Monday, June 21, 2010

JB & Singapore

Monday 21 June

I went to ampang to meet my college mates and get prepared to Bukit Jalil to take a bus to JB
after reached JB my friend came anc pick us to his house.....
His father was so kind...treat us a dinner that very expensive le...and very surprise ( about the meat)... haha Thx so much

Tuesday 22 June

Woke up so early to get preapred to Singapore ......
we took Causeway Link to the custom and took MRT to Chinatown 牛车水
after reached the chinatown it was so surprise.....didn't expect the travel agency is so near only....
3 of us were get ready and went in to interview.....but so unlucky ....Miss Annie took MC today
maybe have to wait till Thursday or Wednesday

after that we went to eat something 1st...MCD ( my mom sure scold me....MCD everywhere also got, why at SG also ate MCD?)
about 3pm we went to Sakae Sushi buffet it only SD$18......
after that I went to Cotton On bought a pants that only SD$10 le....haha
after that we back lo.......

Wednesday 23 June

We slept till quite late......about 12pm only woke up
my friend got an interview at 4pm and we suddenly got a called from Miss Annie
So we also went for an Interview too....
Today raining....but in Singapore won't get wet because so many roof....haha

After reach Singapore we went to interview 1st....
I think I did quite well ....^^
after that we went to shopping.....and I'm window shopping~
and we went to eat a MOS burger....quite famous in that mall

I got a EZlink for myself....^^
about 9/8pm we only back to JB.... because it over the busy timing.....

after back and bath.....and chit-chating and online...
we sure got go for a JB everyday also got supper....
FAT trip.....haha
after the supper and went home we still chit-chating until 4am only slept

Thursday 24 June

About 10am I already woke up and get preapred for myself
because today we back to KL lor.....
Sam's father bring us to chicken full!!!!
after that we went to city square than only went to took our bus went back to KL
around 8/9pm only reached Bukit Jalil and I took the LRT went to Sg. Besi and wait for my father to pick me home

Finally Home Sweet Home~~~^^