Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Princess & The Frog

Today quite busy.....morning went to college and afternoon waiting for my sister in lab and discussing, planing, arranging and talking something......

after back home accompany San San them went to buy so stocks to New Era college for Peter Pan Yu Wen's autograph.
after back home again helping my mom to clean up the kitchen....because they were painting the walls

finished my dinner suddenly decided went to Jusco to take my dad Birthday voucher and by the way we (Me & Connie ) went to watch a movie either Sherlock Holmes or The Princess and The Frog
due to Sherlock Holmes already full and The Princess and The Frog got separate seat so we decided watch that Disney movie

1 seat at L and 1 at H
me in H
both side of me all is kids.... in front me also kids.........behind me crazy teenagers
damn noisy...... especially behind me laugh like exaggerated.....

although is so noisy but I still concentrate on the Movie....
so far it was nice....comedy , miracle , fairy tale

Tomorrow is a Last day for 2009 lor~
haiz~? haha

Happy New Year~