Thursday, March 5, 2009

Me Really Unlucky and stupid again...... sigh...

Just finished the Film - LOVE MATTER
It is a nice movie - comedy..... and have some 教育性质
after watched this film I didnt' have a very big 感触 , just a 娱乐性质的戏

Before I watched this film , had something really unlucky + stupid + funny + ugly + dirty thing happen to me ....
While I was driving , I'm already 忍着了,因为在开着车,我不能一心二用, 所以当到了JUSCO parking area , 就在我 parking my car 时,my short pants got dirty ......
I can't tell all of you what is that , cuz really dirty and %$#@
It's really god sick...... I can't go back and change my pants , cuz I have no time to go back ,
I thought wearing my jacket will hide my pants , but it doesn't work for me !!
So I used that jacket 绑在我的腰间 , at least and hide my pants a while
after i locked my car , i rushed to JUSCO to buy a short pants , it cost me RM25 , perhaps I had some money in my wallet and Ah Yoon borrowed me RM5 , after I paid , I rushed to the fitting room to change my pants and rushed to the cinema
because we just had few min to go
so I lost my chance to see the PADINI 's guy

after finished the film , it already 10.30pm
and I waited my sister and she drove the car.....
when I'm back , I'm so regret ..... why I'm so stupid , inside the car have a 小毛巾阿
if I use that or I 忍着下去 , that thing won't happen and I won't waste my money to buy a short pants....
but turn to another way to think , the short pants is ok lar.....
already bought it , than wear it lor~