Friday, June 11, 2010

Yam Cha

I created an event, that is Yam Cha....haha
actually we plan to yam cha at Makota ABC, but today was the first day for World Cup
I scare the ABC don't have big screen so I change to MZ, because there got provide a big screen for watch the Football match
actually I'm not a football fans or buff, I just want to satisfied my friends....them happy I'm Happy too
and another reason I created this event was for my friend, because I heard something said he was unhappy about last time.

so far This Yam Cha was quite successful, because quite a lots of ppl attend this Yam Cha. I'm quite happy too. Create an event is not that easy, you have lots of things to worry about
their emotion, attendant and etc.

Today the first football match was South Africa vs Mexico, I bet the first Goal must be South Africa, but my friends bet Mexico, but finally South Africa didn't let me down
The reason I bet South Africa was Because this World Cup is held in South Africa, Mexico must give them face, so the 1st goal must be South Africa.....haha what a funny reason! actually Shoot Goal is not that easy!

The first match finished we also went back to our home lor....hehe