Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad day ! My sister had a bad crashed !

another car crashed !
but this time was my sister! and most serious!
afternoon she got class so I waited her at my friends house
after she finished class on the way to fetch me back this happened to her!
surely will confuse and scare at that moment! so she called me and I rush the there to accompany her
THX Cole and Vincent and Ah Yao at there to accompany her

for girls sure will confuse and scare at that moment!
My sister called my parents and they also rushing to come here.....
we can't do anythings
it happened already luckily my sister didn't get hurt! especially her face!
it is very importance for a girl!
and also very luckily beside there didn't have anyone
if not ! see me in the hospital lor ! [choi]

When I received her call I though is a small car accident
When I reached there it really serious ! the mirror OMG!
1st time saw it and it is my car!

those 拖车佬很快的就收到消息来做生意了!
we only at there to wait our parents to make a decision!
we at there waiting the police to took pictures and we gave a 拖车佬 to help us settle it

we back home 1st after that my parents still have to go to Ampang Police station to make a report!
while we backing my mother went to bought those ToTo , 4D , 跑马
why Chinese will like that de meh?

but while my mom & dad coming to Ampang they are so worry about us
because my sister said it's very serious so my mom also imaging the situation as serious as she can
but as long as we OK didn't get hurt!
I'm so touch until I cry~


Last time that car accident was happened before I want went to Genting
this time also same!
Before I want go to Genting
is that Genting is 我的克星?
so unlucky

最怕遇到这种事情的了,会很复杂, 不懂谁对谁错

heart pain ar!
no car to drive liao and my parents money fly liao