Friday, March 13, 2009

Marley & Me

I'm woke up at 9.00am to fetch my sister to work
today she can't fetch to work .... because i wanted to use my car to Time Square to watch Marley& Me
i don know why this movie just show in few cinema only....
it is a great + comedy + warm film .......
after i fetched my sister , i went o pick Yan Yan to my house 1st
because the movie show at 1.20pm
so we no need too early went to Time Square
after about 12.00pm we started to Time Square , perhaps the rain already stopped
but today is Friday ... The Malay Guys sembayang's day.......
so we walk shortcut.....? Jln Chan Sow Lin to Jln Pudu
no need 经过回教堂!
we reached there about 1.00pm ..... luckily still have time

This movie really funny ...
and the dog really cute , it is Labrador Retriever(拉布拉多猎犬)
although it really 爱咬东西, 管不住它, 精力充沛
但是还好主人拼不讨厌它, 还很爱护它呢

要拉布拉多犬 / 黄金猎犬
养得起自己先, 才来养吧!!