的 Modem 然后再去 The Mines lo~
去到 The Mines 时,Baolui 是要买 Big Apple 的 Donuts to Yan Yan lar~
Because tomorrow she want to in Kem already
and Congratulation to her lo~ can change the Kem to Semenyih
We also got bought 6 Donuts for ourselves , 3 for Baolui & 3 for mine
Eat Donuts! Eat 2 really enough..... 3 really 恶心
this time we ate 3 Donuts .... the 3rd Donuts we eating it till we felt very 恶心
like next time never want to eat Donuts again........

after Baolui brought me went to a shop call KITCHEN
THAT SHOP'S 衣服很不错下的
过后就去 Yan's house 给她礼物咯

Haiz.... next week I will really boring already.....
because the person who is single just left Yan Yan only( doesn't mean anything)
Yan Yan in Kem
Shu Xing busy in study...
QiQi maybe in kem and also have another things
Baolui 旅行中 and another things
Jamie in sick and another things
Connie working

Race To Witch Mountain

Nice + Great movie

Alexander Ludwig

I know this Actor from the film called "The Seeker-The Dark Is Rising"
he's so HANDSOME
I like him~ hehe

Dwayne Johnson(The Rock)

He in this film not bad too
have a good + cool + handsome look in this film