Friday, December 4, 2009

ATM Card

Last time my dad suddenly said want to help us to change our bank acc name
because our acc name is link with father's name
now he want to change it to be our personal acc

after class I back home and fetched my dad and my sister to Eon Bank to change acc
but some some some , we change another acc but still same is link name with our father's name
because this is for above 50 years old, and it got 比普通的利息高一点
所以就换去 50以上的咯
这个之前我的 acc 不一样指出是上次的 acc 要提钱出来只能我的爸爸签名拿
这次这新的呢就任何一个人的签名都能提钱出来了 而且最重要的是利息比较高一点

这次我们也顺便申请 ATM 咯,但是有了卡后我也应该不会乱提钱出来花吧~

其实我爸突然要帮我们换的时候, 感觉好像什么那样 ( choi )~