Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Expendables

Today watched "The Expendables" with Swee Lam, Tian Jun and Wan Hong
Thanks my friend who help me to collect the tickets!!! make me no need to rush...
because must collect the tickets about 45 minutes before the show.
and also Thanks Wan Hong be our driver....haha

But we were still missed for the opening......cuz waiting someone....haha
This movie's action really so nice lor~~~
Especially the Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) ......his so yeng~ Totally fell into him....haha
This movie so surprise me ...I thought it will just only gun shot the most surprise me is got cut the head and hands off.....but so far is ok....not so horror(blood)
although is cruel lar....but YENG ar~ haha

♥Jason Statham♥

After the movie we we bumped into Shu Xing with her sisters
and then we went to my parents ex-shop there mamak to yamcha with them + Ying & Ah Zhung
but both of them left early~
when we at mamak we bumped into Shu Xing again.....haha