Sunday, March 8, 2009

Love Matter again

Today i watched LOVE MATTER again
because have ppl treat me mah~
he is my 以前工作的地方的 supervisor (Sembonia) , but he is not our counter's supervisor lar
no need i pay the ticket fee , so i watch again lor~
today is SUNDAY... luckily I found a parking
this film i watched already , so while i watching this film I'm 边看边听歌
because i sat at F line , it was so near , it made my neck so pain and tired
so i don't want to look at the screen , 我只看我眼前的字幕算了
and this film not so nice ..... watched once enough already
because this film so boring ...............

after finished the film , so went to Food & Tea to have our lunch .....
we were so quite , because we had nothing to talk .... and i don even know the guy
so we just chat a few word only and have our lunch ....

after we finished our lunch , we back to the JUSCO.... counter
went back to there .... i'm more happy
cuz there have Ah Ling , Asri , one million
at least have some friends still can chat and play
and the man's SEED - boy
no need be so bored....
we hang on at there for few hours and I'm went back to home
hehe .... i saw my PADINI! ~ lucky (每次去JUSCO的主题)
after 10.30pm go JUSCO again ..... pick my sister............