Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrate J.Hau & Daren Tc Brithday at 返屋企

Cuz of raining so we cancel the Broga Hill
But it let me sleep gao gao....haha

night we plan a celebration for J.Hau (提早一天)
and we also called some of his besttie friends go 返屋企 to celebrate together
Got 1 people also is (正日) oh~~~
we sure won't forget him lar
plan to give a big surprise to both of them~
but got abit imperfect lor .....haiz.....nvm
them also got shock dao~ ^^
we are the most noisy gang in 返屋企 haha......
we also crazy already played those game~
but it was so much fun~ and so happy~~~~

Happy Birthday to you lor~
Birthday Boys~ ^^