Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today I joined my friends ( Jun Hao & Jamie ) to Ampang 九王爷
although I'm study at Ampang and is very near to 九王爷 but I never been there before
actually we planed 6pm go there de...but it's raining so we delayed to 7.30pm
luckily didn't rain at there!

when we reached there.....the roads are so busy! so we parked the car behind the 九王爷庙 there as around my friend San San house there only~
so we walked to there lor.... quite sorry to them ...
actually we can park more near de places de....just scare that is ppl land and not allow to park!

we when to visited Jun Hao grandmother 1st...she sleepover there....
after that we walked in to 拜拜 lor...use our heart to pray~
after that we walled around and bought some foods to eat lor....
I love that '麻吉"! so delicous~

it's quite normal lar....... not very 隆重!
they said if tomorrow (Sunday) might diffirent lar....
and the 1st day is very 隆重 too....

finished our foods....we go back home lor...
cuz J & J are so tired
anyway THX so much~