Friday, October 23, 2009

K time with College mates at Time Square ( Neway-Ladies Free)

after class like as usual went to old place to have our lunch
but this time I didn't eat
actually me and my sister were planed to GreenBox to sing K, but she changed her mind
But I really want to sing k lar....
so I joined san san they to Time Square lor...
I also knew a new friend call RON~ 久仰大名
I though he was my senior~ haha.....actually he's my junior~ sorry~

we started our K time at 2pm until 7pm?
our 6ppl (San , Kam , Win , Ron , Yee Pei) crazy in the k room.....
while san sang a song suddenly she cry ! wow~ my 1st time to see a ppl sing until cry....
but she just drop some tears only lar....but cry can be a 传染病 lor....I also felt like want to cry already!
but I 忍下来了~
after that phoebe joined us too
and I bumped Yan Yan

after we finished our K time they want to accompany RON to cut hair and to Low Yat to visit Sam them~
so I go back 1st lor -alone
when I at 7-11 I shock to see it was raining le....
I stand at there a few min to think want to run to LRT or Monoral...
but I don't know how to talk Monoral to LRT le~ [to Hang Tuah de]

after that I decided to take Monoral~
so bad I miss the train ~ need to wait the next~
wow! Monoral crazy so many ppl....
around me were boys I'm so scare le....尤其是色狼,所以我把自己缩起来和祈祷快点到 Hang Tuah
when I reached the LRT I miss the train again....
because I'm so 犹豫到底这辆是不是回Ampang de~ and it is back to Ampang 1,
but I miss it due to I'm so 犹豫~
so I need to wait again~ haiz......
luckily I'm reach Ampang safely...hehe
and I'm so stupid de lor.....
I saw 好几块钱在地上但是我没捡起来叻
因为怕怕[怕别人的眼光] ,而且经过的人都好像没发觉将的~